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Moments I want in Infinity Wars


>>Thanos has the Avengers on the floor
>>He aims his gauntlet at them.
>>One of the stones pops off.
>>It lands on the ground, and starts running away from him.
>>Thanos stares in confusion.
>>Close up on Ant-Man carrying the stone away
>>This song blaring 

Scene 2

>>Avengers/Guardians fight
>>Hulk starts charging at Mantis
>>Mants just touches his stomach
>>Hulk stops, falls over asleep

Scene 3
>>Tony Stark changes Avengers tower into a massive suit

Scene 4
>>Hulk charging at Thanos.
>>Thanos, with restraint, lands several punches on Hulk
>>Thanos knocks Hulk out.

Scene 5
>>Scott Land is standing next to Groot
>>Groot “I am Groot”
>>Scott “I’m Scott”
>>Groot “I am Groot”
>>Scott nods and smiles. “Cool”

Scene 6   

>>The crew is in the space ship
>>Rustling in the back
>>Everyone ready to attack
>>Spider-Man falls out of a compartment
>>Tony “PETER!" 
>>Spider-Man "Oh hey guys! I just saw you were going out on a mission and-ARE WE IN SPACE?!”
>>Peter stares at the stares in amazement
>>“…OH NO! What will I tell Aunt May?”

Scene 7
>>Spider-Man gets on Starlord’s nerves.
>>“Hey kid, you might want to tone it down. See, my crew has never tasted Terran before…”

Scene 8

>>Vision gets the mind stone taken out.
>>Lying on the ground dead, Wanda crying
>>Boots back up again
>>Everyone shocked and relieved.
>>Act like it’s a second lease on life.
>>Everyone leaves Vision alone for a momen.
>>James Spader’s voice starts to come out of Vision’s mouth

Scene 9

This next one I know people will be polarized on.
>>Have a character during the film get blast with the gauntlet
>>At the end, they asked him happened.
>>Character says they saw the future.
>>Starts to describe it.
>>“I see…courage…hope…”
>>Get vague shots of future things

>>Gets to a moment where we see a bunch of heroes with their backs facing the screen
>>Never see there faces.
>>“I see…a brighter future.”
>>Show one last back of a major character yet to be in the MCU
>>Said character turns their head slightly to look at the viewer
>>Cut to credits before you get to see who he/she is.


Netflix is teaming with The Jim Henson Company for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. The prequel to The Dark Crystal takes place many years before the events of Jim Henson’s groundbreaking 1982 film.

Production on the 10-episode fantasy adventure series will take place in the UK this fall. Louis Leterrier (Now You See Me, The Incredible Hulk) will direct and executive produce.

Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and The Dark Crystal conceptual designer Brian Froud will create an ensemble of fantastical, state-of-the-art creatures.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance returns to the world of Thra with an all new adventure. When three Gelfling discover the horrifying secret behind the Skeksis’ power, they set out on an epic journey to ignite the fires of rebellion and save their world.

I bring to you: Steve/Tony betime/sleepy headcanons that nobody asked for :D

  • Tony is really clingy when he sleeps, he latches onto Steve like a limpet and doesn’t let go until Steve wakes up in the morning. And if he can’t physically hold on to Steve, some part of him is always touching Steve
  • Steve has this weird military training protective thing where he has to sleep on the side closest to the door so he can stop any “intruders” from harming them in their sleep. Tony rolls his eyes but plays along anyway
  • Tony is a super heavy sleeper, once he is asleep he is gone at least for the first couple of hours. Not even the Hulk could wake him. But he’ll only fall asleep in places/around people he feels comfortable with/trusts.
  • Steve disapproves of when Tony stays awake working for days at a time. But he also finds it incredibly amusing when Tony comes into the bedroom at the end of a bender, all stumbling and incoherent. It’s only 7 or 8 and Steve’s just laying in bed reading a book or watching TV, but Tony will shower quickly, put on sleep clothes, climb into bed with Steve and lay in his lap, burying his face in Steve’s stomach. Sometimes he’ll even pick up Steve’s hand and hold it in his hair until Steve starts running his fingers through it. Tony just relaxes right down and falls fast asleep and Steve is perfectly content to sit there and just hold him for a couple hours.
  • When they lie in bed at the end of a long day and cuddle, Tony likes to be the little spoon. He likes the feeling of Steve’s arms around him holding him tight. It makes him feel safe and protected.
  • Steve likes to be the big spoon because he loves holding Tony close to him. He loves when Tony buries his face in Steve’s chest so he can bury his face in Tony’s hair. He likes holding Tony because he feels like he can shield him from the cruelty of the outside world, and maybe even from Tony’s own demons.
  • Everyone assumes Steve is a morning person and Tony is very much not but it’s actually the other way around
  • Steve hates waking up early but because of the serum and his military training his body will wake him up at 5 AM
  • He’ll get up and go for a run but he’ll bitch and moan about it in his head the whole time, and he’s basically a grumpy old man until he eats breakfast and gets his morning kiss from his still sleepy Tony
  • Tony (when he actually goes to bed at a normal time - or at all) will wake up naturally pretty early - the Avengers were shocked that first morning together in the tower when Tony walked in at 8 AM with a smile, grabbed a cup of coffee, and asked Steve for the business section of the paper he had grabbed that morning.
  • Tony in the morning is also Steve’s favorite because he wakes up but he’s not fully awake. He looks so cute in the mornings, half-lidded eyes, pillow creases on his cheek, hair a mess, drowning in Steve’s t-shirts. He smiles at everyone and leans into Steve’s touch and everyone agrees that he looks so cute and cuddly and adorable in the mornings.
  • Though once he’s had some food and a couple cups of coffee he’s back to his usual obnoxious self.

