fall out boy member

small brain: what a catch donnie is just abt patricks insecurities

normal brain: what a catch donnie symbolizes fob transitioning into the hiatus

genius brain: what a catch donnie represents petes perspective on patricks development as a person throughout the years, his contributions to the music industry and fall out boy as a band. the scene in which patrick rescues the victims of the sinking ship is a metaphor for the lives of his friends and fans which hes influenced in such a positive way. in the end all good things must come to an end, even if its sad, because whats important is the friends we’ve made along the way and the impact we’ve had. but despite it all petes still thinks hes spiraling into a bad place, because crashing and burning is the only possible outcome for him, even if the rest of fob isn’t. what he cares about is what they want, even if its not he thinks the best for himself - the ship that sinks is fall out boy as a band, the other members escape it because they realize they need it right now, however pete is so attached that no matter how much it hurts him, he clings to it regardless

E n l i g h t e n e d  B r a i n :  P E T E  W E N T Z  I S  T H E  S E A G U L L

emo band members as things i said in school

patrick stump: i may be small but i can kick your fucking ass.


andy hurley: um, can you guys don’t do that? thanks

joe trohman: *loudly* PLEASE NO, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP!

brendon urie: i like dicks and tits

dallon weekes: i don’t want to hang out with you guys, *hours later* can you guys hang out with me?


gerard way: so, do you think aliens will abduct us or not?

tyler joseph: do you guys realize that we will be stuck here for the rest of our lives? like sometime, we will come back here for something. even if we die, some memories will just remain there.

josh dun: i like kittens so much i swear to god look at them

Band Members As Things I’ve Heard In School

GERARD: Don’t touch my artistic talent

FRANK: *holds hands with best friend
TEACHER: I think there’s meant to be a space between you two
FRANK: *moves away muttering*

RAY: Get out of the bag

MIKEY: ‘Cause unicorns are better than everyone

SOMEONE: Give it back, you English cunt
PATRICK: You’re half English

PETE: This is some dick titter shit

JOE: Y'know that shit I had to do earlier? I still need to. It’s just sitting there in my hole

ANDY: If you go into a field where there’s a bull, and the bull attacks you, the bull might get hurt

BRENDON: They had sex, like s-e-x, like SEX

RYAN: Do you use air freshener as deodorant?

JON: I want to be run over by a bus

SPENCER: Yes, I’ll have one crack cocaine, please

DALLON: Lubricant is very important

TYLER: Do you exhale regularly?

SOMEONE: So have you ever *mimes having sex*
JOSH: *laughing nervously* No!

a psa.

I know this has probably been said on here many times before, but I don’t care and I’m going to say it again. Don’t pick on kids/teens who go to concerts with their parent/guardian. Some of them aren’t allowed to go by themselves, some may not be able to drive themselves to the show, or some of those kids may have the same taste in music as their guardian, etc… It’s none of your business whether someone is with a parent/guardian or not anyways. It is 100% perfectly fine to go to a concert with a guardian. (shoutout to my awesome mom who has gone to 20+ concerts with me, and still is willing to take me to more) So I guess the moral of this post is, 1: no one should feel embarrassed about going to concerts with a parent, and 2: Who cares who you’re going to a concert with, as long as you are having fun.

hey yeah im excited about the thing too but pls remember that it really bothers pete, and probably the rest of the band too, when you tell them you hate them/want to fight them. i know its a joke and so do they but anxiety is a bitch and im sure thats nerve wracking. pls be kind no matter what happens <3

Fall Out Boy Members As Insults

Patrick: I hope you get food poisoning via a sugar cookie.

Pete: My pinky finger is longer than your dick.

Joe: You dance like a corpse on puppet strings being controlled by a blind man.

Andy: If I had to get a tattoo for every time I gave a fuck, I’d have to get all my current ones removed.