Domestic DenNor

Can we all just imagine domestic Denmark and Norway for a moment.
They’ve known each other for so long that they’re comfortable enough not to say a single word but communicate through expressions and gestures. Imagine them on rainy days with Denmark’s head in Norway’s lap, Norway stroking his hair whilst reading aloud from his favourite book. Imagine one of them waking up in the middle of the night and the other calming him down before holding him tightly until they fall asleep again. Imagine Denmark and Norway having inside jokes and one look at each other can set them off laughing. Imagine the two of them cooking together and singing along to music and slow dancing at ungodly hours of the morning when neither of them can sleep. Imagine every few weeks they go outside and watch the stars like they did when they were younger with their fingers laced together and legs tangled, talking of days past and falling asleep under the night sky.

Let’s just all imagine domestic Denmark and Norway.

Sleeping Draco

(Day 10 of 30 day OTP challenge - Watching The Other Sleep)


Harry loves watching Draco sleep. He especially loves when Draco falls asleep with his head in Harry’s lap while they are both on the sofa. Even though they both fall asleep every night in the same bed, Harry considers it even more special when Draco falls asleep on the sofa. 

He always carries Draco to bed after that and Draco conveniently sleeps through the whole journey to the bedroom, and only wakes up when he is laid comfortably on the bed. 

But back to watching Draco sleeping. Harry loves combing his fingers through Draco’s soft hair. Sometimes there are tiny curls and Harry loves pulling them gently and watching them bounce back into shape. It’s just so adorable, he has to bite his lip not to make an embarrassing noise and wake the other man up. 

Draco’s eyelashes are another thing Harry loves to gaze at. So close he could see that they’re darker than Draco’s hair, almost honey in colour. And they’re quite long and thick - breathtakingly beautiful, if you ask Harry.

And Draco’s lips are yet another thing Harry loves to look at. Sometimes he even traces the lower lip with his thumb and enjoys its softness. It’s plum and perfect for kissing. But he always feel a bit weird after that so he does it rarely.

But most of all, Harry loves that Draco looks so peaceful and relaxed in his sleep, so free. His face is open and vulnerable and Harry loves knowing he’s trusted enough to see Draco like that. 

So Harry loves watching Draco sleep. And Draco loves being carried to bed.

biharmony  asked:

Can you recommend me some WLW films that actually have happy endings & don't needlessly kill off any LGBT characters?

First that came on mind:

Imagine Me and You
Saving Face
San Junipero (Black Mirror s3e4) (tho they did die but they had to die in that one to be happy forever)
Nina’s Heavenly Delights
I Can’t Think Straight
Kyss Mig
The World Unseen
When Night is Falling
Mystère à la Tour Eiffel
Below Her Mouth


A girl who likes
to share her smile
to everyone–
no one knows
she’s slowly
falling apart
every night.
A famous actor
admired by many
and likes to feed
his ego
with countless praises–
he’s actually hollow
A wealthy businessman
who only cares
about money
and always bragging
about his luxuries–
nobody knows
he’s afraid of
falling in love
and getting hurt.
Your best friend
who is your confidante
and your partner-in-crime
whom you’ve known
for years
and who is more
like a sister to you–
you don’t know
she often feels
like she’s alone
and no one can
understand her.
Just when you thought
you knew someone
very well
that’s when
you’ll realize
that you haven’t
actually looked closer
at them
at their lives
at who they really are.
And once you’ve finally
paid attention
that’s when
you’ll see
all the barricades
the walls
the locks
they’ve built
to protect their
inner selves
which they’ll never
reveal to anyone.

-you thought you’re the only one who’s caging some things to yourself, you’re wrong || Ries Ann


Day 3: 1,168 calories in, didn’t exercise, didn’t drink, slept about 5 hours but hoping to get 1 more during my commute. Trouble falling asleep last night.

