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Hey friendo! So, I been goin' through some Stress™, so I'm here with some fluff to share: Imagine Anti falling asleep somewhere on a couch (probs in like a communal area, living room, etc.) and Robbie has been in said room for a while doodling away on some colorful construction paper. And Robbie wants to show Anti all of his drawings! (There are several of them at this point.) So Robbie just piles them on Anti for when he wakes up, so they're the first thing he sees. uwu

Awwww, that’s adorable! Robbie’s probably done that more than once and with the other egos, too! He’s a very sweet boy and doesn’t want to disturb his big brother while he’s sleeping. 💕

dating Bucky Barnes...
  • he’s definitely really hesitant around you at first because this is all so new to him and he doesn’t wanna fuck it up
  • he ends up pushing you away as a defence mechanism 
  • you’re not upset though, you understand and give him a little room
  • then one day it’s just you and him in the tower
  • so you decide to watch a movie (he let’s you pick)
  • so you go with Titanic because a) it’s a classic and b) he’d never seen it 
  • there’s subtle touches 
    • like his hand grazing yours in the popcorn bowl
    • or his side pressed against yours
    • he’ll definitely be paying more attention to you than the movie
  • that’s when he realises he’s in deep and you’re the only thing that matters to him 
  • he doesn’t even realise but he’s pulled you into his lap, crashing his lips onto yours

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Bat boys as things my family has said.

Bat boys as things my family has said.
Jason: *is drawing on a wall*
Bruce: Jason! What are doing!??
Jason: isn’t it obvious? I’m drawing on the wall.
Bruce: your not allowed to draw on walls!

*the next day*
Jason: *is drawing on a door*
Bruce: what did I tell you yesterday?!
Jason: this is a door not a wall. *continues drawing*
Dick: *in the background* he’s not wrong.
Bruce: don’t encourage him!!

Dick: *opens the door and starts screaming in in opera like tone*
I’m hooooommeeeee!

Jason: *joins in* we knowwwwwww!

Alfred : *looks at Bruce while the screaming in the distance continues*
I can get the duct tape.


Damian: *sitting reading a book*

Tim: *brings out a measuring tape holds it to Damian’s head and starts backing away while measuring the distance.*

Damian: what are you doing?

Tim: I’m measuring your patience.


Damian: *dislocates toe which is now on a 90 degree angle*

Dick: want me to call a toe truck?


Dick: *falls down multiple stairs and gets back up*
I’m okay!

Tim: *laughing so hard that he trips while walking up the stairs and breaks the post*

Jason: *laughs at what just happened and falls off his stool*

Damian: *laughs so hard he hits the table and knocks off a glass*

Bruce: *spits all over himself*

Alfred: I’m surrounded by Neanderthals.


Jason: *Is holding Tim’s book above his head while standing on the edge of the couch*

Tim: give me back my book!

Jason: Never! *sticks his tongue out and suddenly losses balance falls off the couch and lands on Tim and his tongue touches Tim’s eyeball*





Bruce : let’s get a boat.

Alfred : we have a boat.

Bruce : how about a car?

Alfred : we have three.

Jason, Tim, Dick and Damian : *Run in the room screaming at each other and arguing*

Alfred : how about new children?


Tim: *is walking around when he stubs his toe on the dresser and drops everything he’s holding* I want to die.

Dick: *concerned* you ok there?


*Everyone is sitting at the breakfast table and eating*

Tim:*extremely tired* when was the war of 1812?

Jason: ….

Jason: you better be kidding cause if not you’re really fucking stupid.


Dating Richie Tozier Would Include...

- This is how you met

- After that, as the school year went on, the group he hung around clicked into place and you were happy to be part of it.

- Bill, Stan and Eddie were confused at why you and Richie suddenly liked each other, but they grew to like you too.

- Sass competitions. All the time.

- Getting Richie out of trouble is your job, usually.


- *Richie, with his heavily ruffled hair, bleeding lip and bruised EVERYTHING.* “I ran into a lamp post?

- *You raise an eyebrow*

- “…You know how Patrick Hockstetter always brings vodka to school?

- “Please no.

- “I may or may not have replaced it with vinegar. And bug replant.

- “I…I can’t even complain that sounds amazing.” 

- Stealing wearing his glasses.

