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Shakespeare in Hollywood Review

*still in progress*

Shakespeare in Hollywood: A funny and magical play about love, movies, and chaos.

Shakespeare in Hollywood is a hilarious play which continually develops twists and knots till the point where the play is simply a giant chaotic convoluted ball. If not for the comic relief, then the play could very well be could be one of those frustrating Korean dramas, in which everything seems to be irreversible; only the worst case scenarios occur for the first half of the play. Magic also plays a huge role.

            Lighting and Sound creates a convincing magic effect for the audience. The effects are moderately simple, yet powerful. Some examples are the sound effect of when Oberon turns invisible, the sound of lightning that strikes when Oberon is angered, or the purple and pink lighting that occurs when someone falls in love because of the magical flower. These distinguishable effects are quickly identified by the audience, and are subconsciously printed within the audience’s brain to the point where what they are seeing seems like real magic.