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Anonymous confession- I jokingly tell my fiancé not to fall asleep on the couch since I always have to half-drag him over to the bed but I secretly love it because he's so cute and snuggly when he's sleepy 😌

that’s adorable omg!!!

do you ever think about all the domestic stuff dan and phil do when the camera is off…like…..does dan ever make stupid jokes and phil giggles and punches him on the shoulder…does phil ever fall asleep on the couch and dan has to wake him up…….do they fight over the last slice of pizza…..do they send each other pictures of dogs they see when one of them is out…anyways im crying

Person A is casually reading on the couch, their reading glasses on.

Person B walks over to them and just plops down on top of them.

Person A just moves the book to the side and keeps reading.

Person B gets bored and starts messing with Person A’s hair, glasses, their person in general.

Person B, still getting no response, just swipes the book from their hands and tosses it onto the ground.

Person A slowly looks at B and gently takes off their glasses. Then suddenly wiggles intensely until B ungracefully falls off them and the couch.

Person A stands up, grabs the book, puts their glasses back on, then lays on top of Person B and starts reading again.

Person B learned their lesson and now knows to not mess with A while reading.

EXTRA! Person B still does it when they feel lonely or wants attention. A knows this, and only pretends to be annoyed.

Game night

*slytherins are gathered in their common room trying to figure out what game to play.*
2nd year: “what about uno?”
Other 2nd year: “dude we played that last week”
3rd year: “Well what about Go fish?”
4th year: “What are we? Children? No let’s play Battleship ”
2nd year: “Oh and Go fish is a child’s game.”
1st year: *quietly from the edge of the couch* “what about Monopoly?”
Litterally the entire house: “NO!”
*1st year falls off the couch backward*
Other 1st year: “Wait why not? What’s wrong with monop-”
Prefect: “Don’t say it’s name…. we don’t talk about ‘the game that shall not be named’”
*house falls silent*
6th year: “So many friendships torn apart. So much violence.” *starts crying*
Yet another 1st year: “What the fuck is going on?”

“Fine! I’m sleeping on the couch!” Nico yells after getting into an argument with Will. But Will isn’t having it, “No you take the bed, I’ll take the couch!” They both dramatically grab pillows from their shared bed and stomp down the stairs. Neither is willing to let the other be the bigger person by surrendering and taking the bed, so they both fall asleep on the couch as far away from each other as possible. They wake up cuddling, barely even able to remember their argument about whether it’s called ‘football’ or ‘soccer’

BTS reaction to being needy when you’re busy

Jimin: he would casually lie somewhere where you can see him and do his best to make you lose focus with hair flipping, stares and poses straight out of magazines until he finally ends up giggling uncontrollably and ruining everything especially the part where he falls off the couch while trying to strike a pose

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Hobi: it would start with incredibly serious speech about everything you could be doing with him right now instead of working…but 10 seconds in he would realize that picking you up and kissing every inch of your face is a way better way of getting your attention

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Namjoon: has a strategy that proved itself to be useful many times in the past, ‘’Hey, (Y/N), wanna visit the bedroom together?’’‘’Did you really think that would work?’’‘’I did get your attention, didn’t I?’’  and whatever you want to say, he’s not wrong

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Jin: doesn’t even have to do anything and he knows it…he just strategically positions himself somewhere where he can look at you from…and a few minutes of him smiling and you’re already leaving your work damn it strong will means nothing against Jin’s smile

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Yoongi: doesn’t know what to do so he kind of just gets close to you and waits for you to notice him…and it’s kind of impossible not to since he’s 1cm away from you, ‘’Want attention, Yoongi?’’‘’I don’t know what you’re talking about.’’ says Yoongi while practically sitting in your lap

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Taehyung: first he would make sure you can’t focus on whatever you’re doing and most probably it wouldn’t even be intentional and then he would make sure that focus is on him…and trust me, if Tae wants attention you will know it you and half of your street

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Jungkook: his way of getting your attention is staring at you ‘’seductively’’ from the bed and claiming that he’s just watching new episode of Vikings on the TV next to you when you notice him and then staring ‘’seductively’’ again until you notice him again and so on until you finally get the matter into your own hands

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“Sometimes I get very tired of Shannon. Sometimes i think I’ll grab something heavy and knock him so hard that his head will be ringing as the plates on the drums set. Sometimes he’s too caring. He was so caring. He was so caring that I sometimes think that I’m dying or physically limited. But when I get tired, I fall on the couch and realize that Shannon is far, he toured with Antoine or somewhere else out there, I feel bad, i miss his absolute care. I want to be a younger brother, who he takes care of, I do not care that i’m forty. I like to be his younger brother, his love is very necessary to me.” - Jared Leto.


