fall xii


JULY: a mix for summer nights [listen]

i. ever since new york / harry styles // ii. writer in the dark / lorde // iii. nicotine / panic! at the disco // iv. sorry / halsey // v. sun / sleeping at last // vi. homemade dynamite / lorde // vii. manhattan / sara bareilles // viii. i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it / the 1975 // ix. 26 / paramore // x. staying up / the neighbourhood // xi. hum hallelujah / fall out boy // xii. for the first time / the script // xiii. hometown / twenty one pilots // xiv. all the pretty girls / kaleo // xv. hear me / imagine dragons

{king of the underworld}

i. oh death // jen titus ii. fresh blood // eels iii. bad intentions // digital daggers iv. evil ways // blues saraceno v. death valley // fall out boy vi. arsonist’s lullaby // hozier vii. killing strangers // marilyn manson viii. foreigner’s god // hozier ix. everybody wants to rule the world // lorde x. seven devils // florence and the machine xi. irresistible // fall out boy xii. black bat licorice // jack white xiii. nicotine // panic! at the disco xiv. dream lover // the vaccines xv. kings // tribe society xvi. broken crown // mumford & sons xvii. blood on my name // the brothers bright xviii. high tide rising // fox xvix. i will wait for you // mumford & sons xx. black // kari kimmel xxi. haunting // halsey || LISTEN

Story Archive Master Post pt. 2

>>PART 1<<

Paradoxical Harmony (completed)

Characters: You/OC x Tao
Genre: Romance, Light-Hearted Comedy, Slight Crack, Action, Fluff, Family
Number of Chapters: 23

“Of all the guys in your department, you had to be partnered with the residential playboy, Huang ZiTao.  He and you…you and him…it was like two sides of a coin; they never ever should meet.  He liked mornings, you were a night owl.  He was a rich heir but applied to be a police for the thrill, you were dirt poor with the will and heart to protect and save people.  He was extremely laid back and you…you were, well, a perfectionist.”

WARNING: This story contains profanities.

Table of Contents:

I. Huang ZiTao
II. Snow White
III. Undercover
IV. Partners in Crime
V. The Wounded
VI. Princess Peach and the Roach
VII. The Fall
VIII. The Fall II
IX. Friday
X. Healing
XI. Damsel in Disguise
XII. Forgiveness
XIII. Fallen Too Deep
XIV. My Answer
XV. My Answer II
XVI. Catty Dilemma
XVII. New Addition
XVIII. Fated Encounter
XIX. Haunted Images
XX. Under Covers
XXI. Family
XXII. Fallen Blossom
XXIII. Epilogue

※ ※ ※

Accidental Romance (completed)

Characters: You x Tao
Genre: Romance, Angst, Family
Number of Chapters: 23

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” he asked.  He sealed away your breath with the hotness of his skin.  

Table of Contents:

I. The Gamble
II. Morning After
III. Reluctantly
IV. Reunion
V. The Contract
VI. Mrs. Huang
VII. Silver Chains and Shackles
VIII. Lessons Learned
IX. Made With Love
X. Fear of Falling
XI. New Beginnings
XII. Departure
XIII. Secrets Revealed
XIV. Can’t Let Go
XV. Can’t Let Go II
XVI. Reluctantly II
XVII. Ventured Hearts  
XVIII. Yesterday
XIX. Distances Between Us
XX. Cinderella Girl  
XXI. One Heart
XXII. Full Circle
XXIII. Epilogue

Special - Charming Daddy

※ ※ ※

Timeless Love (completed)

Characters: You x Tao
Genre: Romance, Slight Angst, Slice of Life, Sci-Fi/Supernatural
Number of Chapters: 3

Timing.  My timing was always off.  I was always waiting and waiting and waiting.  But this time, someone claimed to be waiting for me.

Table of Contents:

I. The Past
II. The Present
III. The Future

※ ※ ※

Foretold Tale (completed)

Characters: Kai x You x Kyungsoo
Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi/Supernatural, Historical
Number of Chapters: 29

Tale of a ghost, a shaman, and a knight.  

Table of Contents:

I. Intervening Realms
II. General Do’s Request
III. For Duty or For Love
IV. Royal Imprisonment
V. Snow
VI. An Arrow To The Heart
VII. An Arrow To The Heart II
VIII. An Arrow To The Heart III
IX. Black Magic
X. Once Again
XI. General Do’s Resolve
XII. White Vs. Black
XIII. Unveiling Truths
XIV. Planned Execution
XV. Prisoners of the Palace
XVI. Yeonhee’s Wish
XVII. At The Borderline
XVIII. Heated Love  
XIX. Sightless
XX. Whistle of the Night
XXI. Shadow of the Light
XXII. One Thousand Years
XXIII. Princess’s Talisman
XXIV. The Escape
XXV. Undying Love
XXVI. Unveiling Truths II
XXVII. Traded Lives
XXVIII. He Who Loves
XXIV. Epilogue

※ ※ ※

My Husband, Kim JunMeow (completed)

