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a/n: got kinda carried away and had way too much fun writing this. now i have to finish my design assignment lol the ending doesn’t really make sense but i thought it was cute. i’ll re-edit this later. also, really glad people enjoyed ‘happy birthday’ thanks :)

pairing: wooseok x reader (gender neutral)

rating: possibly fluff

word count: 1,379

   Slowly but all too quickly, the sun sunk below the horizon, almost leaving the room completely dark. Your laptop and the lamp on your bedside table were the only sources of light in your apartment. Outside, the city was alive as always. Cars honked and people chatted as you typed away on your laptop, the sound of your fingers sliding across the keys added to the cacophony. Every so often, you found yourself checking the time.

  You replayed the last conversation you had with Wooseok that day and remembered he mentioned something about coming home early. The thought made you smile and shake your head as you tried to refocus on your assignment. It didn’t work though which was the reason you fixed a cup of tea and sat perched on the windowsill. Only a few minutes had passed before you placed your mug in the sink and began typing again.

   It wasn’t that your assignment was due soon, it was just that you had a lot of inspiration that you would later forget. So, there you were, too immersed with Photoshop to notice the text that was sent to your phone or the door opening a few minutes after.

   Wooseok tried to tiptoe to your bedroom but failed. Your lack of a reaction made him stop a foot or so from the room, an eyebrow raised. He stood there for a few minutes before he slowly crept up behind you and hands wrapped around your waist. The feeling of lips against your temple made you grin as you continued to work on your assignment. The tall boy mumbled a greeting as he buried his face in the crook of your neck.

   “How was your day?” you questioned.

   Wooseok told you about his day and how the older boys bought him presents. Among all of the presents, he mentioned that his favorite was Yuto’s which wasn’t surprising.

   “I smell brownies,” his face was quickly removed from the crook of your neck.

   “Oh yeah,” you spoke, eye glued to your laptop, “on the counter.”

   Wooseok rushed from your bedroom to the kitchen. You could hear him shout something around the brownie in his mouth which made you snort.

   “How was your day?” he asked as lied down on the bed, hands tucked under his head.

   You told him about your day that wasn’t necessarily as tiring as the day before. Your classes of the day had ended early which meant you were able to sleep for about an hour. Then you woke up and your groggy state slipped away when you suddenly had too much inspiration.

   “So this is the assignment you were talking about?”

   You nodded.

   “And you’ve been working on it for nearly two hours?”

   That made you turn around. You frowned and nodded sheepishly.

   “I mean, it’s due in a week,” you mumbled, your bottom lip between your teeth and eyes on the floor.

   Wooseok stared at you from his spot on the bed, “Make sure to allow yourself time to rest,” he stood and kissed your forehead, “I’m gonna take a shower but when I’m done please promise me you’ll take a break. We could go for a walk or something, okay?”

   You nodded, hand entwined with his before he let go and entered the bathroom. For those twenty minutes, you continued to work, only stopping for a moment to grab a brownie and take out the present you had bought. Wooseok yelled that he was done moments later and your reply was along the lines of monotonous, too focused on your laptop to let any emotion sink in. In a way, it kind of bothered you. Even if you noticed how tired he was, you knew that he wanted to spend his birthday with you but you were stuck chasing inspiration.

   You were surprised when he pulled up another chair and rested his head on your shoulder. Wooseok wasn’t selfish, he knew that your classes required a lot of effort and swallowed the words that threatened to spill out. He was antsy but quiet and you appreciated that. Every so often he would ask about how you made certain effects. He finally noticed the bag you placed on his side of the bed. Of course, you turned around to see his reaction.

   “Like it?”

   He nodded, a smile on his.


   You nodded, “No problem.”

   Wooseok plopped back down in his seat beside you, “Can I have a kiss?”

   The smile that formed on your face couldn’t be hidden. You would never be able to grow used to his cute side since he always tried to be manly.

   You shifted to face him, “Yeah, you can have as many kisses as you want.”

   Wooseok leaned closer.

   Then you turned back to your laptop, “As soon as I finish this. Sorry.”

   A dramatic sigh was emitted from Wooseok’s lips. The boy stretched so that his back rested on your lap. His whines eventually melted away as you saved your documents before you edited them a bit more. It had only been a few minutes but you were sure that Wooseok was asleep.  He proved you wrong when you felt him pinch the material of your, well, his shirt.

   You promised that you were almost done and he nodded and sat up, careful not to disturb you. You could feel his eyes on you as pressed keys and chewed on your bottom lip. Even if it was an assignment, he could tell that you enjoyed working on it. When you were officially done, he complimented and asked about it.

   “Why’s there so much blank space here?” he gestured to the all of the empty space.

   “Oh,” you stretched, “negative space. Kinda a technique to draw viewers to the main focus of the graphic.”

