fall path


He made a lot of mistakes, some of which, are probably my fault. But Regulus was true. He was always real. Always honest. And yes, he did fall onto a wrong path. He made all the wrong choices. But in the end, he made the right one. A choice that wasn’t easy. A choice, which cost him his life. History may have forgotten him. People might have made him out to be someone, who he had never been. But I knew him. I knew the boy, who loved his brother above all else. A boy, who was scared to lose his family. A boy, who was kind, and was willing to give up everything to do the right thing. Regulus was a hero. And I will always remember that. I will always carry his name in my heart. And I suppose, the ones that touch you the most in your life… never really leave you.

[excerpt from the Trace of Mischiefs: The Story of the Marauders – coming back soon]

  • Aries: Sex hair after almost getting killed in the helicopter.
  • Taurus: Wear the best neckline to distract bae.
  • Gemini: Make a balcony as a new entrance for the “other bae”.
  • Cancer: “Kara Danvers you are my hero”.
  • Leo: Filling your crush office with flowers.
  • Virgo: Sitting in your office, drinking a glass of whiskey that costs more than most people make in a month.
  • Libra: Wear designer clothes.
  • Scorpio: Raising your eyebrow and biting your lip making every woman gay in your path.
  • Sagittarius: Falling from the balcony you made.
  • Capricorn: Mommy issues.
  • Aquarius: Running awkwardly.
  • Pisces:  Having one friend and have the biggest crush on her.