Characters: You x Suho
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Humor, Sci-Fi
Number of Chapters: 10

warning: contains lots of sexual innuendos + smut in later chapters; youngins, steer away~

I’m just a college student, with many question marks regarding my future but a few things I was sure of:

1. I hate cats    

2. I hate cats

3. I hate cats  

4. I’m failing my Chemistry class

5. Kim Junmyeon is a part-time nudist

6. I hate cats

Table of Contents:  

I. Kim JunMeow
II. I’m Not A Vixen, I Swear
III. The Nudist
IV. Perfect Son-in-Law
V. Summer 1996
VI. Kitten Love
VII. One and The Same
VIII. Transformations
IX. Confessions
X. The Ninth and The Final

※ ※ ※

No News (completed)

Characters: Chanyeol x You x Lay
Genre: Romance, Angst, Slice of Life, Drama, Friendship
Number of Chapters: 5

Brief moments, soft whispers, discussions of sympathy ensue by people in the background, who wished to help but could only deliver the statement, “no news.”

Table of Contents:  

I. Absentia
II. The News
III. Cul-de-sac
IV. Dwelling Truths
V. Epilogue

※ ※ ※

Oneshots & Short stories
Fiction (You x Kris)
You’re Not Sorry (You x Suho)
I Almost Do (You’re Not Sorry pt.2) (You x Suho)
The Last Time (You’re Not Sorry pt.3) (You x Suho)
Deception (Beautiful Distraction prequel oneshot) (You x Tao)
Candy (Beautiful Distraction sequel oneshot) (You x Tao)
Take My Away (You x Chanyeol)
Under The Same Sky (You x Luhan)
Under The Same Sky pt. 2 (You x Luhan)
Frozen Time (Full Circle preview) (You x Xiumin)
Dream Job (You x Chanyeol)
The Demon Slayer (You x Baekhyun)
The Bus Stop (You x Baekhyun)
My Mother’s Jewelry (You x Kyungsoo)
Wingless Empire (You x Kris)
Wingless Empire II (You x Kris)
The Classroom (You x Lay)
Blue and White Porcelain (You x Chen)
Sing For You (You x Chanyeol)
Charming Daddy (Accidental Romance Special) (You x Tao)
Airless; Out of the Water (You x Chen)
Doctor of Heart (You x Lay)
Ten Steps (You x Baekhyun)
Safe Haven (You x Chen)
Star Gazers (You x Lay)
Busy Nights (You x Sehun)
Priceless (You x Baekhyun)
Double Trouble (You x Sehun x Vivi)
Twelve Pillars of the Universe (You x EXO12)
Rocky Mountains (You x Chen)
Not Alone (You x Chanyeol)

※ ※ ※

Personalized Mini Scenarios Series

hello darkness my old friend. (a will byers playlist for seasons one and two) [LISTEN HERE]

i. forever young - youth group // ii. smike - mikkey ekko // iii. dollhouse - melanie martinez // iv. yesterday - the beatles // v. come away to the water - maroon 5 ft rozzi crane // vi. bohemian rhapsody - queen // vii. asleep - the smiths // viii. hallelujah - jeff buckley // ix. i’m just a kid - simple plan // x. youth - daughter // xi.survivor - destiny’s child // xii. centuries - fall out boy // xiii. meds - placebo // xv. pompeii - bastille // xvi. sometimes - melanie horsnell // xvii. sound of silence - simon & garfunkel // xviii. mad world - gary jules // xix. human - civil twilight // xx. somewhere i belong - linkin park // xxii. man with the hex - the atomic fireballs // xxii. friends on the other side - the princess and the frog // xxiii. supermassive black hole - muse // xxiv. pumped up kicks - foster the people // xxv. control - halsey

for the day: perfect songs for singing in your car with your windows down and the sun on top of you.

i. best day of my life - american authors | ii. boomerang - the summer set | iii. young volcanoes - fall out boy | iv. wild heart - the vamps | v. this is an adventure - the lighthouser and the whaler | vi. these streets - bastille | vii. sex - the 1975 | viii. why don’t we go there - one direction | ix. sun shy - dresses | x. forget about you - R5 | xi. alone together - fall out boy | xii. i blame you - plug on the stereo | xiii. like or like like - miniature tigers | xv. afterglow - the crookes | xvi. lighting in a bottle - the summer set


for the night: relaxing mixes to listen while looking at the dark window of the train / car you’re travelling by

i. slow it down - the lumineers | ii. i will follow you into the dark - daniela andrade | iii. a world alone - lorde | iv. why’d you only call me when you’re high (acoustic) - arctic monkeys | v. medicine - daughter | vi. for the first time - the scripts | vii. the girl - city and colour | viii. lonelily - damien rice | ix. old pine - ben howard | x. first day of my life - mathieu saikaly | xi. pompeii - bear’s den | xii. atlas hands - benjamin francis leftwich | xiii. hero - family of the year | xiv. what about today (live) - lewis watson | xv. please don’t say you love me - gabrielle aplin | xvi. redeeming love - amy stroup


