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Billdip Week Day 1: A Day At The Beach

Bill probably can be really artistic when he wants to be he also probably likes to impress dipper one-up dipper a lot too

inspired by these really amazing sandcastles sculpted by Calvin Seibert! Here’s the one I referenced under the cut, they’re really super cool looking!

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hi im several weeks late but happy pride month!


Samcedes Week. Day 1. Falling In Love.

Why We're Thankful for TGWTG

I’ve gained so much. I’ve rediscovered my passion for art, made loads of friends and I’ve laughed. A lot. So hard at times I’ve cried. I’ve learned so much about shows and movies and songs and comic books that I’d never have either thought of either wise. TGWTG is special, the fandom is amazing and I’m so glad I get to be a part of it. Thank you all.

- Pink 


Through good times and bad, the friendships that I’ve made with other TGWTG fans will last a long time. I call a few of these people family now and don’t imagine my life without them. I’ve broadened my tastes in music, games, books and movies because of the impact that the producers have made in their videos. Thank you.

- Riddle


I’ve only been active in this fandom for a short while, but I’ve been watching TGWTG videos for a few years now. The site has a whole has cheered me up on even my roughest days, changed how I look at media (for good and for ill) and even introduced me to things I’ve never even would have considered. It’s also helped me get over a huge creative slump I’ve had for a long time. Both fellow fans and the encouraging words of various producers has helped me through some hard times. Thank you all. And keep doing what you’re doing!



Why am I thankful for TGWTG? My answer is two-fold, I am thankful that watching them gave me the inspiration to make my own review show, which is something I wholly enjoy, and am so happy that I started it. And the second answer, is that I’ve met so many wonderful people throughout my tenure as a member of the fandom, besides for the other fantastic mods here at TGWTG Secrets, I’ve met a number of people that I have similar interests with that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I am in debt to TGWTG for giving me so much. Thanks, TGWTG, my life wouldn’t be the same without you.

- Black Scarab


The TGWTG fandom has always been an interesting one for me. It always seems that no matter how much clashing there is, there is always something to enjoy out of the reviews. TGWTG itself motivates me that maybe someday, I’ll be able to create something everyone can enjoy. My own perspective shifts to others, seeing them get inspired and want to create something. I see people creating more from things that have failed, and turn them into something great. Let us continue, guys.

- Error


I am thankful for TGWTG because it has introduced me to wonderful new things, and amazing new people. Specifically I am thankful for the time and bonding it has given me with my best friend, Error. Because of TGTWTG, this blog exists and I have experienced many new things. I've never been a mod before, or even done that much online. These new things, people, and experiences are something I will always be grateful for.

- Kitty


TGWTG has given me something to share with my friends and expanded my interests. They have shown me to never stop dreaming. That it’s OK to hang onto what made your childhood special because sometimes it is those things that can lead towards new relationships and pursuits. Thank you TGWTG for giving us hours of entertaining videos and showing us your own passions. 


AT4W Secrets Fall Themes

9/22 - 9/28  First Linkara Video

9/29 - 10/5 Favorite joke or running gag

10/6 - 10/12 Favorite LotD episode 

10/13 - 10/19 Favorite HoPR installment 

10/20 - 10/26 Favorite Musical Moment

10/27 - 11/2 Favorite Halloween storyline

 11/10 - 11/16 Favorite live show 

11/17 - 11/23 Favorite Vlog 

11/24 - 11/30 AT4W Things I’m Thankful For

12/1 - 12/7 Favorite Christmas episode

Non-themed secrets will still be accepted. Standard rules apply. 

Gravity Falls Cosplay Weirdmageddon Week!

A whole week of cosplay leading up to Weirdmageddon Part 2: Escape from Reality on November 23!!

Cosplay the characters during Weirdmageddon, tag your posts with #weirdmageddonweek, #gfcww or whichever day you’re participating in (ie. #wwday1) OR submit them to me, then I’ll post/reblog them~

DAY 1- NOV17: Wendy

DAY 2- NOV18: Grunkle Stan & Ford

DAY 3- NOV19: Soos, Gideon, Toby, etc!!

DAY 4- NOV20: Bill’s Friends

DAY 5- NOV21: Mabel’s Bubble AU

DAY 6- NOV22: Bill

DAY 7- NOV23: Mabel & Dipper

Basically, this can be your interpretation of what’s going on with everyone during Weirdmageddon- have fun and send me any questions you have!!

Marine Deleewu for Red Valentino ‘Snow White’ themed collection - Fall 2014 Ready to Wear

Why I am thankful for Atop The Fourth Wall

For a time, I’ve been an avid watcher of Atop The Fourth Wall, ever since it first aired on TGWTG, mainly as something to watch and kill time. After a while (circa early 2013) I began to ponder what I’m getting out of watching this and the other shows. The times I laughed out loud when watching an episode happened once in a blue moon to my recollection. Recently, I’ve hit a period where I’ve become too busy to even sit down and watch an episode of Atop The Fourth Wall (for those curious, this period began the week the recent Sci Spy review was released). That question I wondered appeared. “What am I getting out Atop The Fourth Wall?”

A couple of weeks after I’ve hit the period, I’ve thought of writing a fanfiction, and to make a long story short, I decided I wasn’t going to pull any “suddenly a named character gets killed” stunts. I wondered why that is. Then I recalled something.

“If you really must kill a character, you make sure it’s their Crowning Moment of Awesome

Seems the whole time I was watching the show, I’ve been subconsciously absorbing the advice Linkara gave for good writing. And that is why I am thankful for Atop The Fourth Wall, because it helped me become better as a writer.

Pull on your comfy sweaters and grab a pumpkin spice latte, ‘cause it’s Hetalia Fall Fandom Week 2014!

To get in the fall spirit, I decided to host a fall-themed fandom week this year! Participating is simple: each day, just create some kind of fanwork with the Hetalia character(s) of your choice that fits in with that day’s theme. Be creative! Make whatever gets you in the fall spirit! When you’re done, post it on tumblr with the tag #fall fandom week so everyone can see!


Day 1: Cool Weather - What are your favorite nations doing now that the weather’s gotten cold? Are they enjoying a warm drink? Breaking out the comfy sweaters? Cuddling up in front of the fireplace?

Day 2: Changing Leaves - Do any of the nations like jumping in leaf piles? What about making leaf art or going on long walks in the woods?

Day 3: Fall Harvest - Have you ever been on a hayride or solved a corn maze? What about making caramel apples? Cornucopias? What kinds of vegetables does each nation harvest?

Day 4: Fall Goodies - Cookies, pies, soups…what foods are the nations excited for?

Day 5: Family - Are any of the nations getting together with loved ones? Maybe spending a crisp evening with a significant other?

Day 6: Pumpkins - Big ones, small ones, carved ones, and whole patches full of them! 

Day 7: Halloween - Trick or treat! How do the nations celebrate?

Have fun! Don’t forget to tag your creations with #fall fandom week!

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