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Have you ever thought about how much time David Duchovny probably spent with making sure that Gillian Anderson doesn’t fall…

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What are you feelings on Fall of Lenster and its interpretations of Jugdral canon?

First of all I am super duper happy that Quan’s mom, Alfiona, existed and was a badass knight instead of a nameless woman who died in childbirth like Siggy’s mom.

(i have something against this trope)

I’m miffed however at Quan saying all his family comes from the Nova line - does it imply that Quan might have had siblings, or cousins who could have minor noba? Are there more minor noba people around in Manster (what kind of holy blood Fergus’ mom had?)?

However I loved Reidric’s crowning moment of glory - and how he has always been a backstabbing piece of slime. It’s really fitting how someone like Reidric was the one to betray his kings and ultimately lead to Calf’s demise. A holy blood less nobody like Reidric ! It’s awesome, for him, and tragic for the Leonsters. I think it’s written how it was a shame for such a great warrior to be defeated by Raydrick - who - to add to the injury - beheaded him!

(and took his head and showed it to everyone bragging about having defeated Calf which oddly takes me back to another guy. Has Mananan let a war cry when he held his son in law’s head?)

And we also have some interactions between Finn and everyone, Finn and his new lieges now that Quan’s dead and how they “entrust Leif” to him, Finn and Raquie - who is in her badass warrior phase now, eons away from that moeblob in heroes - how they escaped the castle, how randoms tried to buy them time, how Glade (yes him) also plays a part in Leif’s escape…

Nah, definitely Leonster’s fall is a good read (and a must read if i may add if you truly want to get the broader FE5 Jugdral picture). I don’t know if it’s considered Canon as in game-canon, but for all intents and purposes, to me it is.

If you want an easy, cute read, I suggest reading Falling From the Sky.

It’s about a boy who goes to basketball can and meets another boy who decides to take him on this sort of journey over the summer to teach him his culture and along the way, the former realizes he’s falling for this boy. They realize they’ve both sort of brought each other back to life.

It’s full of cute fluffy build up, relationship pieces, heartbreak, but ends happily. Also although it’s cliché with romance, it’s not cliché in the gay book area.

Seriously go read it. I read it in a day


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my favorite underappreciated au idea is “everyone is affected by some sort of love spell and falls in love with person A but person B’s behavior curiously doesn’t change at all”

I want to do
that will push me
out of my
comfort zone,
that will take me
far from where
I came from—
an adventure
that was like—
I’m walking pass
through the gates
of hell
but it feels
as sweet
as heaven
making me
gasp for air—

and yes,
it was
falling in love
with you.

—  ma.c.a // Should I fight my feelings for you?

So maybe,
I am waiting
for something
that will not happen,
yet maybe someday
I will be so happy
and surprise
by something
I could never imagine—

that’s when
the universe
will show
it’s love
for me.

—  ma.c.a // And in the end, the stars will still shine brightly