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Acne Studios “Bla Konst” Fall Collection

As a perfect way to welcome the upcoming transitional season, Acne Studios delivers an exclusive denim collection developed in collaboration with Alex Knost. The California based artist, musician and surfer was the inspirational starting point for the Swedish label new denim line, incorporating just the right amount of irreverence and quirkiness that characterise Knost - just check some of his uncanny longboard riding videos.


Good morning❤️

Cooler weather= hotter lattes

This morning I heard my brain ruminating over love and how easy it is to get wrapped up in an attraction and have impaired judgment. Any relationship should provide thoughtful, courteous and respectful, reciprocated love. That’s basic.

If that person you are attracted to doesn’t show much interest in really learning more about you, or if they don’t put thought into some sort of special planning, but YOU do, slow down and get perspective. Life and love are a process of trial and error. Sometimes the pieces fit and sometimes they don’t. We mustn’t smash the pieces together when they don’t fit. We can take a step back, breathe, and tell ourselves that the right piece is there. We just have to be patient enough to know eventually we will find it.

Happy Friday

  • Link: falls often while shield surfing but always gets back up while laughing loudly
  • Link: eats with such enthusiasm that it often seems like he hasn't eaten in days, will eat anything set in front of him - usually in the messiest way possible. gets grumpy after he hasn't eaten for a while, and food is the go to way to get him out of a bad mood or take his mind off something
  • Link: often gets so engrossed in what he's doing that he forgets to bathe so he's usually always covered in dirt and grime, but also loves baths and playing in the water
  • Link: falls asleep anywhere, anytime and often in positions that most would look at and think 'how tf is that comfortable?'. has trouble falling sleep, staying asleep and often has nightmares
  • Link: snorts when he laughs, poses at random times for seemingly no reason, does some kind of theatrics when going against an enemy
  • Link: stops everything he's doing so he can pet a dog or play with some kids. he knows everyone in the random settlements, and is friendly with most
  • Link: gets easily flustered when it comes to compliments and romantic stuff, blushes just as easily and has trouble expressing romantic intentions
  • Sidon, whenever Link does anything: "I love him"

BTS bon voyage was uploaded on PORNHUB by ARMYs to avoid copyright: Imagine the dudes willing to masturbate and finding “7 koreans make p*ssies pop” but it’s just 7 asians dancing on the streets of Hawaii and saying aloha to every stranger they meet. However, they will keep on watching because they are cute. Then by the end of the ep they hear BTS are going to the beach “finally some live action and naked bodies”. BUTTTT NOP BTS are still wearing their clothes, falling of their surfing board and drinking salty water …