Ellie sat on the couch, huddled against the corner with her younger son upon her lap, equally as huddled upon his mother. Raphael stared intently at the page he was coloring in his book, trying to decide what color the giraffe should be.

“You should make him purple,” Ellie mused, nuzzling against her child’s head and huffing against his dark hair. “I hear purple is a giraffe’s favorite color.”

“Mom,” the boy chimed crisply, as if he were a professor correcting a dumb student. “Giraffes don’t have favorite colors. They’re just giraffes; they don’t need to like colors.”

Ellie smiled broadly, and nodded, dragging her chin atop the child’s head. “Ah, right. I keep forgetting.

"Mom, Mom!” She looked up to see the second twin, Gabriel, gallop into the room, his kookaburra toy in tow. “Watch what I can do!” He grinned once he was positive she was watching - Raphael had no interest as he finally decided orange was a good color for the giraffe - and threw his toy to the floor a few feet before himself. He crouched low and snarled like an animal, then pounced onto the stuffed bird, his teeth extended fully as he nearly tore into the furry feathers and the stuffing beneath them.

“All right, all right!” Ellie laughed lightly, though mostly she was just trying to keep him from busting yet another stuffed animal. “Very good. Very good form, I loved it.”

“Was it just like you, Mom?” The boy rolled onto his back and stared upside-down at his mother, a bright grin adorning his face. “Did I do it right?”

“Yes, absolutely perfect. I am so utterly proud of you, I could explode.”

“Please don’t explode, Mom,” Raphael muttered quietly as he colored in the rest of the animals on the page. “If you explode, then I won’t be able to finish this book.”

Ellie nodded knowingly, still smiling broadly. “Right, right. I forgot. Sorry, sweetie.”


13. Insect Girl

It’s an Archiroptera Fallax and a Mantidfly taking a coffee break!
Full-size version is on patreon.

I honestly forgot about this challenge for a while BUT I’m also going through an art block(? maybe more of an artxistential crisis) and so I’m working on some simpler/experimental stuff… in the midst of bigger stuff… and that’s why I’ve been so quiet lately! Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth for like a month.

Right now I’m working on a short story , as well as the first chapter of my webcomic. You can see concepts of the former and the actual finished first update of the latter on Patreon right now if you’re a $1 backer. I want to get a good buffer going before I post any comics publicly, so it will be some time before anyone else sees them, but I’m pretty excited to show when it’s done!