- You calling him either ‘Sarge’ or ‘Soldier’.
- Him calling you ‘Doll’.
- When he has flashbacks to his time at HYDRA he get afraid when you touch his left arm because he doesn’t want to hurt you.
- When you fall asleep on the couch of the common room in the Avengers Tower he’ll pick you up bridal style and carry you to your room.
- Him helping you train for battle.
- The Sarge telling you inappropriate phrases with that dirty Russian tongue of his.
- Having to either wear heels or jump to kiss him because of the height difference.
- Metal arm kink.
- Occasionally walking in on him as he struts around shirtless.
- Loving the kisses he gives when he has his little 7 o'clock shadow.
- “Mission report, Soldier?”
- “You’re My Mission”
- Getting ‘slightly’ emotional whenever you or Bucky say “I’m with you till the end of the line”
- “I’m with you till the end of the line” is your wedding vow.
- Calling him 'James’ when he’s making you moan.
- That metal arm of his having a 'vibrating’ mode.
- Rough hard sex
- Slow passionate sex
- Quickies before missions
- Having to cover up your hickeys with makeup.
- When the team finds out that you and Bucky are together Tony immediately says “I knew you two were getting it on”
- Bucky thinks your moans are the sounds of angels.
- Whenever you listen to Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab you always think of your sexy soldier.
- When Bucky fell from the train in WW2 you jumped after him.
- You were also found by HYDRA but they stopped using you as an asset when you kept getting memories of Bucky.
- At HYDRA you and Bucky also trained together but you never knew each others names for a certain amount of time.
- At that point you called him 'Soldier’ but he still called you 'Doll’ because he’s a little flirt. - You and Bucky were the most wanted people in the world.
- HYDRA scientists would immediately erase your memories whenever they saw you and Bucky kissing.
- Before the war you met Bucky at a cafe when you accidentally crashed into him.
- You were too shy to speak.
- You didn’t know that he knew Steve and Peggy until that night when Peggy set you up for a blind date that happened to be with James Buchanan Barnes.
- Your first kiss when you were out of Cryo and Bucky had his memory back was when you played 7 Minutes In Heaven with the Avengers. ~ (A/N): If you’ve ever spent at least 5 seconds around me you’ll know how much I love JAMES BUCHANAN BARNES ❤️

Usually Draco falls asleep on the couch while watching the film he and Harry picked for the night. Harry is seated with his legs under himself at the far end of the couch, Draco sprawled with his head on Harry’s lap in a silent beg for hair strokes. Like every night Draco can’t stay awake to see the end of the film, falling asleep ten minutes before its end. Harry, with a smile lifting the corner of his mouth slips himself from under Draco’s soft hair and (with the help of a lightening charm even if he wouldn’t admit it) picks Draco up from the couch to deliver him to their bed. Draco wakes up, mumbling “ ‘m not bloody girl” in Harry’s chest, straightening the hold around his boyfriend’s neck. “It’s not like you have to be a girl to be treated like a princess” says Harry smirking, arrived in their bedroom and softly putting a sleepy Draco on their bed “mm Potter always saying the right thing”. Harry would chuckle, slipping himself under the sheets. After a moment, Draco’s nasal drawl breaks the silence “I think you deserve something in return for saving the princess”.

for @forestpenguin​ for the prompt: i see you carrying around a bowl of dog food and calling for your dog and, let’s be honest, i definitely think this is trap but on the other hand there is the potential to pet a dog at the end. so i stop to help you and you’re so relieved as we spend the next several hours searching for your dog until we finally give up and i take you home since you’re inconsolable only to find your dog asleep on your fucking porch wtf.

in which Cassian’s adopted ex-racer greyhound, K2-SO is awful, willful, misbehaved, and the light of his life. When K2 goes missing, Cassian frantically searches the neighborhood, his desperate calls awakening Bodhi, his neighbor, who offers to help. Just as Cassian has given up hope and gotten drawn and surly, Bodhi walks him back home - and lo and behold, K2 has been scratching at the front door and nearly knocks Bodhi out bounding into Cassian’s arms.