fall vortex


guess i never posted my pictures from a roadtrip last fall, so now seems like a good time to share the gravity falls related things!!

found bill cipher by accident,,,
HIS STORY IS THat his hat had termites, and couldnt enter california until it was clean, and his legs were stolen while he was waiting in a private residence to be placed somewhere

the signature graffiti was put by alex hirsch at the same place bill cipher is, up on the hill inside one of the warped house

paul bunyan hanging out with babe, and mandatory high fiving of the legend himself

and pictures from the oregon vortex are a signed pic of the gravity falls tour crew and also,,, one of the tours photos got the ghost effect that happens occasionally in the vortex


Fall Blow Out by cg photography
To me this is fall, the vortex of fall foliage in full blown scale.


How can you hold an image in your mind?
To see
To feel
To touch
To find yourself lost in the glittering illusion that gives credence to the parlance of emotion?
You spell it out,
Folding it
Rolling it
Wrapping it
Tight, and tighter still about My cerebellum, until I can taste the flavor of ink that drips from the font of your pen.
How can I offer thanks for the lover and friend that has thrown words into My face
Slashing them
Screaming them
Impaling them
Into the darkest parts of My measured mind, sliding them unaware under the door to taunt?
Handing them out like candy to tease Me until I, in turn, answer in kind.
To fall into the vortex of languages spell, drifting along the hidden currents that sparks wildfires in the core of creative intuition.
Flung high..battered and beaten against the walls that fight to hold you down, and rebelling with each soul dripping splatter of venom that marks your mouth.
Or sent running over moon drenched meadows , silvers and gilded, laughing
Until the words fade from the screen, only to find they have been left in burning marks on the insight that was given, the window to a soul opened for a tiny glance into dreams
Given freely                                                                                                    

MBTI types as kouhai pining after their senpai
  • ExTJ: Ignores their senpai and attempts to effectively bury their emotions. Admiration is for the WEAK. Ends up overcompensating for their "weakness" by being stiff and critical, unintentionally insulting their senpai in the process. ExTJ proceeds to fall into an emotional vortex of self-loathing. They should have foreseen the negative consequences of ~feelings~, they sneer, bitterly.
  • ExFJ: Nervously hangs around their senpai, but never gathers up the courage to straightforwardly profess their undying loyalty. Resorts to dropping increasingly obvious hints, but sadly their senpai is super oblivious and ends up being the only person who ISN'T aware of ExFJ's admiration.
  • ENxP: Tries to ingratiate themselves by flirting with their senpai constantly, albeit in a very awkward and bizarre manner. They start to resemble a large golden retriever puppy with all that unbridled enthusiasm. Unfortunately for ENxP, "awkwardly flirtatious ball of energy" is simply their natural state of being... and so their senpai is none the wiser.
  • ESxP: Attempts to impress their senpai with a series of improvised stunts. Oddly, their senpai never looks in their direction. ESxP feels like fate is conspiring against them... but! *scoffs* Fate means nothing in light of their fierce willpower. Decides to "accidentally" sit in their senpai's seat -- there's no way they can be ignored /now/. But... for some reason their senpai doesn't come to class that day.
  • IxTP: Seriously wants their senpai's attention, but also rejects the very idea that THEY of all people want ATTENTION of all things. There's a massive internal tug-of-war between Wanting To Be Noticed and Wanting To Blend In With The Scenery, Specifically That Potted Plant In That Obscure Corner Over There. Decides their senpai is better in theory. Also decides that humans are overrated. Is in total denial. Cries self to sleep that night.
  • IxFP: Wistfully watches from afar. Is very, very afraid of saying or doing something extremely embarrassing. Happens to get into a conversation with their senpai at one point due to a group project. Figuratively bursts with anxious happiness. Literally trips over themself while walking and talking. IxFP is mortified and 100% oblivious to the fact that their senpai actually thinks it was kinda endearing. Unfortunately, the shame is too much to handle. Decides to take up permanent residence in the local dumpster.
  • INxJ: Does a big whopping NOTHING to catch their senpai's attention. Spends a lot of time playing out different scenarios in their head in which they interact with their senpai, but doesn't seem too interested in making those things actually happen in reality. Their senpai is a bit concerned by the oddly intense stares they get from "that weird kid in the corner". Mercifully, INxJ is unaware of this reputation they hold and happily continues doing... absolutely nothing.
  • ISxJ: Extremely apprehensive but still intent on getting noticed. Starts by making friendly comments or compliments when they pass their senpai in the halls. Eventually steps it up and attempts a few short conversations. Offers to help their senpai with homework and eventually asks for their senpai's help in return. They spend an increasing amount of time together. Somewhere along the way they've become good friends?? #NOTICED