- He acts pissed off but secretly thinks it’s kinda hot. 

- You help him when his mom having an episode, which happens a lot. Richie actually likes spending the night at your house because:

+ Movie nights™

+ Cuddles for hours

+ Junk food for days

+ Kissing sometimes gets heated, in the best way

+ You randomly boop his nose because fuck it he’s so cute

- When his mom is completely out of control he comes to your house with a hand shaped bruise on his cheek and you feel the urge to march right back to his house and punch her.

- You tried to help but he wouldn’t look you in the eye.

- Gently stroking his bruised cheek until he calms down.

- Richie doesn’t think you noticed that his eyes were red and watery but you did.

Even more cuddling

+ He’s the little spoon when he’s sad ‘cuz he likes to have your arms around his waist and you hug him from the back like a koala. You usually sling one leg over his hip and pull him closer 

+ Falling sleep on the couch

- You knew he only cussed to get the attention his mother never gave him, and you cussed right along with him so he wouldn’t feel alone. You knew that he needed attention so you gave it to him.

- Getting super defensive when people at school call him “Bucky Beaver” because of his buck teeth and glasses.

- You never call him this in public for the sake of his “trashmouth, practical joker” imagine but in private his nickname is Bambi because of his big doe eyes.

+ “I swear to god if you call me that one more ti-

+ “Mmm, sure Bambi.

+ He secretly loves how softly you say it. 

- You never told the other Losers that you were dating him, until Ben walked in on the two of you making out kissing a bit.

- To quote Ben: “I’m not even going to ask.”

- Over the summer you get a hammock

+ Sleeping on Richie’s chest

+ This boi has one foot on the ground so he can rock the hammock to keep you asleep

+ Cuz he thinks you look adorable when you’re dreaming

- When the missing children reports become too frequent Richie holds your hand a little bit tighter.

- You weren’t there when he was attacked by “It” but you knew something was wrong the moment you saw him.

- When he found a missing kid poster with his face on it in the Neibolt House, you were the one to tell him it wasn’t real. He wouldn’t be forgotten like the other kids as long as you were alive to remember.

+ Also you MAY have grabbed the paper, torn it to pieces, thrown the torn bits on the floor and stomped on them like a rabid donkey. For good measure.

+ *Richie has never felt so many emotions at the same time in his life*

- When Bill and Richie get into a fight after Neibolt House you were there to pick Richie off the ground but he swats your hand away.

- You’re shocked because no one will listen to you and Beverly.

- Trying to explain that IT will kill all of you if you split up. It’s no use. Even Richie stomps away.

- You attempt to pull him back to Bill so they could work it out but he nearly throws you to the ground to get your hand off his arm.

+ So, since his rudeness rubbed off on you, you punched him

+ By “accident”

- And for the entire month that the Losers were split up, so were you and Richie. 

- To get your mind off all the clown shit you went to the arcade. Well a humdidum dumbass is what you are because the arcade is where Richie is. ALL. THE. TIME. 

- But again, his stubbornness rubbed off on you, so even when you saw him, you refused to leave and resorted to avoiding him. You weren’t sure if he saw you; he was really into his game.

- And at 10:30, when the arcade was technically closed, he was still inside. He probably gave the owner money to let him stay. 

+ The arcade to Richie was like a bar to adults; a way to forget.

- You sat on the curb outside the arcade, sipping a slushie. You were supposed to go home, but since the clown at Neibolt you were scared of the flickering street lamps that lined your way home, and the arcade and other shops gave off a nice, bright light.

+ It was comforting in a way. Very aesthetic. 

- And Richie almost falls down on the curb next to you

- You want to be mad, but he looks so tired from staring at a screen all day, although you suspect the video games aren’t the reason his eyes are glassy.

- “Got kicked out?

- “Yeah.

- “Out of house or arcade?

- “…Both.

- You stand up and hand him the slushie, which he sips gratefully.

- “You’re leaving?

- He looks exactly like a puppy, with huge brown eyes and messy hair. Well, a puppy in glasses, anyway. 

- “If I’m leaving, you’re leaving with me.

- Richie gives you a sleepy smile and takes you hand.

+ The entire way to your house he slumps against you, sometimes falling asleep mid step and his head falls on your shoulder.


- At one point he closes his eyes and walks with them closed, his cheek pressed against your shoulder for support.

