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Fly me to the moon - @sinatra 🌙 | I’m starting to put covers on my page, tell me what you think?
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Outfits of the Week from your Fashionable Introvert! I started this blog as a regular fashion blog, now I want to display college fashion from a web/graphic designer who tends to not get noticed in public. I am introvert yet I am definitely not shy. I am a female leader in the fast growing world of technology and media communication. I always believed introverts are super creative, make great leaders and have a great sense of style. Check out my blog for more fashion looks, design resources, as well as college/studying tips. 



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we were built to fall apart

then fall back together

anonymous asked:

Zoe!!! i feel so bad I only like Getaway car and New year's day! I'm sooo sad. What's wrong with me? She sounds great in every song and they are catchy but idk i can't fall for them and I'm trying so hard. I really thought she will top Red and 1989 for me but no I prefer them better. I really feel like shit now. I love her but :(

That is how I felt about 1989. I could only really fall for OOTW and Wildest Dreams and I was like “????” 

I’m falling for about half the album right now… I think I just need time with it tbh. 

I am sad it wasn’t immediate… Because I thought it was going to be immediate. I wasn’t prepared for the R&B and auto tune. 


Back to school outfit ideas! For high school and college :)