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It’s finally time everyone! Applications for the Vortex Zine, a Life Is Strange Charity Zine, are now officially open until October 16th! 

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We are really excited to see your work!! Don’t hesitate to participate, you’re not losing anything by trying your luck! Show us your motivation and your ways to compose appealing illustrations, and even though you haven’t made any LiS fanart yet, you can still apply!

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(art by @nathanaelsonn )


It’s kind of fascinating the way Vortex’s colours wound up so weird in Fall of Cybertron.

Step 1: G1 Vortex’s Dreamwave profile art, used as his @tfwiki mainpic, gives his grey parts a beige tint (I’m told it’s like this in print, it’s not just a bad scan).

Step 2: A concept artist for the game uses that profile art as a reference when designing the Fall of Cybertron version, leading to a beige-ish Vortex. Additionally, his flappy hip skirts seem to be derived from the Dreamwave art’s hinged waist pieces. The concept artist also happens to used a redder shade of pink for Vortex’s torso.

Step 3: In the process of turning the concept art into an in-game model, the beige-ish grey becomes a full-blown beige, and the reddish pink becomes full-blown red (and also his head changes colour for some reason).

All very butterfly effect, innit?

A TMNT FanFiction One-Shot by CJtheStoryteller

*Spoiler Alert: This story takes place several hours after the episode ‘Requiem.’ If you have not seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it before reading any further.

*Story Summary: As the new head of the household, Leonardo is struggling to find a way to help his little brothers come to terms with the loss of their father. Maybe that’s because he himself cannot come to terms with it.

*Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.


I can still see the long contours of my father’s frame despite the fact that there is a thin sheet draped loosely over his body. The smell of incense still lingers in the air hanging thick over the Dojo, but the sweet scent of sandalwood and juniper is slowly being overpowered by a more ominous odor. It’s an unpleasant combination of blood, sweat, and tears.

So many tears …

I lean forward and place my hand on my father’s motionless chest, shuddering over how cold he feels underneath my touch, even through the sheet.

It’s been eight hours now, and still, there’s this naïve part of me that actually believes his heart will just suddenly start beating again and everything will somehow be okay. After all, my father had always taught me to never give up hope, even against seemingly impossible odds.

And so I keep clinging to this blind, stubborn faith that he’ll open his eyes and say my name again. I keeping telling myself that he has defied death so many times now, why should this time be any different?

But the truth is, this time is totally different. This time, there’s no Fugitoid to take us back six months in time to undo the damage that was done. This time, my father didn’t get sucked down into a powerful vortex or fall into some deep, dark chasm where we couldn’t see his fate. No, this time, he was murdered in cold blood right in front of us. Stabbed in the back by the man he once thought of as a brother.

This time, my father’s not coming back …

I close my eyes and feel the newly familiar sensation of fresh tears falling once more.

They say that there are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Up until now, I’ve never really put much stock in that theory. Maybe that’s because, up until now, I’ve never truly lost someone. Not like this. I’ve never had to face the reality of having to bury a member of my own family. I’ve never felt so much sorrow and emptiness in all my life.

They’re right about grief. The stages that is. Well, sort of. The thing is, each one of my brothers and I seem to be stuck in one particular stage …

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So, there are rumours that Cheryl is going to go darker and meaner - perhaps even vengeful - next season. I am not down with that at all. Not at all. She has been through so much - her twin murdered with her ‘father’ as the killer, her parents’ total disinterest in her happiness, her regal yet depressing af house, her not-at-all-there grandma…instead of falling down the vortex that is anger, bitterness, hatred, and vengeance, she needs support. She needs friends. She needs a warm unit of people who care about her. What she needs - truth be told - is Archie (‘cause I’m Archeryl af), but his whole gang, too. She doesn’t need more dark colours woven into her tapestry. To do that would be cruel, unfair, and unnecessary. She needs lightness and love.

I’m falling in a vortex of shipping lol

But I like this video and especially the parallel between Jon and Sansa with Ned and Catelyn… It is tragic, but so touching… However (for me!) jonsa looks more like a representation of the potential (alternative) “happy ending” (if they will not die, what I hope for) Rhaegar and Lyanna…

Yeah, I know, I’m already a trash 😅 but it’s all because it feels like there is a chemistry between these two (for me, even more than between Jon and Dany…)

Bucky² (Part 4)

Summary: You’re a mutant with the power of dimensional, spatial and time manipulation, meaning you can travel to and from dimension, spaces and different times with ease. But one day, when you’re coming back from a particularly long mission, you brought something back that should never have come with you in the first place.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything that Marvel has created and I certainly don’t own Sebastian Stan.

