fall test drive

sugarsugarbb  asked:

hi, I'm new to the sugaring business (the sugar bowl?) and I was wondering if you had any advice on navigating sexual relationships with older men. I'm open to it and I'm about to go meet a POT (I'm learning the terminology lol) and I'm a little nervous but I've made my boundaries clear (protection is a must, etc.) How do you manage, emotionally and mentally?

WELL, I always knew sugaring was sexual. So I mentally prepared myself the whole time I was with POTs. When I first started sugaring, I didn’t even know there was a sugar community to seek advice for. In my early days, I found myself in a lot of sticky dangerous and also splenda low ball situations. I did some stupid things I am not proud of; mainly falling victim to the “test drive” thing most splenda wannabe sugar daddy POTS want WITH THE PROMISE of the “i’ll pay you later/next date/or this is all I have right now in my wallet.” 

An older man is no different in the dark from a younger man- and often times (in my experience) better at pleasing than a boy our own ages because they have experience and take direction well. You don’t have to train them, and if you do, they don’t get offended because the older generation still has some form of manners and believes in “ladies first”.


1. ALWAYS USE PROTECTION- Do NOT compromise your health for ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY EVER. 

2. Don’t do something you’re not comfortable with, UNLESS you and your SD are established and TRUST EACH OTHER.

3. Don’t be scared to set your boundaries. If a POT turned Official SD cannot respect your boundaries, end the arrangment. 

4. LAST BUT NOT LEAST……ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get the money in hand BEFORE you do anything sexual.