Undertale Anniversary and… decided to redo this picture.

Because… It had been maybe 2 years since I hurt my hands. At least a year since I had almost entirely given up both drawing and video games in an attempt to heal.  A long time since I had felt like I would ever be really able to draw again like I used to.  A long time since I felt it would be worth trying.  But in fall/winter of 2015, I watched Jay play Undertale.  And it was too close to how I was feeling, and at the same time it was so full of hope. It snuck right into my heart. And instead of feeling bitter about how beautiful it all was, instead I felt like even if it was hard, even if it was never the same again, I wanted to try, I wanted to make things again. So thank you, Undertale and Toby Fox.


just once (eddie/richie)

summary: richie and eddie have both never had their first kiss. so, naturally, they decide to be each other’s.

words: 1045

warnings: none

( read on ao3 )

Sure, spending your summer murdering a killer clown with your group of friends was fun. But Richie much preferred Eddie’s company when they weren’t in perilous situations.

After sticking up to his mother, Eddie had finally convinced her to let him do things he would previously never have been allowed to, such as having his best friend spend the night. It was no secret Mrs. Kaspbrack hated Richie, but neither him or Eddie really cared.

Drinking bottle after bottle of coke and watching bad movies with Eddie was exactly how Richie wanted to spend his summer, and his fall, and winter, and spring. It was how he wanted to spend the rest of his life, if that were realistic. But he wasn’t really one for living in reality.

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anonymous asked:

Now that it is fall, have you begun your new season document? I can't wait to see what your poetry offers this time!

Indeed I have! Fall & Winter are my favorite seasons to write it. And I’m always way stoked to start either of them ~ My friend, thank you for your reading & your support & your remembering. You have made my night a warm one.