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I need to get out of this art block pit and stop putting off drawing, so this is a challenge to myself. Please, send in your suggestions!

What truly amazes me is that people are capable of proving exactly what love is simply by falling in love with a fictional character in a book. Someone you have no idea what they look like, someone you’ve never seen and may very well never see. Books teach you to love a person for who they are, how they treat people, how they think and how they act, not what they look like.

wentziswhak​ asked me to do all 1-25 on this ask. So here it is:

1. favorite color? - Purple
2. favorite beverage? - Root beer
3. favorite planet? - Neptune
4. favorite song? - Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (this song means the whole world to me)
5. favorite band/artist? - Fall Out Boy (*read in snape voice* obviously)
6. favorite album? - Infinity on High
7. favorite animal? - Panda or otter
8. favorite dog breed? - Maltese or Golden Retriever (I have both)
9. favorite tv show? - Supernatural
10. favorite movie? - Finding Nemo
11. favorite shoe brand? - Sperry Top-Sider (#catholic school girl probs)
12. favorite place to visit? - Kelley’s Island in Ohio
13. favorite restaurant? - The Cheesecake Factory
14. favorite cards against humanity card? - I’ve only played once, so any card that I win with???
15. favorite socks? - I hate socks, if I didn’t need to wear them, I wouldn’t
16. favorite time of day? - None, I’m not a morning, afternoon, or night person
17. favorite video game? - The Sims, Animal Crossing, Zoo Tycoon
18. favorite blog/blogs? - So many of them… I like wentziswhak​ (and I’m not just saying that… I pretty much reblog all your stuff), prehiatus-fob​, fields-of-falafel​, theovercastmerome​, thanks-for-the-melodies​, feministpxnk​, infinityonfalloutboy​ … @ pretty much EVERY blog I follow/follows me
19. favorite ice cream flavor? - ALL THE ICE CREAM
20. favorite pokémon? - Eevee (Vaporeon is my favorite evolution)
21. favorite genre of music? - Alternative
22. favorite clothing store? - H&M (may or may not be saying that because I work there…)
23. favorite type of sandwich? - Seeing how I only eat turkey lunchmeat…
24. favorite smell? - The grapes in the fall [insert story that I really want to tell: I live near vineyards and in the fall the grapes smell so amazing… and it brings me back to walking home off the bus, taking four-wheeler rides, having grape wars, and singing Thnks Fr Th Mmrs at the top our lungs while riding through the fields]
25. favorite childhood memory? - see above?

If Prayer Were the Answer I'd Fall on My Knees

read it on AO3 at http://archiveofourown.org/works/3286259/chapters/7171247

by I AmAVeronica


“Shit, Der.” Stiles shivers. “You promise when we get to the room—”
“I’m going to lock the door, undress you, and make up for every minute of the past six weeks.” Derek grins when Stiles’s pupils blow wide with lust. “And we’re in the chapel, so you know I’m not lying.”
“Forgive us, Father,” Stiles mutters, and grabs Derek’s hand. “For we are about to sin so hard.”
For the past four years Derek and Stiles have been roommates at St. Cecilia’s Catholic Boarding School. For the past two years, they have been secret lovers. Now, as senior year dawns, one boy begins to seriously consider coming out, while the other feels pressured by church and family to deny his identity.
There’s also some Romeo and Juliet, a lot of fluff, a heap of angst, and Jeff Davis as a priest, because… reasons.
In short, it’s the bare: the rock opera/Teen Wolf mashup that just wouldn’t get out of my head.