fall out salad

  • sister: [showing some god awful insect covered in eggs] you know what type of bug this is
  • me, with salad falling out of my mouth from disgust: i'm going to give you three seconds before i break your thousand dollar ipad on your head
He said what???

So I got an email a little bit ago from the brilliant and insightful LizaC and as soon as I saw the word “whys” in the subject line I laughed because I knew it had to be regarding Adam’s inarticulate quote from the Yahoo article. She said she’s received a couple of asks about it and was a little confused herself as to what he was trying to say. You can read her original post, along with asks, here.

I think Adam’s mind was working on two thoughts at once and he wanted to give a tease without revealing too much and all of those things combined resulted in word salad falling out of his mouth. Poor guy. It happens to the best of us.

Here are the quotes to refresh everyone’s memory.

“No one loves these characters more than us. We do not sit down and say, ‘Let’s piss off Captain Swan people today.’ There are no agendas,” Kitsis says. “The relationships that form or have obstacles are part of their journeys. At the end of last season they are ripped apart, but we see them right back together, dealing with the issue [in the premiere]. Her relationships with everybody are going to be tested. We love the idea of watching Hook fight for her, as well as [for] Regina and her family.”
Horowitz adds, “We also love the notion that two of the people that she has grown closest to over the years, Regina and Hook, have both battled darkness themselves, and their experiences can inform what she’s going through and either help or hinder her. The whys of their relationship will be revealed, but it’s a big part of the first half of this season. It’s going to take the 11 episodes to get there.”

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After reading and rereading the quotes, and then the entire article, and then the quotes again, I think I finally see what he was trying to say.

To answer Liza’s anon ask–Yes. He was definitely talking about CS. He was also referencing the friendship between Emma and Regina. Both of those things are going to be examined over the 11 episode arc. 

As for jollysailorswan’s question: 

I think he means they’re going to answer a few very basic questions about Emma and Hook’s love and Emma and Regina’s friendship. Whys, by their very nature, put definition to relationships.

Now let me preface my remarks by saying I’m about to use a lot of words to describe what, if Adam and Eddy hold true to form, will be a few scenes. This isn’t about to turn into an 11 ep exploration of feelings and motives. But I think this is what he was getting at.

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Let’s start with the Emma/Regina friendship and save the good stuff for last. 

There have been a lot of people, myself included, who have asked why in the world Emma would give Regina the time of day after all the pain and heartache Regina caused her and her family. Why Emma would care one whit about what happens to Regina or whether she gets her happy ending. Why pursue a friendship with a woman who has caused that much pain to everyone around her?

And from Regina’s POV why she would pursue a friendship with someone she sees on some level as a rival for her son’s affection.Someone who came to town and ruined the good thing she had going etc..

I think what they intend to show is why each woman feels the friendship is worthwhile. What is it inside Emma that makes her feel like Regina is redeemable and worthy of friendship. And what is it inside Regina that makes her think friendship with Emma would benefit her. Because let’s face it with Regina it’s always about what will benefit her.

I don’t think they’re gonna emerge from 5a as sickeningly sweet besties, they’ll still be side eyeing each other occasionally, but I do think they’ll be more willing to identify themselves as friends.

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Then we get to Captain Swan.

I think what we’re going to get with them is some acknowledgement of the depth of their feelings as well as some illumination of what it was/is about Hook that finally convinced Emma to drop her walls. How he helps fill a hole deep inside her. (yep I know how that sounds but I reworded it 3 times and it kept getting worse so I went back to the original) What it was that finally convinced her he is the one.

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From Hooks POV, what is it about Emma that broke through hundreds of years of hate and got to his heart so quickly? What holes inside of him is she filling (I know but there’s not really a better way to make the point without sounding pompous). What about her allowed him to make himself vulnerable so early on in their relationship?

These are three characters who for a large portion of their lives have all been very resistant to change and quite unwilling to let got of old wounds so what is it about the friendship dynamic Emma and Regina share and the love Hook and Emma share that changed all that?

Like I said I don’t think we’ll get endless relationship chatter but after reading those quotes I feel confident saying, even though it may bring the wrath of the crazies down on my head, that we will have a very clear understanding of where these people stand by the end of 5a. 

I truly believe Emma & Hook, who many of us already know to be TL and soulmates, will be identified as such by both word and deed. 

Emma and Regina will be clearly categorized as friends and nothing more, much to the consternation of the SQ ENDGAMERS who will spend the hiatus between 5a and 5b trying to claim Emma and Hook being revealed as true and eternal love is proof SQ is ENDGAME!!!!