- Remember those nights when he comes over after a really bad day? This is one of them.

- So for the night, you and him are too tired to think about the huge fight.

- In the morning tho, you wake up to slightly burnt bacon and very burnt toast.

- Which would be nice, but..

- “How did you burn the toast but not the bacon? The toaster has a TIMER.

- “It’s called Satan’s charcoal bread dispenser and you’re welcome.”

+ He’d feel soo bad for fighting with you??? Like, REALLY BAD

+ I mean, you did punch him in the face, so you and him were kinda even, but he still did all this extra shit

+ Playing with your hair

+ Sharing chocolate stolen from the store

+ Braiding your hair and you’re like “Richie??? You’re very good with your hands???

- Yeah… you probably shouldn’t have said that.

- Richie never stops smirking. Holy fuck.

- “You know what else I can do wit-

- “NO! Nope! No, no, no. Keep doin’ what you’re doing and shut up.

- Really though, no fucking white paper-ass motherfucking bitchass dumbass pixie stick addict looking clown with a shitty pumpkin guts Halloween wig could break you and Richie apart. Period. 

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Do you have any headcanons about the shenanigans that Pidge gets up to when she's alone in the castle?

  • climbs up into the vents and uses a naile file to stab holes in them for oxygen
  • drinks straight from the orange juice carton 
  • shiro: ‘who broke the food goo machine’ pidge: ‘which one of you assHOLES’ pidge under her breath: ‘i was the asshole’ 
  • flips off all the security cameras
  • refers to coran as ‘my good bitch’ and tells him it’s a mark of great respect
  • coran to aliens: ‘my good bitch’ coran as they’re all running away: ‘i don’t understand why they’re shooting at us pidge says it to me all the time’ 
  • falls asleep on the couch, gets buried in the cushions and shrieks when someone accidentally sits on her
  • mixes up the red and blue wires and accidentally makes the fridge explode
  • pidge throwing peanuts across the room and screaming: ‘THAT’S FOR TEARING MY FAMILY APART YOU PIECE OF SHIT NUT’ 
  • puts on some fall out boy and feels badass, tries to roundhouse kick the training bot, hurts her foot, cries
  • colour coordinates and alphabetically organises her barbie horse adventures discs, right next to her swedish death metal albums
  • uses her laptop without headphones
  • wears keith’s jacket because it’s snug
  • wears lance’s jacket because it’s loose
  • wears hunk’s bandana because it’s the height of fashion
  • takes selfies of herself doing dangerous things like hanging out of the open airlock or touching live wires or jumping on allura’s bed 
  • puts on her mixtape but it’s just the barney theme song 10 Hour Nightcore Remix™ (Added Ocean Effects)
  • pidge crunching her glasses under her foot and aggressively playing the kazoo: ‘LET’S FUCKIN toooot RUMBLE!!!!’ 
  • watches criminal minds for 8 hours straight and then cries cos she can’t go to the kitchen alone to get a glass of water
  • mixes up her wrench and her sandwich so she accidentally takes a big bite of metal and shoves her lunch into green’s wiring
  • pidge blowing imaginary smoke from her bayard: ‘the name’s gunderson…pidge gunderson…yes you can park my ferrari, here are the keys’ 
  • makes a little matt figurine out of nails and sheet metal and puts it on top of his pillow for when he gets back
The Prada Bag

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Alright, this might have killed me! A little bit of Black Friday madness, along with some angry & horny Harry. Enjoy! xx - L

You aren’t able to snag a Prada purse on Black Friday, so you wait for it to restock online all weekend- but Harry gets angry you’re staring at your phone instead of him.

Warnings: Angst and Smut

Word Count: 2,353

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Admit it (Loki X Reader)

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PAIRING: Loki Laufeyson X Reader
WARNINGS: Cussing, violence & PDA
REQUEST: Imagine Loki hearing you let out a held back sob and instantly turn to you in concern.