Warnings: Swearing, VERY ANGSTY, sickness.

40′s!Bucky x Present!Bucky x Reader

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The toll on my body was enormous. 

Thor’s lightning helped to a degree, but even so, the radiation was stronger as the vortex tried to repair itself from the paradox. That’s something I should have taken into consideration before I decided to go jumping through a portal, headfirst. But, like Sergeant James Barnes, I didn’t think of the consequences to my own health. 

I just jumped.

The vortex’s beautiful blue infinity was starting to decay, turning gray and lifeless, so different from the glorious expanse of majesty I had seen so many times before. 

I’ve seen the symptoms of an entirely dead vortex and the prospect was daunting, but to know that the whole of time was dying and it was my fault and the fact that both Bucky’s could very well fade from existence, that tears my heart in two. 

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car boys theory

beamng.drive was never actually “created.” rather, it was discovered by a humble game developer who was messing around with map editors. one fateful day, they opened up what they assumed was an empty void of a map they hadn’t done anything with yet, and yet shockingly they found several rouge objects falling through this world. those objects were a soccer ball, a futuristic vehicle, a large inflatable mat, and most interestingly of all, a destroyed blue sedan with two infinite beams of light shooting out of it neatly labeled “n” and “g” within the maps new, unprompted code. finding no source for these objects, they used the groundwork from this instance as inspiration and framework for a fun, soft body car simulator, taking the experience as an act of divine fate. they named this simulator after the two beams, citing them as the “true creators of this simulation.”

by falling into the time vortex, Nick and Griffin created beamng, and that’s where the series has been going this whole time. that’s why buzz lightyear told them to take that jump towards the vortex, because he knew this is where they had to go. the bustos, the blob, iron man, they were all important and powerful figures, yes, but this was always the true mission, so that all the fun we had along the way would still happen in the first place.

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SQ AU Prompt: After Greg Mendell tortured Regina. She stays in her mansion withdrawing from everyone. Emma comes to her to Help her.

Thank you for the prompt anon! I hope you like it! It has been some time since I wrote something from that season… it was funny to write them again as they were back then. 

Set in: Neverland never happens. Pre-relationship

The house had always seemed daunting to Emma, more so after she had started to expect a scowl and something close to a growl trapped between ruby red lips that smirked crookedly every time she tried to get closer to Henry. Now, however, as she stood in front of the house’s main door, all fright was forgotten and as the slightly warmer spring breeze played at her feet she took a deep breath, thinking again on those scowling lips she had found contorted in pain by the time they had found her, scorching marks on her temples and glazed red-rimmed eyes that had stared back at them without seeing.

Regina had looked more dead than alive when they had set her free and even between Emma’s own tears regarding Neal she had felt a pang of guilt on her chest as she had stared at her, at the woman that always carried herself with the composure of a true Queen but who now seemed to be folded on herself, arms around her chest as she walked, refusing to look at anywhere else but upfront.

And upfront Emma stared as she rose her right hand, the wood of the door cold against her fingertips. She didn’t really know why she was there, why she had asked Snow and David to take care of Henry as Ruby guarded Greg, Tamara and Hook. The pirate had tried to weasel his way out of the prison claiming that he had been merely following orders but it had taken Emma a glance to know that as true as that may be the dark-haired man was definetely not someone to be trusted. His screams and threats had been the last thing she had heard as she had left the station behind, neck sore and still dry tears staining her cheeks.

Neal, she thought as she stared at her fingers, at the ink lines that could be seen on the inner side of her wrist from her perspective. Neal had been… something else. Something that had marked her in more ways than she normally would want to admit. Today, however, all of that didn’t matter and for a second she wondered what it could have been to really connect with him, with the man he had slowly transformed into after they had parted way. She didn’t love him, not like she had done in the past, not like perhaps he would have wanted her to love him but she still cared for him and the thought of him falling on the vortex had been painful.

Sighing, she straightened her back, the leather of her jacket uncomfortably glued to the back of her neck. She wasn’t there, in front of Regina’s house, because of Neal. Quite the contrary. She was there because the brunette woman had looked at her once as she had been carried away and she had been unable to think in anything else but those eyes ever since. Of what she could have done if she had been quicker, if she had truly followed her gut when she had first felt it whispering to her.

The door opened, the scowl and furibund eyes in place but the wince those hid as obvious for Emma as the less that frightening growl she could almost hear waiting on the other woman’s chest.

“I can see you though my office window.” The brunette explained succinctly. “What do you want Miss Swan?”

