What makes me feel witchy

This is my participation to @stonesandsigils great post (you can read a lot of amazing lists here)

  • the wind in my face by a sunny day
  • walking alone on the sea shores, hearing the sound of the waves
  • making charm bags and jars
  • CRYSTALS, being in a crystal shops, looking at the ones I have home
  • looking at the Moon
  • picking colors for the bracelets or jewelry I do, regarding their correspondences
  • walking in the forest, especially during the Fall
  • dancing on Florence + the Machine
  • playing with my tarot cards
  • reading witchy or tarot books
  • copying ideas from fictional novels for my witchcraft practice
  • writing in my grimoire
  • lighting candles and drinking tea
  • watching Witches of East End, Good Witch or Charmed

That’s what I can think of right now, but there is probably more haha

Into the Unknown - Vocal Cover
Lizz Robinett
Into the Unknown  - Vocal Cover

I’ve been wanting to cover this song since I first heard it! I absolutely cannot get over how beautiful the lyrics are. I only just recently found a lovely piano cover I could sing to. I hope you enjoy it! 

Led through the mist 
By the milk-light of moon
All that was lost is revealed 

Our long bygone burdens
Mere echoes of the spring 
But where have we come?
And where shall we end?
If dreams can’t come true
Then why not pretend?

Oh, how the gentle wind
Beckons through the leaves
As autumn colors fall

Dancing in a swirl
Of golden memories
The loveliest lies of all
The loveliest lies of all