Imagine Loki hiding in Stark tower after escaping from the Hulk. He disguises himself as a Stark Industries employee and completely transforms his body so that no one would recognise him.  He decides to lay low for a few weeks until things calm down. You also work at Stark Industries and during that time he befriends you and tells the biggest pack of lies to make his persona seem real. The trouble is that you and he really get along very well. So well he wants the pretence to continue.  You even start to fall in love a little. When the truth comes out you feel angry and betrayed. He comes to beg for forgiveness and claims that his feelings for you are the one thing that was for real.

Fitting In (Avengers X Adopted!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Adopted!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: Avengers x reader request? Tony, being known for his impulsive choices adopts a 14 yr old girl. She’s got the innocent girl next door look but she’s a complete devil. Nat loves her, Clint is afraid of her and Loki, Bucky and Sam are her partners in crime for evil pranks. All is well until she pulls a prank on Bruce and he hulks out. But even Hulk falls under her innocent spell and can’t seem to do anything to her.

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You knew you were being adopted, but you had no idea who it was till they came to pick you up. So when a limousine pulled up, you were surprised to say the least, especially when Tony Stark got out the car.

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A moment of appreciation for Madame de Garderobe and Cadenza, please. (Spoilers)

* They haven’t seen each other in maybe years. So? They’re still mad in love.
* Literally this whole time of the curse they were in the SAME BUILDING but they were both so hulking and heavy and Garderobe was constantly falling asleep so they had to live with the knowledge that their spouse was in the other room but they would never be able to see them. 
* Cadenza being unsure of his musical talents for the “Be Our Guest” performance but all it takes is Lumiere reminding him that Garderobe is waiting and then BOOM he’s going to do it.
* “Will I tremble again…To my dear one’s gorgeous refrain?”
* The entire sequence in the battle scene.
* Cadenza is finally owning his new form to go full-on animal on the invaders until the cranky old woman screams “SILENCE THAT HARPSICHORD!”
* And Garderobe hears. “Maestro!”
* “Darling! At last!”
* “I’m coming, my love!”
* And this woman who has been trapped in a sleepy, hulking, hard-to-move form for years just straight-up CLIMBS ONTO THE BANISTER.
* “This is it! The fat lady is singing! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH~!”
* And then that heartwrenching moment when the spell is taking hold of them. Like they literally just saw each other again after years, never got to hug each other, never got to kiss each other, they just got maybe fifteen minutes together. 
* “Maestro, you were so brave. Goodbye, my love.”
* And Garderobe just peacefully closes into inanimateness because even if she only got so long with her husband, she saw him again, she got to see him one last time and he’s there with her, so everything is okay.
* But Cadenza isn’t.
* “No! Amore, do not leave me!”
* And you can actually hear him choking. You can hear him gasping for air as he keeps trying to talk to his wife, but then he just goes away with her.
* If you can’t tell, I was legitimately crying during this scene.
* B U T  T H E N.
* Garderobe and Cadenza return to their human selves in this flurry of fabric and clothing and the second they all clear out, they’re already kissing. Like they just got their flesh-and-blood forms and within not even two seconds they’re already holding each other.
* And Cadenza has lost almost all of his teeth from the battle but GARDEROBE DOESN’T GIVE A 
* And the last we see of them, they’re singing the main title together and they share a lil smile.