I’m Right, You’re Wrong;  a Newton Geizsler playlist [listen]

i. Weird Science - Oingo Boingo | ii. Rockstar - Everclear | iii. Shut Me Up - Mindless Self Indulgence | iv. 20th Century Boy - Placebo | v. I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones | vi. Troublemaker - Weezer | vii. Kick Some Ass - Stroke 9 | viii. My Moves Are White (White Hot That Is) - Cobra Starship | ix. Somebody Hates Me - Reel Big Fish | x. Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) - The Offspring | xi. I Don’t Care - Fall Out Boy | xii. Rock and Roll Evacuation - Electric Six | xiii. I Am a Scientist - The Dandy Warhols 

gryffindor // a mix for the reckless and the brave [listen] [©]

i. imagine dragons – gold // ii. fall out boy – immortals // iii. all time low – the reckless and the brave // vi. arcade fire – we exit // v. 30 seconds to mars – this is war // vi. matchbox twenty – how far we’ve come // vii. awolnation – i am // viii. big data – dangerous // ix. sara bareilles – brave // x. imagine dragons – ready aim fire // xi. fall out boy – centuries // xii. rebelution – sky is the limit // xiii. bleachers – i wanna get better // xiv. of monsters and men – king and lionheart // xv. college feat. electric youth – a real hero // xvi. dawes – when my time comes

avengers assemble, i guess- a super fun and happy mix for my favourite teenage heroes 

i. dreaming- smallpools | ii. gimme sympathy- metric | iii. young volcanoes- fall out boy | iv. weightless- all time low | v. ready aim fire- imagine dragons | vi. F U famous- the dollyrots | vii. team- lorde | viii. dreams- youngblood hawke | ix. CRaZIe$- i fight dragons | x. bad reputation- joan jett | xi. the phoenix- fall out boy | xii. just keep breathing- we the kings | xiii. safe and sound- capital cities 



emergency, you’re my boyfriend [i love you idiot] | ding dong, okay then [i love you too] // a mix for the eleventh doctor and clara oswald, and what could never be. || listen to the mix here.

i. stay with me - sam smith - will you hold my hand // ii. falling for you - the 1975 - you’re all i need // iii. kiss me slowly - parachute - i can breathe you in // iv. tenerife sea - ed sheeran (cover) - all that you are is all that I’ll ever need // v. the man that can’t be moved - the script - i’m just a broken hearted man // vi. little darling - lewis watson - i’ll never find a girl quite like you // vii. kiss me - ed sheeran - hold me in your arms // viii. iris - goo goo dolls - you’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be // ix. salvation - gabrielle aplin (cover) - i never meant to fall for you // x. wait - m83 - there is no end // xi. you found me - the fray - no way to know how long she will be next to me // xii. falling slowly - the cast of once - you’ll make it now // xiii. new york - snow patrol - i’d tell you that I love you //

i. hatefuck - the bravery ii. we must be killers - mikky ekko iii. girls chase boys - ingrid michaelson iv. a little taste - skyler stonestreet v. gives you hell - the all-american rejects vi. combat baby - metric vii. revolution - catey shaw viii. closer - tegan and sara ix. warpath - ingrid michaelson x. hold it against me - britney spears xi. alone together - fall out boy xii. into the fire - thirteen senses xiii. shattered - OAR


bedtime days - for kiera // 30 songs for rainy days and snuggling in blankets [listen]

i. melody calling - the vaccines ii. catapult -  arctic monkeys iii. deep sea divers - darwin deez iv. run - vampire weekend v. little lion man - mumford & sons vi. hackney marsh - slow club vii. make you mine - the drums viii. night drive - summer camp ix. make my sun shine - swim deep x. relief - the static jacks xi. veronica falls - veronica falls xii. with the world at my feet - big deal xiii. interlude 2 - alt-j xiv. piledriver waltz - alex turner xv. emmylou - first aid kit xvi. instrumental II - noah and the whale xvii. blue ridge mountains - fleet foxes xviii. lay low - spector xix. jump into the fog (acoustic) - the wombats xx. alone or with friends - tribes xxi. three stars - palma violets xxii. 90 mile beach - wolf alice xxiii. diamond star - squrl xxiv. california daze - peace xxv. play with fire - pins xxvi. flightless bird, american mouth - iron & wine xxvii. tarn - sky larkin xxviii. water - s.c.u.m xxix. still - bombay bicycle club xxx. just a song - girls

☺// l i s t e n

songs that makes me happy

i.on the radio regina spektor// ii. flowers in your hair the lumineers// iii. girls the 1975 // iv. teenage icon the vaccines// v. little talks of monsters and men// vi. awkward san cisco// vii. teenage dirtbag wheatus// viii. snap out of it arctic monkeys// ix. on our way the royal concept// x. oitavo andar clarice falcão// xi. young volcanoes fall out boy// xii. big parade the lumineers// xiii. i like you so much better when you are naked ida maria// xiv. macaé clarice falcão// xv. sunday morning kaye matriano// xvi. pompeii bastille// xvii. flapper girl the lumineers