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The Signs In A Cafe

Aries: Is on a health and exercise kick, so they end up just hanging around and talking to people without ordering anything

Taurus: Eating chocolate covered croissants and listening to their iPod on shuffle mode

Gemini: Sitting at the counter and making fun of all of the people that can’t sing, while drinking a hot chocolate

Cancer: Ordered a hot chocolate just so they could lick all of the whipped cream off; brought their own canister of whipped cream with them so they can keep adding more as they drink it

Leo: The first one that signed up for karaoke; killing it with the help of all the coffee they drank

Virgo: Curled up in one of the cozy armchairs, sipping tea and reading a good book

Libra: On a date; sharing a plate of cronuts and sipping a latte; keeps smiling and showing off their dimples

Scorpio: Only came because their ex comes here a lot; watches from the shadows during the commotion of karaoke night; expertly slips poison into their drink when they aren’t paying attention

Sagittarius: Slips some whiskey inside their espresso and sits back in one of the armchairs to enjoy the show

Capricorn: Downing double espresso shots like there’s no tomorrow and pounding away furiously at their laptop trying to finish the work they procrastinated on

Aquarius: Sitting at a window table, people watching and daydreaming; by the time they remember that they’re drinking tea, it’s already cold

Pisces: Falls asleep on the vintage couch after having a whipped cream eating contest with Cancer; isn’t seen for three days after


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Heyyyy welcome back to tumblr, can u write something about reddie? Literally anything, my days kinda sad

Aw no, I hope your day gets better! Here, have the most ridiculous idea I could think of:

  • So you know those lame Home Ec classes? Where you get a robot babydoll and you have to take care of it for a week to simulate parent hood?
  • Yeah
  • Eddie is absent that day they get the assignment, so guess who he gets stuck with, AKA the only kid in class who didn’t get a partner because everyone wants to actually PASS?
  • I’ll give you a hint
  • Richie kicks down Eddie’s front door, the baby’s head sticking out of his backpack
  • “HONEY I’M HOMO! Come meet your son!”
  • The baby is screaming
  • So is Eddie
  • Eddie snatches it from Richie, convinced that he’s going to be a single father for the next week
  • “What’s its name?”
  • “Eddie 2, because he has your eyes!”
  • “You’re a fucking moron.”
  • “EDWARD, please! Don’t use that kind of language around our son!!”
  • Eddie has an existential crisis in the middle of his kitchen because he’s holding a baby while the trashmouth is telling him not to swear
  • Trying to astral project himself back in time to punch Past Eddie in the face for missing class for a Doctor’s appointment 
  • But as it turns out, Richie is all in on this assignment
  • He macgyvers a way to turn his hoodie into a sling so he can do his homework without leaving the baby alone
  • They take turns with who gets the baby during the school day, and Richie thinks its the sweetest damn thing that Eddie keeps sending him texts asking how things are going
  • “Little E2 is great!”
  • “That’s not his name
  • It is his name, Richie already made a fake birth certificate and got a Doctor’s signature (Dr. B Hascom, MD) 
  • He gets extra credit for it too
  • They spend the weekend together, needing to write a paper about the assignment anyway
  • Richie accidentally falls asleep on the couch with the baby cradled to his chest, and Eddie just stares for a while before taking a picture so he can have the image forever
  • But then the baby starts crying, waking Richie up with a groan
  • “Eddie, I decided…I can’t handle being a teen dad. We should have used protection.”
  • Anddddd the soft moment is over just the like that
  • Eddie snatches away the baby from a smirking Richie, regretting every life choice all over again
  • He has the baby in one arm while he makes breakfast the next morning, and Richie teases him for talking to the baby like he’s real
  • “Let me bond with my son, Richie.”
  • Eddie and Richie fight over who has to get up in the middle of the night when the baby starts crying at 2 am, resulting in them both getting pillows to the face
  • “Ugh, et tu, E2? I can’t deal with TWO people trying to get my attention!”
  • “You’re a nerd Richie.”
  • They’re actually really sad when they have to give the baby back, and Richie makes a big show of pretending to cry
  • “They grow up so fast! Our little boy! Can you believe it Eds?”
  • Eddie rolls his eyes, but he can’t help but grin at seeing Richie act so responsible and soft for the last week
  • “No, I can’t believe it at all”

*feel free to add on!*

Something’s Gotta Give

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Style: One-Shot

Warnings: Angst, language, smut!!!!! (NSFW, 18+!)

Word Count: 3K

Summary: You’ve been filming Infinity War over the past 8+ months and for whatever reason, you cannot stand the sight of Christopher Robert Evans. But on a cold winter’s night, stuck in a cabin for “mandatory bonding”, you and Chris work out your issues…physically. Includes cameos of our favorite super-dorks Seb, Tom, Scar & Mackie!

