Fall For Clois

♠ Halloween Party: Superman/Clark and Lois in costume

Superman v2 #130

Lois: Hurry along, Clark! We don’t want to be late!

Clark: You must be joking, Lois! I… I can’t possibly wear this! I mean, if he ever finds out about this he’ll kill me!

Lois: Oh, don’t be silly! He can’t kill you! You’re Superman! Now hurry and get dressed! We’re late for the party as it is!

Clark: Oh, he can kill me all right. If anybody can, he can. And the man has absolutely no sense of humor.


To celebrate the Autumn season and the upcoming release of “Man of Steel” on DVD/Blu-Ray (November 12), fyeahsupermanandloislane invites you to participate in a weekly display of Fall oriented Lois and Clark posts from October 7 to November 15 based on the following guidelines. 

Week 1 - Trick or Treat: Funniest or Sweetest Superman/Clark and Lois scene(s) or quotes
Week 2 - Headless Horseman: Graphics (scans, edits, picspams, gifs, etc.) that crop out or feature Superman/Clark and Lois faceless or headless (not literally decapitated, obviously)
Week 3 - Witching Hour: Scenes involving Superman/Clark, Lois, and magic 
Week 4 - Halloween Party: Superman/Clark and Lois in costume
Week 5 - Pumpkin Spice: Hottest/Spiciest scene(s) or scene(s) involving nicknames like “Pumpkin" 

Week 6 - Cafe Clois: Scenes involving Superman/Clark and Lois with coffee, tea, etc.

Making this celebration weekly means you have a whole week to share your contribution. Each new themed week will run from Monday until Sunday of a given week. Feel free to post more than once, and have fun!

Fall for Clois - Week 5 - Pumpkin Spice: Hottest/Spiciest scene(s) involving nicknames like ‘Pumpkin.’

Smallville Committed 8x05 - Ok, this isn’t what you would call hot or spicy, but it was all I could think of with the nickname ‘Pumpkin.’

Lois: What about this one ‘Pumpkin’?

Clark: Anything you want ‘Pumpkin.’

Lois: Don’t get stage fright ‘Poodle.’ You’re gonna have to do center stage in front of a packed house sooner than you think.

Clark: [transfixed by the ring].

Lois: [whispering] He has performance anxiety.

Clark: [not too gently places the ring on Lois’s finger]

Sales Clerk: Look at that, perfect fit.


Fall for Clois - Week 5 - Pumpkin Spice: Hottest/Spiciest scene(s) involving nicknames like ‘Pumpkin.’

Smallville 9x09 - Pandora. I admit that this end scene threw me after watching such an incredible episode of Clois sex, death, and destruction. I wanted so much more than: ‘let’s take our time and hand holding’!! But when I watched it again… I thought ..Ok, I get it.. let’s stretch this baby out!! :D:D

Clark: I mean ‘us’ Lois and Clark, Clark and Lois as a couple.

Lois: Whoa there, ‘Cowboy,’ you just went from ten to one hundred and ten in two seconds flat. Let’s just slow it down. I still need to get my feet under me.

Clark: Well, you can lean on me for strength. I feel stronger when you’re around anyway.

Lois: Clark, I’ve done this dating thing so many times.

Clark: Then let’s do it right. Let’s take our time.

Lois: Really. Let’s go get a real cup of coffee, then we’ll have lunch, the first of many […] and you will take me to a monster truck rally.