In summary these two need a lot more love because they were one of my favorite parts of this movie.

new au concept: junkrat, the ancient god of the sun and explosives, who is also known to carry the sun’s weight on his back (sun is riptire replacement) ends up falling in love with this huge, hulking mortal farmer named mako who doesn’t even worship the gods all that much.

soon enough mako realizes that his crops are getting the perfect amount of sun and that he hasn’t had a sun tan in months (standing outside growing carrots and potatoes all day in the sun leaves him with lots of sun burns) and eventually is starting to freak out. he’s never really belived in the gods. are they real??? why are they helping him with crops?????????? what did he do?????????????

and just at this time, a young man happens to be at his door step in the middle of the night. he has sun tanned and dirty skin, golden blonde hair and eyes that look as if the celestial body had been trapped in his pupils. he asks if he could stay with mako for a few nights, and yeah, even though mako doesn’t really like company, he agrees to let this guy in (he eventually introduces himself as jamison)

and after that mako gets the best fucking crops around. perfect carrots, perfect potatoes, perfect food and this all happens just after this lil guy who has a hobby for blowing up things comes into his life and gets all buddy buddy with him. and hell, mako can’t even remember the last time there hasn’t been a sunny day near his house. and at first he doesn’t even think about it, but soon enough he thinks ‘man, this all happened after jamison came. is jamison doing this?’

after a few more weeks he realizes- this kid’s a god. this kid can control the fucking sun and he came over to mako’s acting as if he was a homeless guy. and fuck- mako rutledge knows that jamison’s hitting on him. he’s just a mortal farmer and he’s got a god out for his ass (in a good way) and most certainly wants to be with him. he has no idea how to react to this.

Where I Should Be // Bruce Banner x Reader

Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader, Clint Barton x Reader
Word Count: 5.6k+
Warning: Language, hella smut, fluff, mild bit of angst.  (I can’t help it okay)

Summary: Bruce’s jealousy finally gets the best of him; he’s always kept himself walled off from you to keep you safe. Best friends: nothing more, nothing less. When this new guy starts aiming to sweep you off your feet, Bruce is forced to take action. Can you choose between them? Do you want to?

A/N: I saw a post that said there needs to be more Bruce x reader fics and I felt that was a divine call out. I also need a break from writing three requests at once (I wanna post a bunch at once so you’re waiting less). Anteeywaaaaay: enjoy :D This absolutely got away from me and I’m not even sorry.

Inspiration: “Woman” ~ Harry Styles

I’m selfish, I know
But I don’t ever want to see you with him.

I hope you can see, the shape that I’m in
While he’s touching your skin
He’s right where I should, where I should be
But you’re making me bleed…

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A boy slipped into his cell.

Hulk stood, growling, and lifted his fists, because humans were rarely good news. He’d thought he’d scared them off for a while but this one–this one was either very brave or very stupid. Hulk was going with the very stupid option.

But then the boy whimpered, and skittered behind him into the dark corner, curling up into a little ball. Hulk could hear the sounds of booted feet stomping down the corridor at a run. He remembered that humans weren’t just cruel to monsters; they were cruel to each other, too.

So he plopped down in front of the boy, hiding him from view, and growled when the soldiers stopped in front of the glass wall that imprisoned him. They peered inside, shuffling their feet nervously, and he considered growling at them just to see them jump, but decided against it; he didn’t want them to try to punish him and find the boy.

The soldiers moved on. Hulk didn’t move until the soldiers came back, visibly angry even despite their masks, and then passed his cell again.

When he couldn’t hear them any longer, he turned, the bulk of his body hiding the boy from the cameras. He was… small. Not child small, but not as large as the soldiers outside. He was shaking, arms circled around his knees, hands clutching at his ripped jeans with white knuckles. There were bruises on his forearms.

Hulk did not like it seeing frightened people bruised.

The boy peeked up at him, eyes wet, but he stubbornly didn’t let any tears fall. Hulk reassessed: the boy was very brave. Stupidly brave, because he hadn’t known what Hulk would do to him, but Hulk could smell monsters on him, so clearly this boy trusted their kind.

“You… okay?” Hulk asked, voice raspy from lack of use. He hadn’t done anything but roar in… he didn’t know how long. There were no windows down here.

The boy’s breath hitched, and he leapt at Hulk like some sort of frog, slamming into his stomach and clutching at him. “No-! ‘m not okay!”

Hulk stared down at him, frowning. He could feel the boy trembling. After a moment, he placed one of his hands on the boy’s back. It engulfed him, but the boy just snuggled closer, sniffling quietly.