The words lacked their usual bite and Emma felt the also usual twist and pull she always felt whenever she was close to the mayor to subside until it was mostly eaten away by the worry that had followed her there. Or that had led her there.

“How do you feel?” She finally asked, arms trembling at her sides as she doubted of what pose to adopt. She finally decided on hooking her thumbs on her belt as she skimmed over the former queen’s face, trying to see anything else, any shadow of the marks she had seen, any red marrying her skin. Those marks, however, had already been hidden -either by magic or by makeup- and so she was unable to tell if they even remained. However, as she stared, she saw the way Regina’s facial muscles twitched as  seconds dragged between them.

“I would hate to break your heart.” Regina finally said, voice as cold as before. “But I’m not one that enjoys social calls. If you don’t have anything else to say…”

“I want to say that I’m sorry.” The blonde blurted out just as the door began to close. Halting her movement, Regina opened the door once again and stared at Emma slightly wide-eyed for a moment before she could hid it away. “I should have listened to you.” The blonde continued, letting her hands fall from her waist to her sides, her fingers twitching as she kept talking. “I didn’t and I’m sorry for believing… for thinking that you could have done what your mother did.”

“Is not like there was anywhere else here that could have done it, is it?”

The question was whispered as brusquely and as raw as Emma felt her own throat as she swallowed, the regret dripping on her tongue as she stared at the woman in front of her. She had known, she thought, she had known in that moment, screaming at Regina, that she wasn’t the one that were depicted on Pongo’s memories. She had known that but she had ordered her gut to fell silent, to believe what she had been showed and not question it.

“I should have tried better.” She finally muttered, holding Regina’s gaze until the woman let out a small sigh and stepped aside, the inside of her house as pristine as the last time Emma had been there. Looking nervously at the woman once before nodding to herself the blonde took that extra step, crossing the threshold just as Regina closed the door at her back. Turning and following Regina to the office she already knew she noticed the half-empty glass of scotch that sat on the woman’s desk, waiting for its owner that quickly gulped it down in one swift movement of her neck, the tendons at her neck bulging just as Emma glanced away, suddenly shy.

“I don’t want your pity.” Regina finally spoke, words coming through gritted teeth, her fingers grasping the glass hard enough for Emma to wonder briefly if it would shatter beneath the pressure.

“I’m not here for that.” Emma assured her and for a second they were once again in front of Granny’s, all tight smiles and words too heavy to say as they could hear the laughter and voices of the ones inside. “I just…”

I don’t see you as the evil woman Snow tells me you were once.

I know you are something else than just that.

What you did was incredibly strong.

And brave.

“… want to help.” She finally chose, the swan necklace around her neck suddenly feeling as if burning on her neck.

She could see Regina’s mind calculating her words, looking at them and studying them on ever glow of her brown eyes. At the end, however, something seemed to relent because the former queen nodded before she poured liquor in two glasses before offering her once of them.

“I still don’t like you Miss Swan.”

“Emma, and I can work with that.”

Regina’s eyes narrowed but she hummed, smirk back on place.

“Emma. I’m sure you will.”

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is the time thing an adhd thing because oh my god everything about my sense of time is just ??? sometimes time doesn't feel linear to me like i find myself in places in time that just don't feel like they're proceeding in sequence

the time thing is true for a variety of executive dysfunction conditions and ADHD is definitely one of them. it’s in part due to attention span problems, because if your attention is flitting from one thing to another, all those shorter periods of attentiveness to different subjects don’t cumulatively feel like the same amount of time as one long stretch of time spent on the same subject. it’s also it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re hyperfocusing on one thing because all of your attention is there with none left over to pay attention to the rest of the world (time included) moving along without you. 

I’ve described it as falling into a time vortex, because I’ll sit down to do something like write a to-do list for the day, and it will have felt like five minutes for me but in reality an hour has passed. I don’t experience time normally - it’s like my brain just doesn’t exist in the present because it doesn’t operate at that speed. 

for events seeming to proceed out of sequence, it could be because of losing chunks of time in ways like that, making it feel like trying to watch a movie with whole scenes and pieces of scenes missing, so you’re missing the context required to understand the following scenes. if you don’t remember walking into the parking lot and starting your car, going from being at school to being on the freeway won’t make any sense because you’re missing that transition.

there are other conditions that can mess with your sense of time too - dissociation can fragment your perception of time and lead to gaps in memory and that same “time vortex” feeling where time has passed without you being present for it. so that’s also something to look into also if it feels like something more than or different from your other ADHD symptoms.