fall ofparkinson

So We Meet Again- Prologue

So We Meet Again- WIP

by fall-ofparkinson
       8 years ago I would’ve done anything for Hiro Best, but things change. What happened you ask? Simple. He started hanging out with different people, and as much as we tried to stay friends… we didn’t. Not long after out friendship broke, did my love for him break too. 6 years of it.  I can only assume what feelings he had for me had faded just as much as mine for him did. We graduated, and we went separate ways. I haven’t seen him since, until today. 5 years after graduation, 5 years we could’ve bumped into each other anywhere, at work, traveling, simply on the streets walking… but, no. The one place we managed to finally cross each other was in my apartment building, a moving van was outside, and he was speaking to the landlord, Jordan. It seemed the Crau just gained a new tenant. I watched as he spoke to Jordan, he looked so much more mature… Professional even. As he spoke I couldn’t help but notice a small scar on his face above his lip as well as one just above his right eyebrow, and wonder where he had gotten it from. I greeted Jordan a goodmorning, and Hiro watched me, as if trying to figure out who I was, and what I was doing here. I nodded at him, a bit confused by his reaction to seeing me again, and left the building thinking that maybe he didn’t recognize me at all, and I was completely torn by it.