Asking the staff about the statue did provide some helpful information. They showed us this photograph of Alex and the gang from their original trip. There was a couple of paths that branched off of the guided tour area, but they were behind wooden fences (note: NOT rusty gates) and the staff told us not to hop them, as their insurance only covered the fenced in area.

A little more pressing gained us the info that they, truthfully knew nothing about the statue or the reason that people had been asking them about it. We were apparently the first people through there to actually show them what the statue itself looked like and they confirmed they hadn’t seen anything like it.

We learned that just PAST the vortex was a gate that led into land owned by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and was basically off limits without the key to get through it, but that path only led to an old mining trail that was now a sanctuary for wild bats.

We decided to check a bit further down Sardine Creek anyway and did find a small path that led to a clearing, where we made a spooky as all hell discovery: three bones in the shape of a triangle in the dirt. At first we thought it might’ve been a clue placed there to further the hunt, but inspecting them closer showed that they were far too new to have been placed there by Alex to continue the search and there were other bones around here and there, giving us the impression that this was probably not an area Alex intended people to explore.

With that, we really had no other alternative but to begin our long trek back home to Sacramento. We had found 2 of the 3 signs left behind by Alex along our Mystery Tour, and though our venture didn’t net us the BIG discovery we had hoped for, we did at least manage to definitively move the investigation along.

If the statue does exist, and I still believe it does somewhere, it is not in the vicinity of the Oregon Vortex.

This was an awesome adventure and I thank Mr. Hirsch from the bottom of my heart for inspiring it. I hope some of you go out and have your own!


sunnybutte replied to your post: anonymous asked:Whatever happened…

I’ve seen this movie four times now and still can’t figure out where Ace goes off to. Like, Furiosa punches him and he jerks back but… does he fall off before the vortex? IS HE OK?

he hangs off the side of the rig for a moment and then falls off

he’s totally okay though, just a few broken bones and some bruises, but totally alive, definitely, he was able to get back to the Citadel and got patched up, he’s o k ay

I love how Clifton Campbell or whatever his dumb name is danced around all of the important ‘you screwed up and you know it’ questions during his finale interview.  I want him to fall into a swirling vortex of no return. And I want to win a big lottery and hire the Sleepy Hollow actors and season 1 writers and rewrite the show and treat Nicole Beharie like the queen she is and make the show what it used to be and end it with Ichabbie domestic by day demon fighting by night with a healthy dose of Jenny and Irving and somewhere in the series, we will have an annoying coworker named Campbell Clifton who is always hitting on Abbie and he ends up getting eaten by a dinosaur that Orion is riding because.

I am slowly falling into the vortex that is The Office and I don’t think there’s any hope left for me anymore. For years, I never got into it like people told me too and now here I am, already on Season 2, sitting in my jammies with some hot cocoa and my laptop. My fellow watchers know what I’m talking about and the ones who don’t - make sure you’re mentally prepared for something life changing if you’re even considering this journey. 

you know I love Two, I think he’s adorable, but he should definitely be up there as one of the darker incarnations of the Doctor. things he has done include:

  • pilfering objects from a dead man’s body and briefly stealing his identity (5 minutes after he regenerated no less. at least One waited around for a bit before his kidnapping of two humans and attempted rock murder).

  • impersonating a German medical doctor and practically torturing people so they wouldn’t be in the way of his plan. ‘hey do you suffer from headcahes’ ‘uh no’ *SLAMS HEAD ONTO DESK* ‘how ‘bout now’.

  • helping to create a race of good, innocent Daleks in the hope that they would start a civil war and destroy eachother, which would have succeeded had the BBC not realised how popular the Daleks were and brought them back.

  • beating up Salamander and then making him fall into the vortex. just straight in there. can he even breathe? won’t he explode? who cares, not Two, that’s for sure.

  • flew an entire fleet of Ice Warriors directly in to the sun.

and I’m pretty sure that’s not even all of them.