Fall For Clois

♠ Halloween Party: Superman/Clark and Lois in costume

Superman v2 #130

Lois: Hurry along, Clark! We don’t want to be late!

Clark: You must be joking, Lois! I… I can’t possibly wear this! I mean, if he ever finds out about this he’ll kill me!

Lois: Oh, don’t be silly! He can’t kill you! You’re Superman! Now hurry and get dressed! We’re late for the party as it is!

Clark: Oh, he can kill me all right. If anybody can, he can. And the man has absolutely no sense of humor.


Fall for Clois - Week 5 - Pumpkin Spice: Hottest/Spiciest scene(s) involving nicknames like ‘Pumpkin.’

Smallville Committed 8x05 - Ok, this isn’t what you would call hot or spicy, but it was all I could think of with the nickname ‘Pumpkin.’

Lois: What about this one ‘Pumpkin’?

Clark: Anything you want ‘Pumpkin.’

Lois: Don’t get stage fright ‘Poodle.’ You’re gonna have to do center stage in front of a packed house sooner than you think.

Clark: [transfixed by the ring].

Lois: [whispering] He has performance anxiety.

Clark: [not too gently places the ring on Lois’s finger]

Sales Clerk: Look at that, perfect fit.


To celebrate the Autumn season and the upcoming release of “Man of Steel” on DVD/Blu-Ray (November 12), fyeahsupermanandloislane invites you to participate in a weekly display of Fall oriented Lois and Clark posts from October 7 to November 15 based on the following guidelines. 

Week 1 - Trick or Treat: Funniest or Sweetest Superman/Clark and Lois scene(s) or quotes
Week 2 - Headless Horseman: Graphics (scans, edits, picspams, gifs, etc.) that crop out or feature Superman/Clark and Lois faceless or headless (not literally decapitated, obviously)
Week 3 - Witching Hour: Scenes involving Superman/Clark, Lois, and magic 
Week 4 - Halloween Party: Superman/Clark and Lois in costume
Week 5 - Pumpkin Spice: Hottest/Spiciest scene(s) or scene(s) involving nicknames like “Pumpkin" 

Week 6 - Cafe Clois: Scenes involving Superman/Clark and Lois with coffee, tea, etc.

Making this celebration weekly means you have a whole week to share your contribution. Each new themed week will run from Monday until Sunday of a given week. Feel free to post more than once, and have fun!

Fall for Clois - Week 5 - Pumpkin Spice: Hottest/Spiciest scene(s) involving nicknames like ‘Pumpkin.’

Smallville 9x09 - Pandora. I admit that this end scene threw me after watching such an incredible episode of Clois sex, death, and destruction. I wanted so much more than: ‘let’s take our time and hand holding’!! But when I watched it again… I thought ..Ok, I get it.. let’s stretch this baby out!! :D:D

Clark: I mean ‘us’ Lois and Clark, Clark and Lois as a couple.

Lois: Whoa there, ‘Cowboy,’ you just went from ten to one hundred and ten in two seconds flat. Let’s just slow it down. I still need to get my feet under me.

Clark: Well, you can lean on me for strength. I feel stronger when you’re around anyway.

Lois: Clark, I’ve done this dating thing so many times.

Clark: Then let’s do it right. Let’s take our time.

Lois: Really. Let’s go get a real cup of coffee, then we’ll have lunch, the first of many […] and you will take me to a monster truck rally.