Ellie sat on the couch, huddled against the corner with her younger son upon her lap, equally as huddled upon his mother. Raphael stared intently at the page he was coloring in his book, trying to decide what color the giraffe should be.

“You should make him purple,” Ellie mused, nuzzling against her child’s head and huffing against his dark hair. “I hear purple is a giraffe’s favorite color.”

“Mom,” the boy chimed crisply, as if he were a professor correcting a dumb student. “Giraffes don’t have favorite colors. They’re just giraffes; they don’t need to like colors.”

Ellie smiled broadly, and nodded, dragging her chin atop the child’s head. “Ah, right. I keep forgetting.

"Mom, Mom!” She looked up to see the second twin, Gabriel, gallop into the room, his kookaburra toy in tow. “Watch what I can do!” He grinned once he was positive she was watching - Raphael had no interest as he finally decided orange was a good color for the giraffe - and threw his toy to the floor a few feet before himself. He crouched low and snarled like an animal, then pounced onto the stuffed bird, his teeth extended fully as he nearly tore into the furry feathers and the stuffing beneath them.

“All right, all right!” Ellie laughed lightly, though mostly she was just trying to keep him from busting yet another stuffed animal. “Very good. Very good form, I loved it.”

“Was it just like you, Mom?” The boy rolled onto his back and stared upside-down at his mother, a bright grin adorning his face. “Did I do it right?”

“Yes, absolutely perfect. I am so utterly proud of you, I could explode.”

“Please don’t explode, Mom,” Raphael muttered quietly as he colored in the rest of the animals on the page. “If you explode, then I won’t be able to finish this book.”

Ellie nodded knowingly, still smiling broadly. “Right, right. I forgot. Sorry, sweetie.”


I know it isn’t much
but I get pretty happy with it for some reason
especialy the form, really like slim and agile forms, much fun to work with.

was suppose to be a sketch where I experimented with a different clothing/armor design for a character of mine. Didn’t get far, but I like it as it is for now.

Edit: added the first sketch (the bottom) just because. I kind of like skteching like this.


Coolest bug ever.

Making whatever one of these things is called- a blog I believe?- took an unfathomably long time, but I am led to believe that it will be very much worth it.

At least Syrean is excited about it. I, on the other hand, am not so sure.

Mun and Muses
  • Tony:Bar sounds good right about now.
  • Mun:It's, like, 3:30 in the afternoon...
  • Fallax:I agree with the billionaire.
  • Tony:Should I be flattered that the demon agrees with me?
  • Mun:No...You should be worried about exactly how bad of an Idea it is...
  • Fallax:Seriously!? I don't have THAT bad of ideas!
  • Mun:...
  • Tony:...
  • Fallax:SCREW YOU!!

desna-ofnorthern-watertribe asked:

Desna loosely wraps his arms the demon mid-section and locks eyes with him. "Fallax, I am bored and if I know you are bored then you must be beyond it. Lets go visit somewhere or we could just make our on fun some way, it is all up to you what we do."

Fallax looks down at the Northern Water Tribe Chief with a grin and rests his chin on top of his head. “Bored as all hell, in fact. How’s a nice stroll through the portal sound? Maybe pop over to Republic City? Snag some food and visit downtown for a bit, hmm?”

anonymous asked:

"What is this mess?" -Fallax (I'm sorry, I couldn't help it)

cooking/baking starters

“Which mess? You’ll have to be more specific.” Cooking, as it turned out, was a rather messy task. Something was cooking in the oven, and there were three pots sat on top of the stove. The rest of the kitchen was in a stay of complete chaos. The poor counter the Doctor had done most of his prepping on was currently covered in a variety of substances, and a ridiculous amount of pots and pans were scattered throughout the kitchen, all dirty now. 

dell'arcipelago Toscano e del mar Tirreno ~ « Planasia a specie dicta aequalis freto ideoque navigiis fallax »

Vista da Cala Giovanna, unica bellissima zona balneabile.

Ricca di storia e di colori della natura.
Se siete all'Elba o a San Vincenzo, non esitate a organizzare una visita in estate.
#Ilmareovunque qui lo è davvero.
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So I was thinking...

I’m coming up to a relatively big break here in May. Which means I’m going to have a little bit more time to do…well…anything.

So I was thinking of starting up an ask blog for my OC Fallax. The problem with this being that nobody really interacts with him as it is, so I don’t think I’ll be getting any activity on that end.

Any ideas?

Kurzgeschichten online

Zwei kürzlich verfasste Kurzgeschichten sind im Archiv abrufbar:

Bei “Der Henker” handelt es sich um die philosophisch-existenzialistische Auseinandersetzung eines durch eine Hinrichtung verstörten Henkers mit seinem Selbst.

“Lumen Fallax” habe ich im Rahmen einer Schreibrunde zum Thema “Illusion” verfasst; der Text behandelt die Thematik aus dem in episch-bildhaft ausgestalteter Szenerie verorteten Blickpunkt des Glaubens und der durch selbigen stattfindenden Selbstzweckgebung.  

Beide Erzählungen sind hier abrufbar.


If the mere sight of all of the pots and pans scattered about, dirty and half full, wasn’t enough to generate a coil of disgust in a person, than the explanation of many of their contents on top of that was bound to. Fallax looked between the pots and the Doctor with a look hinged somewhere between concern, anger, and a tinge of nausea.

“So…in order to try and figure out what to eat…you’re just going to eat anything and everything you can get your hands on?” The demon’s ears were kicked straight back, as though on alert from something stalking him at a distance and trying to figure out just what it was; he knew just what it was, and it was the Doctor’s bizarre habits and the rather unnecessary - and absurd - ways he went about doing them. Shaking his head in defeat, Fallax figured he would assist in the discovery of this rather specific taste and get this whole ordeal over with as fast as possible. “Have you tried a ham? Or foie gras?”

“Essentially, yes.” He didn’t understand why Fallax seemed so confused about it. It was fairly straightforward: he had a craving he couldn’t place, so he was going to continue trying things until he satisfied that craving. Any other method of figuring it out would have taken too long.

The Doctor’s attention had moved back to stirring the pot of cheese, but he glanced up when Fallax spoke. “Tried ham already. It’s floating somewhere in the Horsehead Nebula now.” Not only had it left him unsatisfied, it had tasted horrible. Whether that was the fault of his cooking skills or his taste buds, the Doctor wasn’t sure. He just knew that it had been awful, and it had taken an entire can of whipped cream to get the taste out of his mouth. “I don’t know if foie gras would satisfy my craving, and I don’t intend to find out. Not a big fan of having an animal force fed just so I can eat its liver, y'see. Mind grabbing the strawberries for me?”