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  • Grievous: Ventress, what is the ONE thing I asked you not to do during this fight?
  • Ventress: Raise the dead?
  • Grievous, with several undead Nightsisters gnawing on him: AND WHAT DID YOU DO?!
  • Ventress: Raised the dead…
Christmas with Hank McCoy Headcanons

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• Wearing ugly, oversized Christmas jumpers
• Him bringing you coffee on cold mornings
• Going to see the Christmas lights together, and him telling you how beautiful you look when the snow begins to fall
• Reading by the fire
• Putting up decorations in his lab
• Cooking the dinner together
• Spending your first Christmas together in your new apartment
• You probably buying him some new science equipment for his lab
• Him buying you a locket with a picture of the two of you inside
• Falling asleep at the end of the day with your head in Hank’s lap, Hank with a crown from one of the Christmas crackers falling halfway down his face

Well, Gravity Falls is ending. I’m sad, but I 100% support the creators in their decision to conclude the show on their own terms.

Gravity Falls has been such a huge influence on me as an artist. Because of GF, I got excited about animated television, which I’d love to help make someday. I’m thankful for this show and everyone who contributed to it. And I’m grateful to this awesome fandom, especially those of you who followed me because of my GF art. YOU’RE THE BEST! *hugs*

So rest assured I’ll follow this fandom to the ends of the earth! I will continue to enjoy drawing things for you guys. <3

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