A/N: OK, so Chris is a bit of an ass here. But there’s always been this small little part of me that thinks he has a dark side… he can’t be fluffy and loving all the time, right? ;) I also haven’t written smut in like YEARS so please don’t come @ me just enjoy, OK? Also, dedicated to the love of my life @dolangram because she inspires me daily to be a better writer and also just a better person. ILY forever <3 Enjoy! (Gif not mine)

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You couldn’t stand him. Literally, every single thing he did put you on edge. Every time he breathed. Every time he spoke. Every time he laughed so fucking hard he clutched his chest and threw his beautiful blonde head back, unable to breathe. And now, here you were. Stuck with him for a full 24 hours in a snowed-in cabin. What. The. Hell.

“Oh this is going to be such fun.” You hear Tom say from the corner of the room, rubbing his hands together after setting his bags down on the floor. 

“Whose idea was it to do this again?” You mumbled, more to yourself than to anyone in particular.

“Cheer up, doll, it’s the last time we’ll all be together like this for a while. It’s supposed to be fun.” Your best friend grinned at you, slinging his bulky arm across your shoulders and ruffling your hair.

“Seb!” You grunt at the weight of him, shoving him off you. “Knock it off.”

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BTS Reaction to: Having their first rut (Hybrid AU)

Anon asked: “Smutty HybridPuppy!BTS reaction when they have their first rut. Please xo”

Author’s note: “I’m obsessed with hybrid BTS so doing these is always a pleasure. I wasn’t really sure if they were supposed to be puppies or just dog hybrids, but I stuck with dog hybrids since I’d feel a little uncomfortable if they were actually puppies still. (If that was what you meant) I didn’t make it very smutty because it would be too long. Hope you understand. Gifs aren’t mine. x ❤️


He groaned loudly as he sat up straight in bed. This incredibly warmth washed over him, waking him up from his peaceful sleep. What the hell was going on? He thought as he scratched his ears. Suddenly his eyes grew wide as he realized what was going on. That couldn’t be! He wasn’t supposed to have his first rut until 2 months from now! At least that’s when most dog hybrids have it. Seokjin turned to lay on his side as he stared at your peaceful sleeping form. Okay, maybe he could just sleep it away? He closed his eyes again as he tried to get comfortable, but nothing worked.

This wasn’t something that you could just sleep it away, he had to do something about it. He made sure you were asleep before sliding his hand under the waistband of his boxers. He wrapped his hand around his member, instantly hissing at the contact. Taking a deep breath he slowly started to slide his hand up and down, creating friction that had him moaning out. His rut definitely made him more sensitive. Seokjin bit the inside of his cheek as he tried to stay as quiet as possible. He didn’t want to wake you up. You looked so beautiful sleeping next to him like that, he just couldn’t do it. However, after a few minutes of touching himself he realized he needed more. He couldn’t do this alone.

He had to wake you up whether he liked it or not. Seokjin gently brushed your hair out of your face and neck, moving so he was pressed up against you. Your back against his chest. He started to grind up against you as he kissed down your neck, waking you up.

“Jin.. what are you doing?”

“Please princess I need you.”

You turned around to face him, only to see him squirming around uncomfortably. Right then you realized what was going on. You knew he needed help with this, after all you didn’t want to see him in pain. You straddled him as you started a heated making out session. Seokjin knew where this was heading and couldn’t be more happy that you were willing to help him. Your hips were grinding against his, making his head throw back in pleasure.

“Ah princess, please don’t tease.”

You smirked before pulling your shirt over your head, leaving you in nothing but your panties. Seokjin groaned as he flipped you around so you were laying underneath him. He’d definitely show you how thankful he was that you wanted to help him. 


Why out of all times did it have to happen now? He sighed as he desperately tried not to touch himself. It would feel much better if you did it anyways. Only if you were here. You were in town, shopping with one of your best friends while Yoongi was practically dying back in your shared apartment. You’ve talked about this before, since you knew that he was a hybrid and such, but you never actually told him that you were willing to help him out if that happens. Yoongi and you had been dating for 3 months, which isn’t necessarily very long. That’s also the reason why Yoongi isn’t sure if he should ask you to come back. He’s sure he can’t deal with this by himself, but he doesn’t want to pressure you into doing this with him. After a few minutes he gave up and decided to call you.