   He nodded slowly and you smiled before you delved into an explanation. Wooseok grinned at your use of hand gestures. Every day he discovered another reason why he loved you. Once you were done explaining, he asked you to put on a light jacket as the two of you fell into the bustling city. For some reason, he always preferred the city at night. He pulled you to his favorite restaurant where you treated him to some of his favorite foods.

   When the two of you were done, you walked around aimlessly. Wooseok always made sure that he was holding your hand and that you walked on the safer side of the sidewalk. He made terrible jokes as the two of you strolled about. Sometimes he couldn’t get the joke out because he was laughing too much. It was impossible for his actions to not make you smile. It was always endearing to see your tall boyfriend be himself and not the manly guy he often tried to be.

   “Thank you,” he stopped walking to pull you into his chest.

   His eyes were sparkling. At times it made you feel weird that he’d look at you like you held the world. It always made you feel unexplainable emotions but it was along the lines of safe. Yeah. That was it. Wooseok made you feel safe just by his presence and though you knew one of the reasons was his height, you knew that it was just his personality.

   “And…” he drawled.

   You narrowed your eyes, “And what?”

   “I wanna try something,” he spoke, voice low and soothing.

   “Try what?”

   Wooseok tightened his grip around your waist and stooped to your level. He took in all of your facial features, deeming all of them cute. Both of his hands cupped your face and his thumbs caressed your cheeks. He slowly leaned closer, his eyes never leaving yours.

   “Negative space.”

   You wanted to snort but it was too late. His lips were warm and soft against yours. There was something about his kisses. They were always sweet and made you weak in the knees and it seemed as if they could send you to another dimension. You were always convinced that they had healing powers, well, that was just Wooseok.

   After the two of you shared a few more kisses, you ambled back to your shared apartment with red dusted on your cheeks. The bustling of the city couldn’t compare to the beating of your hearts.

Andreil Playlist (+ Ideas for scenes in Netflix show)

Supercut - Lorde (I’ve seen a different textpost about how this song should be used for the “You were amazing” scene, with all the Andreil moments leading up to treat point in a flashback. Not my idea but i’s so great I had to add it!)

Nicotine - Panic! At the Disco, R O O F T O P S M O K I N G S C E N E “Your love’s a fucking drag but I need it so bad” could definitely be an Andreil quote, tbh.

Where Did The Party Go - Fall Out Boy, for the first time the Monsters take Neil to Columbia and he’s completely out of it in the crowd and oh - wow - Nicky kissed him and what the fuck is going on??

Champion - Fall Out Boy, for a training montage. The line “I’m a champion of the people who don’t believe in champions” reminds me so much of the foxes. And “If I can live through this, I can do anythingBecause we know they’ve been through shit (and their training is hard as fuck).

Stuck On You - New Politics, for the first Andries kiss, because we know both of them probably think "Why do I choose to love this?” On a daily basis, (mostly Andrew, but we all know he thinks it fondly while wanting to kiss Neil,) and they totally don’t regret it.

The Pros and Cons of Breathing - Fall Out Boy. Okay, so I’ve decided this song would be great for the first Andreil meeting because in that moment Neil is definitely thinking “ I want to hate you half as much as I hate myself” about Andrew. Also, “ I wish that I was as invisible as you make me feel” because Neil’s entire existence revolved around being invisible and, obviously, Andrew’s a little into pretending he doesn’t exist.

• Issues - Julia Michaels, a song about loving each other, flaws and issues and all. As obvious as it seems, what song could be more perfect? I do think this song would work for many different scenes, but I was specifically thinking it would work very well with their secrets game. The first one that came to mind was the one after Drake’s attack, but that is a little more serious than some of the others, so any of them would work.

•Rockabye - Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul and Anne-Marie, I thought this song would work very well for flashbacks of Neil’s mother, well the woman they speak of in this song is way more kind then we know Mary was to Neil the overall protectiveness the mother is said to have over her son definitely reminds me of them.

• Love Me - The 1975, for some reason, well I was listening to this song, I thought of two scenes it could work for 1) the scene where Andrew throws Neil’s keys and his cigarette off the roof and Neil picks up his cigarette and gives Andrew’s “mock salute” and walks away feeling all smug 2) a rooftop makeout scene. I don’t know why I think this song would work, maybe because it says “love me, if that’s what you wanna do” and consensual love reminds me of Andreil.

• Talk Me Down - Troye Sivan, “I wanna sleep next to you, but that’s all I want to do right now,” reminds me of the cabin scene in TKM or the Fox sleepover, because it’s about innocent touches and just needing the other person near you, and considering it literally scared Neil how much just being around Andrew relived him, made him feel safe, I think this song is perfect.

• Fetish - Selena Gomez, and The Good, The Bad, The Dirty - Panic! At The Disco. Now, onto less innocent touches. Either of these two songs would be great for the shower scene, I first thought Fetish because Andrew calls out Neil’s “neck fetish”, but a song about fighting and falling in love, and being dirty, definitely also reminds me of Andreil. Though, one could always be used for one of their many make out sessions.


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