fall xii

{king of the underworld}

i. oh death // jen titus ii. fresh blood // eels iii. bad intentions // digital daggers iv. evil ways // blues saraceno v. death valley // fall out boy vi. arsonist’s lullaby // hozier vii. killing strangers // marilyn manson viii. foreigner’s god // hozier ix. everybody wants to rule the world // lorde x. seven devils // florence and the machine xi. irresistible // fall out boy xii. black bat licorice // jack white xiii. nicotine // panic! at the disco xiv. dream lover // the vaccines xv. kings // tribe society xvi. broken crown // mumford & sons xvii. blood on my name // the brothers bright xviii. high tide rising // fox xvix. i will wait for you // mumford & sons xx. black // kari kimmel xxi. haunting // halsey || LISTEN

for the day: perfect songs for singing in your car with your windows down and the sun on top of you.

i. best day of my life - american authors | ii. boomerang - the summer set | iii. young volcanoes - fall out boy | iv. wild heart - the vamps | v. this is an adventure - the lighthouser and the whaler | vi. these streets - bastille | vii. sex - the 1975 | viii. why don’t we go there - one direction | ix. sun shy - dresses | x. forget about you - R5 | xi. alone together - fall out boy | xii. i blame you - plug on the stereo | xiii. like or like like - miniature tigers | xv. afterglow - the crookes | xvi. lighting in a bottle - the summer set


for the night: relaxing mixes to listen while looking at the dark window of the train / car you’re travelling by

i. slow it down - the lumineers | ii. i will follow you into the dark - daniela andrade | iii. a world alone - lorde | iv. why’d you only call me when you’re high (acoustic) - arctic monkeys | v. medicine - daughter | vi. for the first time - the scripts | vii. the girl - city and colour | viii. lonelily - damien rice | ix. old pine - ben howard | x. first day of my life - mathieu saikaly | xi. pompeii - bear’s den | xii. atlas hands - benjamin francis leftwich | xiii. hero - family of the year | xiv. what about today (live) - lewis watson | xv. please don’t say you love me - gabrielle aplin | xvi. redeeming love - amy stroup


I’m Right, You’re Wrong;  a Newton Geizsler playlist [listen]

i. Weird Science - Oingo Boingo | ii. Rockstar - Everclear | iii. Shut Me Up - Mindless Self Indulgence | iv. 20th Century Boy - Placebo | v. I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones | vi. Troublemaker - Weezer | vii. Kick Some Ass - Stroke 9 | viii. My Moves Are White (White Hot That Is) - Cobra Starship | ix. Somebody Hates Me - Reel Big Fish | x. Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) - The Offspring | xi. I Don’t Care - Fall Out Boy | xii. Rock and Roll Evacuation - Electric Six | xiii. I Am a Scientist - The Dandy Warhols 

gryffindor // a mix for the reckless and the brave [listen] [©]

i. imagine dragons – gold // ii. fall out boy – immortals // iii. all time low – the reckless and the brave // vi. arcade fire – we exit // v. 30 seconds to mars – this is war // vi. matchbox twenty – how far we’ve come // vii. awolnation – i am // viii. big data – dangerous // ix. sara bareilles – brave // x. imagine dragons – ready aim fire // xi. fall out boy – centuries // xii. rebelution – sky is the limit // xiii. bleachers – i wanna get better // xiv. of monsters and men – king and lionheart // xv. college feat. electric youth – a real hero // xvi. dawes – when my time comes

“…I….” Haneul sniffled, rubbing his eyes as he looked at the letter. Look, his heart was already broken from hearing the news of his step-sister being dead but reading her last words…it was a lot worse.

“..I’m sorry Scout-ah, I’m sorry….I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” he apologized in a broken voice and tears streamed down his face. God, he felt so bad; being able to not protect her from being murdered was already taking a toll on him.

God, he couldn’t imagine Morikawa right now; jebus hell, that guy was the eldest. Who knows what’s going through his mind right now?