“Hello? Yoongi, is everything okay?”

“No, I need you to come back home baby girl.” “Why, did something happen?”

“Yes, I’ve my first rut.” It stayed silent on the other side of line, worrying him as he nervously held his breath.

“Baby girl? You still there?”  

“Yes I’m still here. I’ll be there in 5.”

Yoongi smirked to himself as he realized what that must mean. You were willing to help him. He sighed in relief as he let himself fall back onto the couch. Suddenly waiting for you wasn’t that hard anymore. A couple of minutes later the front door opened. You quickly hung your coat on the hanger before making your way into the living room, where you saw Yoongi waiting for you on the couch.


He jumped off the couch before making his way towards you, pinning you up against the wall as his lips found yours. You dropped your purse to the floor as you tangled your hand in his soft hair. Yoongi moved his lips down your neck, sucking purple bruises onto the sensitive skin. You threw your head back against the wall as his hands roamed down your body.

“Yoongi” “Hm?”

“Let’s move this to the bedroom.”


“What do you want to eat for dinner tonight?”

Hoseok didn’t even hear your question. He was too distracted. His rut started this morning and he’s been trying not to jump you for the entire morning. You weren’t making it easy for him by wearing nothing but your panties and one of his shirts. You noticed Hoseok was distracted, so you sat down on his lap to get his attention. Bad idea. As soon as you sat down you felt why he was so distracted. You crooked an eyebrow at him as you asked,

“Why didn’t you tell me.”

“Because I’ve my first rut. You know hybrids get rougher when that happens. I’m scared to hurt you so I didn’t tell you.”

You rolled your eyes at his over protectiveness before grinding against him, making him groan. 

“Ah baby I’m serious. I don’t want to hurt you.”

You sighed before pressing your hands against his cheeks, making him look up at you. 

“Hoseok, I know you won’t hurt me so if you need me, take me.”

The words had barely left your lips before he had your legs wrapped around his waist and carried you to the bedroom. You started to leave kisses down his neck until he pushed you down onto the bed. Let’s just say that he was very thankful that you were willing to help him.


He talked to you about this a couple of weeks ago. Of course you knew that he was a hybrid but you didn’t expect him to get his first rut any time soon. He still talked to you about it and you told him that you’d help him if he needed it. Turns out he needed it, really badly. Still he was a little apprehensive about asking you, since he didn’t want you to feel like you had to help him. If you were gonna help he wanted you to do that because you wanted to, not because you felt like you had to. So that’s how he found himself sitting on the couch in your living room. His arm wrapped around you as you were both watching a movie. Well, you were watching it. Namjoon was too busy debating whether he should or shouldn’t tell you. However, the longer he went without doing anything he more it started to hurt. So he had to do something and quick.

“Joon, everything okay?”

“What? Yeah of course baby. Why wouldn’t I be okay?”

“You seem a little distracted.”

He let out a deep sigh before taking your hand and placing it onto his thigh. You could feel how tense he was and started to wonder why. Right then your eyes landed on his crotch, and everything fell into place. You remember having talked about this a couple of weeks ago. So you climbed into his lap as you started to leave kisses all over his neck.

“Ah baby, are you sure?”

You nodded before quickly sliding his sweatpants down. pushing your panties to the side and sinking down on him. Namjoon was very happy with your straightforwardness as he enjoyed the feeling of you wrapped around him.


Jimin was always very cuddly. He was always attached to your side, no matter where you’d go he’d be there. Now however, he was trying to stay away from you. It was odd, really odd even. Did he feel bad? You couldn’t find a proper answer so you decided to just ask him about it. You made your way to the couch, ready to sit down next to him when he ran off. Literally. You sighed in frustration before following your boyfriend. What had gotten into him? When you reached the bedroom you saw Jimin hiding under the covers. Okay whatever was going on, it was serious.

“Jiminie, what’s going on?”

No answer. You took a seat on the edge of the bed as you tried to remove the covers from him. He tightly held onto him as he groaned,

“Go away." "No. I’m not going before you tell me what’s going on. Jimin I’m worried about you.”

“I’m fine.”