Hulk scowled. He would protect this boy.

Four pairs of green eyes glowed at him through the dimness of the hallway. Hulk sneered back, standing, and carefully keeping the boy out of view.

A spider slowly slid down from the ceiling on a thick piece of silk, the red on its belly bright and deadly. It skittered over to the number pad that controlled the locking mechanism of his cell, legs delicate and spindly. There was the sound of beeping and then a loud, deep sound. The spider reared back, hissing, and hairs shot out of its back, impaling the wall behind it. It caught the number pad between its mandibles and crushed it.

Hulk tried not to look too judgmental. He didn’t know if he managed it.

The spider noticed him looking and lifted its front pair of legs at him threateningly, hissing. It skittered on its other six legs to the side, eyes flicking back and forth through the cell.

Hulk remembered that the boy smelled like monsters and cautiously took a step to the side to show the boy. If nothing else, he would have no problem squishing a bug.

The spider hopped up and down, front legs waving and tapping on the glass.

Hulk put a finger to his lips, because the boy needed to sleep, so he could heal. He had bruises on his ribs that looked like the bottom of the boots the soldiers wore.

The spider stopped hopping to stare up at him balefully.

Hulk was embarrassed to admit he jumped when the spider lunged at the glass, the claws at the ends of its mandibles smashing holes into it. Then he watched, somewhat amazed, as a green, viscous liquid was sprayed across the glass.

He saw the smoke before he heard the sizzle, and slowly a hole began to open up. The spider clicked at him threateningly as he approached but skittered backward.

Hulk decided that this spider was clever. So often other monsters would try to fight him. He had no doubt that this spider would fight, of course; it obviously cared about the boy. But it was a smart spider. It observed before it attacked.

The venom tickled against his palms as he grasped at the hole. He tugged, and pieces of the glass broke away in large chunks. He made sure to wipe all the venom off on what was left of his pants before he lumbered over and carefully scooped the human up.

The spider skittered forward again, hissing threateningly, but Hulk just carefully eased the boy through the hole and carefully set him on the floor. The spider paused to stare up at him before it began to carefully poke the boy.

Hulk grunted, but the boy did not look afraid when he woke up and was faced with a giant spider.

“Natasha!” the boy exclaimed, then flinched when Hulk shushed him and the spider hissed. “Sorry.”

The spider clicked its mandibles fondly and used it’s front four legs to gather the boy up against her belly, his skin pale against the red hourglass. When the boy lifted his hands to hug her back, her third pair of legs pushed his arms back down. Her hair would have hurt him.

When the spider retreated, the boy stood, legs shaking. He turned to look back at Hulk, eyes wide and hopeful. “Are you coming with us?”

The spider stiffened and shot hair at the wall again.

Hulk snorted, reluctantly amused as the spider hissed and skittered in angry circles around the boy, waving her front legs at him menacingly. “No.”

“Natasha’s all bark and no bite,” the boy insisted, and did not notice the way the spider stopped to turn and glare at him in disbelief.

Hulk shook his head, the smile tugging at his mouth unfamiliar. He hadn’t smiled in a long time. “You go,” he ordered. “Follow spider.”

The spider whipped around to glare balefully again, but its back relaxed enough that it wouldn’t start shooting its hair again. ‘I don’t need your help,’ it seemed to be saying. ‘But I can’t stop you from giving it.’

“But what about you?” the boy asked worriedly, wringing his hands.

Hulk tilted his head as a klaxon began to ring out, and the hallway started flashing a red light. The spider made a terrible noise and began shifting, a humanoid body appearing out of its abdomen, back still covered in hairs.

She wrapped two hair-covered arms around the boy and looked around just a touch frantically. Hulk got the impression that she’d come in to sneak him out, and the alarms had just ruined her plans.

Well. He couldn’t let the humans hurt this boy again, who was guilelessly clutching back at the spider, unafraid of her, unconcerned for her stiff, sharp hair or clicking mandibles.

So Hulk smashed his way through the rest of the glass and let out a roar that had the spider woman skitter backward in terror and the walls to shake, charging down the hall toward the group of soldiers running toward them.

He heard the boy cry out, heard the spider hiss at him to shut up because this might be their only chance to escape, and then turned his attention back to the soldiers, backhanding the ones that approached him first.

Tony, for all that he professed that he was fine, that he was okay, stop smothering me, couldn’t stop shaking for quite some time after they got him home.

