Fall For Clois

♠ Halloween Party: Superman/Clark and Lois in costume

Superman v2 #130

Lois: Hurry along, Clark! We don’t want to be late!

Clark: You must be joking, Lois! I… I can’t possibly wear this! I mean, if he ever finds out about this he’ll kill me!

Lois: Oh, don’t be silly! He can’t kill you! You’re Superman! Now hurry and get dressed! We’re late for the party as it is!

Clark: Oh, he can kill me all right. If anybody can, he can. And the man has absolutely no sense of humor.


Hiccup pulled himself back on deck, having locked the treasure up tight behind the door with a key he kept on his person at all times. He felt the ship lurching and when he came up he already had the words on his lips. “Elsa, call ‘em as you see ‘em!” He shouted. “Jack! Behind you!” 

His First mate spun easily, trying to fend off some kind of creature- whoever was in the ship that had set itself up close to the Night Fury’s revenge was covered in sea gunk- creatures and mollusks and sea weed all adorning the ship as if a wreck had resurfaced with an oceanic crew! Repulsed, hiccup growled and swung his sword around swiftly, slashing an oncoming crew mate of the opposing ship and watched as a claw was lopped off, but seemed not to mind as it got right back up and moved. ”I want everyone to-” but he paused, the sounds of notes filling the air like some kind of hypnotic melody. “To…” The other crew members didn’t seem to notice right away. 

Jack turned and called out but Hiccup did not seem to hear him. “Captain!” He tried again. “Captain don’t listen to it!” He had finally caught the tune and realized it was stalling Hiccup for reasons he could not understand. Why was he acting this way?! 

He twisted and grabbed the arms of his attacker and hurled him over his shoulder, making his way towards Hiccup but he who played the flute that kept hiccup at bay intercepted, his crew seeming to gain more strength as they began to overpower the crew of the Night Fury’s Revenge….

Hiccup’s mind was swimming like crazy….. filling with the delicious music he never though he would hear again in his life, a tune he should never have ad to hear again. A tune he and his kind alike knew well to fear…….

“I know this song…” he mumbled with a soft smile playing on his lips even as the dark voice came up behind him. 

“That’s right little gull, listen to the music and let it do it’s job.” The voice made Jack shiver as he heard it but Hiccup seemed to revel in the hypnotic dark tones beyond the music. 

“Yes…” He mumbled. “Yes….. please…." 

He seemed to be falling deeper into the preying cloy of the music and Jack rushed forward, grabbed by both the arm by one of the freakish crew members they battled, being hauled back…