What I predicted back in week 2 what is happening now. I knew pringleprick clapsore is picking off people he sees can turn the house against him. He picked Z as his showmance piece because she is beautiful, socialable, and none threatening comp wise. He also noticed she is vulnerable and naive which he can easily manipulate. He thought it was smooth sailing until the vets came out. Fr*nk and Day scared the hell out of him. I honestly think Fr*nk, Day, T*ffany, Natalie and to a certain extent James, Bridgette scare him because he can’t fully manipulate and have them fall in line for his end game.

I’m praying for a miracle to happen and for some how, some way for Polly the Cracker to get sent packing. I hope Day can finally get thru to Z. Because without Z a house flip of votes can’t happen.

i really really really want to read an age swapped wincest with sam as the more reserved older brother who knows that he’s expected to be loyal and he falls in line despite everything in his body screaming for him to get out while he can but he’s a good soldier (he’s just… beaten down. afraid. he doesn’t want to take another step but he does so because what else is there?)

he’s an average student. doesn’t like to draw attention to himself if he can help it. good looking, check. academically average, check. social butterfly? nope. he knows he’ll have to move again. what’s the point in making friends? what’s the point in sleeping around and breaking hearts? he’s seen where it leads. nowhere good.

he does exactly what his dad wants even though he’s exhausted and unenthusiastic and is just going through the motions (because even though he does everything right, his younger brother is still the favorite). he doesn’t talk about himself at all, flirts in a way that makes people come to him, and smiles to himself more often than at other people. 

he and his dad share a memory of the night mary died but they never talk about it. sam barely looks at his dad these days.

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jifty  asked:

I want to be convinced, I really do, but I just see as much danger, long term, with voting for Hillary. If we give in to the guilt trips and fear-mongering, we are sending them the message that their tactics work. That they can abuse us and silence us and we'll still fall in line. That all they have to do is hold up a right-wing boogieman and we'll come to heel. If we vote for her without any real change in the way things are run, liberals will be no better off in 2020. Convince me, please.

If it was anyone other than Trump, I’d agree with you. Trump is that dangerous, and the movement he is leading is that destructive.

Someone who is a GOP writer, I forget who, said something like, “Hillary is wrong about everything, but she’s wrong within acceptable parameters. Trump is wrong about everything and truly dangerous.” 

Now, I don’t agree that she’s wrong about everything, but she’s wrong about some things that are important, like Iraq and her embrace of neoconservative foreign policy.

But Trump is a clear and real threat to America and the world in a way we haven’t seen in almost 100 years. 

This isn’t about tactics and rewarding a system that is gross and really needs to be changed. This is about stopping not just Donald Trump, but all the white supremacists and radical right wing nationalists he’s leading. 

And remember that we can still exert influence in Congress, and at the state and local level.

And and AND remember that Reagan inflicted Scalia on us for OVER THIRTY YEARS. Who the hell knows what kind of whackjob Tump and Pence would nominate to SCOTUS? I doubt Clinton will nominate someone who is liberal enough for me, but I know with absolute certainty that she will nominate justices who won’t be a catastrophic nightmare. 

This election is about so much more than Clinton vs. Trump. This is about what we want America to be, and who we want to lead it. We don’t have the luxury of waxing philosophical about tactics and sending messages. We must defeat and destroy Donald Trump and the movement he leads.


MCR thing falls in line with the emo timeline. Blink broke up in 2005, they got back together in 2009. Fall out boy broke up in 2009, then they got back together in 2013. My chemical romance broke up in 2013, and now could be getting back together in 2016. Four years between each. Who are we sacrificing this year???

to build on the “bill’s spreading clues via stan to get people to shake his hand and thus bring him back” theory:

i’d argue that stan’s not the only one giving clues. in fact, we know of one other specific source of the clues.

alex hirsch, via his twitter account.

but alex was possessed by bill before, before and during the bill cipher ama

and how did we first learn of his possession? how were we given cryptic clues that led to fans interacting with bill?

via alex hirsch’s twitter account.

we don’t know the exact terms of their deal, but alex’s connection to the clues could definitely be framed as him, too, being used as a pawn by bill


Y'all, I’ve tried to escalate this with corporate and human resources and I’ve been met with not even the most moderate concern and there has been no urgency to remove this employee, despite multiple reports from myself and the two other Black people at our store. This isn’t the first instance of antiblackness from this employee and it makes work really toxic. So far all three of us feel virtually unheard. 

Our management team has continued to train this person to be a supervisor and they expect me to fall in line and do the same. They’ve painted us three as bullies and excuse early him from his shifts whenever I clock in to close the store. None of us have received an apology and whenever the issue is talked about, all that’s mentioned is how badly he feels about his “joke.” Starbucks is such fucking bullshit. They’re continuing to employ an outed racist and are actually working to promote him to a supervising position. Similar events have happened in the past and their response has been to put the wronged employees experiencing racism on paid leave rather than fire the racist. My coworker has a friend who stood up for himself and protested racism at his own store, and he was put on paid leave until he found another job.

I shouldn’t be forced to work with a racist, nor should I fear for my job when calling out a racist. This is fucking maddening. I don’t even know what the hell I’m supposed to do in this situation.