For now…Haneul just really wants to drown in his sadness; he just wanted this to be over.

avengers assemble, i guess- a super fun and happy mix for my favourite teenage heroes 

i. dreaming- smallpools | ii. gimme sympathy- metric | iii. young volcanoes- fall out boy | iv. weightless- all time low | v. ready aim fire- imagine dragons | vi. F U famous- the dollyrots | vii. team- lorde | viii. dreams- youngblood hawke | ix. CRaZIe$- i fight dragons | x. bad reputation- joan jett | xi. the phoenix- fall out boy | xii. just keep breathing- we the kings | xiii. safe and sound- capital cities 


bedtime days - for kiera // 30 songs for rainy days and snuggling in blankets [listen]

i. melody calling - the vaccines ii. catapult -  arctic monkeys iii. deep sea divers - darwin deez iv. run - vampire weekend v. little lion man - mumford & sons vi. hackney marsh - slow club vii. make you mine - the drums viii. night drive - summer camp ix. make my sun shine - swim deep x. relief - the static jacks xi. veronica falls - veronica falls xii. with the world at my feet - big deal xiii. interlude 2 - alt-j xiv. piledriver waltz - alex turner xv. emmylou - first aid kit xvi. instrumental II - noah and the whale xvii. blue ridge mountains - fleet foxes xviii. lay low - spector xix. jump into the fog (acoustic) - the wombats xx. alone or with friends - tribes xxi. three stars - palma violets xxii. 90 mile beach - wolf alice xxiii. diamond star - squrl xxiv. california daze - peace xxv. play with fire - pins xxvi. flightless bird, american mouth - iron & wine xxvii. tarn - sky larkin xxviii. water - s.c.u.m xxix. still - bombay bicycle club xxx. just a song - girls

{ Listen }

Hey Moon; I missed your skin when you were east You clicked your heels and wished for me

↳ I am sorry i am making sad playlists about Ryan/Brendon i am sorry.

i. The Piano knows something i don’t (alt version), Panic! At the Disco; ii. Misguided ghosts (instrumental) , Paramore; iii. Northern downpour, Panic! At the Disco; iv. It’s Ok, Tom Rosenthal; v. This Is the Best Day Ever, My Chemical Romance; vi. A Certain Romance, Arctic Monkeys; vii. Our Story’s Already Been Told, William Beckett ft. Ryan Ross; viii. At least I’m not as sad (as i used to be), Fun.; ix. I Don’t Love You, My Chemical Romance; x. Superstar, Sonic Youth; xi. The (Shipped) Gold Standard, Fall Out Boy; xii. Skinny Love, Ed Sheeran ; xiii. Do I Wanna Know, Arctic Monkeys; xiv. Die Alone, The Brobecks; xv. Waitin’ for a superman, Iron & Wine


emergency, you’re my boyfriend [i love you idiot] | ding dong, okay then [i love you too] // a mix for the eleventh doctor and clara oswald, and what could never be. || listen to the mix here.

i. stay with me - sam smith - will you hold my hand // ii. falling for you - the 1975 - you’re all i need // iii. kiss me slowly - parachute - i can breathe you in // iv. tenerife sea - ed sheeran (cover) - all that you are is all that I’ll ever need // v. the man that can’t be moved - the script - i’m just a broken hearted man // vi. little darling - lewis watson - i’ll never find a girl quite like you // vii. kiss me - ed sheeran - hold me in your arms // viii. iris - goo goo dolls - you’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be // ix. salvation - gabrielle aplin (cover) - i never meant to fall for you // x. wait - m83 - there is no end // xi. you found me - the fray - no way to know how long she will be next to me // xii. falling slowly - the cast of once - you’ll make it now // xiii. new york - snow patrol - i’d tell you that I love you //

it’s getting close to valentine’s day and that’s making me grossly sentimental and mushy so here’s a sickeningly sweet playlist to rot your teeth out

i. Can’t Stand It ~ Never Shout Never

ii, Folding Chair ~ Regina Spektor

iii. You Always Make Me Smile ~ Kyle Andrews

iv. Love is Easy ~ McFly

v. Sofa ~ Ed Sheeran

vi. Must Have Done Something Right ~ Relient K

vii. When We First Kissed ~ Hellogoodbye

viii. Rhythm of Love ~ Plain White T’s

ix. Coffee and Cigarettes ~ Never Shout Never

x. Happily ~ One Direction

xi. First Day of My Life ~ Jack Conte

xii. Fall ~ Ed Sheeran

xiii. Cold Feet ~ Liam Finn

xiv. I Don’t Know How ~ Best Coast

xv. Candlelight - Relient K

xvi. Say You Like Me ~ We the Kings

xvii. Sweater Song ~ Hedley

xviii. Willow Tree ~ Thomas J. Speight