fall... in love




AUTHOR: hiddlemediddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine a modern day royal au with Loki falling in love with a commoner but has to marry another.


NOTES/WARNINGS: From the modern day AU, I wasn’t sure whether the writer had intended for it to be set on Asgard/Midgard, therefore I decided to settle upon the former, but without the traditions that are said to commence during the Asgardian version (thus making it, in a sense, ‘modern’).


The wedding was commencing. You, a mere commoner watching from afar, stood in the halls of Asgard as Prince Loki was to be wedded to a close connection from Valhalla. You had wished fervently to join in with the celebrations, to take joy in seeing Prince Thor walk around the halls and greet the commoners with laughs of ebullience and kind gestures. Yet, as you saw Loki’s face contort as he stood upon the dais, you knew that this wedding would be anything but ebullient for you.

Loki was your lover, or had been your lover. You had both met during an informal Asgardian party, having conversed casually throughout the event. You had taken into account that he was royalty and your status as a so-called ‘social inferior’ was nothing of the sort of relation you were prepared to uphold. And yet, Loki had spoken with such an eloquence and charm that you had completely dismissed the fact that he was a Prince. 

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We meet by accident,
in a universe where
everyone is silent 
and conversations
are in whispers.

We are the loud ones,
the ones that sit a little
too close and bump our
glasses a little too harshly
at a dinner party.

We are the ones too in 
love to hear their whispers
behind our backs, too lost
to notice that the entire 
world can hear us.

—  Never silent. 
I’ve written thousands and thousands
of words but none were more powerful
than the ones that spit from your mouth.
A simple phrase that could stop night and say.
I love you.
I hadn’t known love until you set me free.
I hadn’t known love until you showed me the
vast mysterious landscape that it was to be.
When I fell in love with you I fell in love with myself.
I became a complete version of what was always here.
—  Reminder

Sephiroth really likes the Christmas tree.

What’s this!? He’s climbing up the Christmas tree!

He’s made it to the top!

He’s become the One-Winged Christmas Tree Angel!

(Though he’d look more angel-like if he was showing his one wing.)


Point me in middle

of a moving crowd.

Spot me befittingly

like a butterfly over filth.

Walk toward me

as if you’re going to

obliterate me into pieces.

Lean in closer

to me as if my secrets

are going to get divulged.

My dear, Tenderly

place your ears

on my thumping heart.

Listen to all the

distant whispers of it.

For me, our love

is just like cotton.

For a handful of cotton,

you don’t have to

cut the entire strip.

Just rip it in the

right direction.

It all comes apart

in just a straight line.

Millions of pieces ,

All at once

in an abundant instant.