This is my sweet Buddy, so if any of you guys live in or near Fallbrook, California, please keep am eye out. He has a wide black collar with a green tag (I don’t think there’s a number on it, I’m pretty sure its just shot info) and he has one golden brown eye (right) and one really pale, almost white eye (left). He’s really sweet and friendly, so its safe to approach him. I still suggest some caution though, in case he is a little spooked.

@lancemountain shooting @peraltastacy carving the bowl while @tonyhawk frontside airs the spine in the half pipe. Hawk’s ramp in Fallbrook/Bonsall in the late 1980s. Photo: Brittain #tonyhawk #lancemountain #stacyperalta #bonesbrigade #fallbrook #fallbrookskateboarding @fallbrookskateparkinc #powellperalta #birdhouseskateboards #flipskateboards #grantbrittain

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Sonny Miller (RIP) lays down a Bertlemann slide at the Avo Bowl in Fallbrook in the early 80s. Sonny was an early San Diego skateboarder and one of the early snowboarders. He was a great friend to many people all over the world. Photo: Brittain @sonnymillerfilms #sonnymiller #sandiego #cardiff #encinitas @republicofencinitas #billbilling #avobowl #fallbrook #surfphotographer #skatephotographer #skateboarding #grantbrittain #harmonygrove

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Fallbrook Tiny House in San Diego, California

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A tiny house with covered outdoor dining area in San Diego, California.” – Tiny House Swoon

See more of the Fallbrook Tiny House at Tiny House Swoon. Learn more about this tiny house at Tiny House Vacations.

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As you may know, it can be ridiculously hard to find a place for your pets and animals when you need to evacuate and take shelter from a disaster like the wildfires currently ravaging the county. The San Diego Humane Society released this list of resources on their Facebook today.

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