Had the most amazing Thanksgiving break at the beach with my family!!
As you can see, we enjoy dessert, a lot. We had 5 different kinds of pies and cakes! Yummmmm!
Then me and my sister took on Black Friday shopping at some outlets nearby, but we didn’t buy much!

And today is my 21st birthday!
Can’t wait to celebrate with my friends and family.

This upcoming week I have 4 finals within 24 hours! 2 Thursday, 2 Friday and then I am home for a whole month!


This past week in my environmental physics class we have been learning about renewable energy sources, specifically hydrogen fuel cells and their use in the transportation industry.  To conclude this chapter my class was able to take a ride on UDs very own hydrogen fuel cell/ electric bus.  The ride was pretty normal, but being able to take a look at the inside and to be able to understand how the bus was able to run with out giving off any emissions (aside from water) was awesome and very impressive! 

This Sunday I was privileged to attend a workshop with Tao Porchon-Lynch, a 95-year-old yoga instructor and all-around rock star. Through UD’s AMAZING Yoga Club, around 200 people spent 2 hours with Tao, listening to her stories and advice, and practicing yoga with her. It was a magnificent experience, it’s been two days and I’m still glowing! Tao is truly an inspiration. If you ever get the chance to meet her or practice with her, I would highly suggest it!

“Smile as you rise with the sun and smile at the beauty of life within you and everything on this planet."    - Tao Porchon-Lynch