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wehey Molly finally got off her ass and did a masterlist woo party

- au memes with * by the side means they have a one shot as well.
- au memes with ** means they could be triggering (I don't like writing triggering stuff so it's rare as fuck)
- au memes with *** mean they have smut in (yet again I don't really write smut yet)
the au memes listed at the top of each section are the most recent ones

ALL (the boys) AU MEMES






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It’s July and it’s hot and all I can think of is the smh crew saddling up for (more realistically spring break, but also maybe summer vacation) and heading down to the beach, and Dex finally finding his chill, laid out in the sand, falling asleep to the sound of his best friends and the ocean. And Nursey? Oh Boy. Nursey has never seen Dex so peaceful, and he is so gone on this boy (Derek Nurse = Heart eye emoji) he just relaxes next to him, periodically spraying him down with sunscreen so his Irish ass doesn’t burn 

HOHOHOHO, please buckle up, because this is gonna be long.

- minsfw // @d-boyz - Aoife is the QUEEN of taegi, like “Just Skin” is the Holy Grail of this ship. Her characterization is always on point, the smut is on point, the story is on point, basically everything is on point and everyone’s invited to my funeral when she updates, because I die every time that happens.

- softnebula // @1800cyphers - OKAY SO Jasmine is just… Her writing is just…OH MAN. She has a unique way with words, when I read her fics I literally hear NAVVI and Grimes playing softly in the background. Her fics are always so dreamy and intimate? Idk if that makes sense, but it’s always a+++

- WernickesArea // @cyberpunkyoongi - Bux is my lil cinnamon roll, she has SO MANY ideas and she gets better and better with each one and I’m honestly proud to call her my friend. I hope I won’t need to drag her ass out of the-other-ship-she-currently-stans, because she’s one of my faves and her Taegi dynamics are incredible. Her Taehyung always makes me go all heart eyes emoji and Yoongi is my stubborn son.

- sweetacedia // @sweetacedia - OKAY MAN, the first fic of Adrian I read was “All Fall Down” and it made me want to go on holiday asap. It was so cute, calm and had this ~chill summer vibe, I fell in love instantly. I’m waiting for every update of “Polaroids and Pretty Boys” with bated breath, because come on, photographer!Yoongi and Florist!Taehyung, this is my aesthetic right here.

- hoars - There are no words good enough to describe my love for this author’s fics. Like, I’m not even going to try, just pick one at random and I bet you my life savings you’re going to love it. Absolutely one of my faves.

I’m going to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my other favorite authors:

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anonymous asked:

I'm so new to the FOB fandom and I'm so confused WHY IS EVERYONE SHOVING FALL OUT BOY MUSIC UP THEIR ASS? WhAT?

guide to the fall out boy fandom:

  • dont mention the hiatus dO NO T 
  • ppl have no chill
  • 0 chill
  • -∞ chill
  • fob fans would shove a newborn baby up their ass tbh
  • also fob more like heart eyes emoji
  • also nO CHILL
  • and u dont listen to golden unless ur sad
  • no disrecting members
  • NO C H I L L