You rolled your eyes as you tightly gripped the sheets and pulled them away from him. Exposing Jimin’s body. He was laying on his stomach as his face was pressed into the pillow. The sight almost made you laugh, but you knew that something was bothering him. You gently scratched his fluffy ears, knowing that it was one of his weaknesses and that it would get him to talk to you.

“Jiminie, just tell me what’s going on.” 

“I’ve my first rut. It hurts so much Jagi.” You pressed a kiss against his head as you whispered, 

“Then let me help.”

His head popped up, hopeful eyes staring back at you as he asked,



A bright smile spread across his face as he moved to sit in your lap, pushing you down a little as his soft lips gently touched yours. Of course you were gonna help him. He was your boyfriend after all.


This precious bean wouldn’t know how to tell you that he needed help. Taehyung can be pretty straightforward, but this was something very intimate. He didn’t want to scare you off. So he tried his best to just ignore it, although he failed miserably. The moment you came home you realized there was something wrong with your hybrid. He wasn’t his cheery self. Was he sick? You frowned when you saw him sitting on the couch, knees hugged tightly to his chest as he was wrapped underneath a blanket. He didn’t even look at you when you walked through the door. Had you done something to piss him off? You sighed as you sat down next to him, gently running your fingers through his hair as you scratched his ears with your other hand. You expected him to push you away but instead he snuggled up against you, making you giggle.

“You’re so cute Tae. Care to tell me what’s going on?”

He pouted as he rested his head onto your chest, pushing you down so you were laying on the couch as he climbed on top of you. Making himself comfortable as he pulled the blanket over you two. You smiled at the sight of your adorable boyfriend, but that soon faded when you felt something poking against your stomach. Then you remembered that Taehyung is a hybrid, and hybrids have ruts. Could it be that he was so quiet because he was having his first rut? As if he could read your mind he nodded, burying his face in the crook of your neck in embarrassment.

“Ahw that’s nothing to be embarrassed about baby, just let me help, okay?”



He was needy, very needy even. He didn’t care that you were at work. He wanted you right now, so he called you during a business meeting, not giving a fuck that he was interrupting and pleaded you to come home. You were pissed that he was so rude, but at the same time it made you want him even more. You liked that he was so needy, it was a nice change since he usually made you beg. So when you came home you took your time to have something to drink, plop on the couch and watch an episode of your favorite TV show. Meanwhile Jungkook was giving you dead glares from where he was sitting on the other side of the couch. He didn’t like this game you were playing. Not one bit. So after 10 minutes he had enough of your stupid game. Jungkook grabbed the remote, turned the TV off and pushed you down onto the couch.

“I’m so done with you. Just let me have my way with you and I’ll be nice. If you’re gonna protest, I’ll make sure to punish you, and I’m sure you don’t want that baby.”

Your eyes grew wide at his dirty words. Soon a smirk spread across your face as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer so you were able to kiss him.

“Alright. Punish me. Let’s see how rough you can get.”


DAY 8: Comfy Couch 

(Hey, aliens have families, too!) This is for 31 Days of Simblreen! I hope you guys like this couch recolor!

  • Base game compatible
  • Can easily be found by searching “TSD”
  • Standalone recolors
  • 32 fall/halloween colors using my fall dreams palette and my light fall palette
  • Do not re-upload these recolors as your own, please
  • Credit goes to EA/Maxis 

Download (SFS, No Ad.fly)

(If you have any problems with these recolors, please contact me.)

Possible Future

Summary: In the middle of the night, Bucky shows up in your house with his son in his arms looking for someone to talk to.

This is my submission for @whotheeffisbucky AU Writing Challenge! . My choice was single parent au

Paring: Bucky x Reader


Warnings: Fluffy, so much fluff.

Thank you @drinkfantasy for beta this for me you are amazing. 

credits to the gif owners

Originally posted by sebstanslaugh

It is a beautiful Saturday night, the weather is warm, the stars are shining and your apartment smells like fresh baked cookies. What else could a girl want? You are almost falling asleep on your couch when you hear your doorbell ring. Who would visit you at 8 p.m on a Saturday night without previous notice?

When you open the door, you are not surprised to see Bucky with his son, Grant, in his arms on the other side. If someone was going to show up at your house without being invited this someone would be Bucky Barnes. Not that you mind, you loved to spend time with him and his little boy.

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