November 30, 2016
Saw a lowered chevy Tahoe. Pretty interesting
Bryce’s ( Dennis’s brother) roommate has the coolest dog
Lianna is kind of a hypocrite. She takes underwear pics of herself but doesn’t like Marcy looking at herself
Katherin Stroemer was totally playing footsies with me at Corey and Violet’s today
Just drove home from Dennis’s aunts house. Saw the whole fam except for Addie there. Even the dogs. Red and Rufus. I was falling asleep the whole ride home
I stopped to put $20 in Liannas tank
Dad got me furniture sliders for the thing I use at Corey and Violet’s
I saw Todd in almshouse today. He was coming from the newtown direction. I was going towards newtown
I traveled the entire distance of almshouse
Played some couch game at Corey and Violet’s. The boys won
Went to redners to get baking powder to dry out my car. Ended up getting a thing to dry out basements. Nitza has one. Also ran into aunt Lori. Liannas aunt. She tans a month before going to key west so she doesn’t burn when down there. We also looked at vagina wash. They smelled good. I want to smell it on Liannas vagina
Dennis asked Jabone if he tounge punched Velvas stink box. Haha
They burnt down the church retreat building near the Hogards down in nc
I’m going to Liannas house and I said I’ll be back to me parents. My dad asked when and I said idk. My mom said “how about 11”. How about fuck you. I said bye and she said bye and made a kissing noise like she wanted me to come over and kiss her. I just said “bye 11”. As in calling her the time she told me to be home by. Haha. I’m I’m college bitch. I live here but I’m free
I don’t mind this bumper case but it peels up
Lianna taught me the word emmaciated.

about me

Well, my name is Emma and I’m an enthusiast for many things. I really like fajitas, hedgehogs, the number nine and some other completely irrelevant things. Some things I post are:

- Pokemon

- Gravity Falls

- Danganronpa

- Undertale


- positivity posts

- Muse Muse Muse Muse Muse Muse

- My Chemical Romance

- Fall Out Boy

- twenty one pilots

- Neko Atsume

- “important” information

- trash

- classic rock

- occasionally aesthetic stuff

and much much more.

I really like to draw and write things, except I suck at drawing and I’m too unmotivated to write. I’m saving up money for a bass, I really like Nintendo games and a few others I’ve seen playthroughs of, and my cousins and best friends are the most important people in my life. Also, I feel like I’m answering a questionnaire or something. So that’s my blog. Feel free to visit it any time.