Stuck to my stuff yesterday, and went for a sweet snack (strawberry halo top, new top 5 fav) instead of savory because my dinner was SO SALTY and I didn’t want any discouraging bloat gain this early in my process. Enjoyed everything I ate yesterday and definitely feel like sticking to ~300 calories before 5PM is gonna be easy even on a workday. (Gotta make caloric room for the snack monster sobriety has turned me into!!!) speaking of which: tonight is night 4! Feeling good good good. Haven’t even had an urge which is a physical point that HAS TAKEN FOREVER TO REACH I’m very excited.

anonymous asked:

Omo prompt! Movie night, someone falls asleep on Patton but he's gotta go and he's to nice to wake them

Morality was squeezing his eyes shut. He wanted to watch the movie, but he really. Really. Needed to pee. Why did Thomas have to fall asleep on top of him???

‘God…oh god I-I need to go. Now… mmh…but
I don’t wanna wake him…’

he thought nervously pressing down on his dick.

'Hold it. Just for another… oh no not half an hour…shit shit shit…’

This was gonna be a long, desprate night.

band members as things i've heard at school
  • patrick: i may be "tiny," but i can still kick your ass. don't try me bitch.
  • brendon: i'm not gay but i do have a major man crush on nick jonas, not gonna lie
  • someone: i thought it was ryan reynolds?
  • brendon: oh yeah. him too. also harry styles, justin bieber...
  • pete: i haven't slept in three days but i should be fine, ill grab a coffee at lunch
  • pete: *falls asleep on his desk literally 10 minutes later*
  • ryan: sorry i took so long, i was having a breakdown in the bathroom
  • gerard: *whispering* oh my god what the fuck is she thinking? double denim? what is this, the fucking 80's?
  • andy: i love you guys but can you please, please not?
  • someone: build!that!wall!
  • joe, loudly: HOW ABOUT NO, THANKS?
  • dallon: i'd literally rather be dead than hang out with you tomorrow
  • dallon: so yeah sure we can hang out, when?
  • frank: i'm a simple man, i love dogs and i like boobs
  • tyler: you ever come to the realization that school is kinda like prison? we're forced to do things, we have to eat at certain times, we're forced to interact with each other..
  • josh:
  • josh: you just blew my fucking mind
Here’s to the people we said goodbye to, even though all we ever wanted was to hold on to them, begging them to stay. Here’s to those of us who still think of someone who’s long gone and struggle to let go. Here’s to the people we miss so much that the mere thought of them feels like a knife to the throat. Here’s to chances we didn’t take because the fear of failing was more than something that crossed our minds, it was a tangible thing that seeped into our skin and paralysed our bones. Here’s to the tears we allow to stream down our cheeks before we fall asleep at night so no one sees. Here’s to the love we have given over the years, the pieces of our hearts we handed out and never got back. Here’s to feelings we had to hide and fake smiles we plastered on our faces to uphold our charades. Here’s to whatever obstacle we’ve had to overcome, whatever battle we’ve had to fight, whatever pain we’ve had to feel, to make us kinder and better people - to make us evolve and grow. Here’s to everyone who believes in something more, in magic, in love, in the power of dreams and faith and everyone who has something to fight for. Here’s to everything that made us who we are today. Every glorious thing, the mountains we had to climb, the stars we had to count. Here’s to our ordinary lives we never fail to turn into something extraordinary. Here’s to our beautiful selves, raw and real, a reminder that life is not a line or a constant, but a vivid creature with its ups and downs and that all inconveniences considered, we’re doing pretty damn great.
—  here’s to life / n.j.

“Take my believing heart!”

Little Witch Persona AU anyone? Phantom witches?? Witch thieves???

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Nine New Phantom Witches

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When you said we should just be friends, I thought I’d be okay with it but I’m not. Before you, I was used to not feeling. I had gotten so used to the pain that it no longer was there, I wasn’t happy, but I wasn’t in pain. Then you made my heart beat again. After that awkward first kiss, I felt my heart beat a thousand times a second and my lungs were on fire. Now my lungs are full of water and I’m drowning again. The pain is back and I don’t know how to stop it.
—  i-am-falling-once-again, Late night thoughts