Clint had been waiting for them when Natasha had pushed him up and out of a basement window. Steve and Bucky were patrolling the perimeter, and had grimly told Clint to take Tony home before returning for them. Tony had tried to argue, but the thing about the monsters being so big was that it was easy to manhandle him. Natasha wrapped him in silk so he couldn’t fight back and put him in the harness he’d created for Clint to fly him home. 

Clint hadn’t stopped to take the silk off him before he left to go get the others. Tony was kind of glad. It was like being wrapped tightly in a blanket. He’d hidden in his closet until someone else got back though.

They’d taken him on his way home, run him off the road, and he’d been so afraid, so terrified that he was going to die like his parents did–and then they’d started beating him for not building weapons and he’d wished he had.

For all that the monsters had trouble with the passage of time, they’d noticed he hadn’t come home, and Bucky had used his sensitive nose to track them down once night had fallen.

It was the first kidnapping after his parents’ death, the first where they’d really hurt him because Howard was more likely to fuck shit up when Tony was returned bruised. He had trouble sleeping at night, remembering his terror as he was driven off the road, as he was pulled from his car and stuffed into the back of a van, as they’d beaten him and as he’d fled, as he’d found that giant green monster and hidden behind him.

Natasha had scolded him, her eyes still slightly round with terror. The monster had been made up of rage and little else and it could have squashed him like a grape. Tony had nightmares of the monster doing just such a thing, crushing him between two giant fingers, or instead standing aside and letting the soldiers take him again.

So when the monster showed up one day, looking no worse for wear, Tony had to try very hard to not be afraid of him.

Hulk stared at him, then smirked a little. “Spider lady told you about Hulk?”

Tony hunched his shoulders, ashamed, because this monster had helped him in reality, and he had no idea why he wasn’t groveling and thanking him. “’m sorry.”

Hulk reached out to poke his shoulder, making his entire body rock backward. “Hulk take care of soldiers.”

“Oh,” Tony said softly, and felt bad for being relieved, because it was clear that by ‘take care of,’ Hulk meant they were dead.

“Sleep,” Hulk said, as gently as he could muster.

Tony nearly burst into tears, because how could this monster know he was having nightmares? “Okay.” Then he screamed as Hulk began to shrink, skin turning from green to pink, eyes turning brown.

The other monsters burst out of the house just in time to watch a human man drop to his hands and knees, vomiting, and Tony was still screaming in terror.

“It was my fault,” Bruce explained, voice rough. “I was messing with something I shouldn’t have been, got caught by radiation. I haven’t always been a monster.”

The group continued to stare at him, gaping. Tony’s coffee had gone cold and he hadn’t even taken a sip of it.

“The army caught me, of course,” he added, mouth a grim line. “After I’d leveled a small town.” He paused. “That was… what, nineteen-sixty-two?” He looked at Tony, frowning. “How long was I down there?”

“…It’s nineteen-ninety-five,” Tony whispered, horrified.

Bruce tilted his head, frowning. “Thirty-three years. It feels like yesterday and a hundred years ago at the same time.”

“That happens,” Steve said, shrugging. “The passage of time is strange when it doesn’t affect you. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday that Tony was a toddler.”

Bruce nodded, then sighed, suddenly feeling exhausted down to his bones. “Is it alright if I stay here? Until I figure out who I can contact.” He paused, staring out the window, but not seeing anything. “I’m more Hulk than Bruce now. Maybe I should have stayed in that cell.”

“No!” Tony blurted out immediately. “You can stay here forever if you want to! You protected me, so I can protect you!”

Bruce turned a tired smile on him. “You’re going to give your friends ulcers.”

“Probably,” Tony admitted as the monsters quietly whispered amongst themselves about what to do if Bruce–or the Hulk–ever got out of hand.

“What’s an ulcer?” Bucky asked, distracted.

Tony sighed and rolled his eyes. Bruce managed to huff out a laugh; his first one in over thirty years.

mcu: treats literally every woman like shit

mcu: creates sex objects out of women characters

mcu: allows cast and crew to call said characters ‘sluts’ over what they made said character do in the first place

mcu: erases a canon black lesbian relationship

mcu: then proceeds to publically come out and say that the said canon black lesbian relationship will never happen

mcu: never gives poc characters the correct amount of screentime

mcu: hasn’t treated pocs the same way they treat the White Mains, like ever

mcu: whitewashes characters

mcu: allows cast members (like Emily Van Camp) to have their name ran into the dirt by other cast members who attack them and are rude to them openly based on what the mcu itself put into place

mcu: hires directors that don’t care for race or representation, only about making the hulk fall into black widow’s tits

y’all: *silence*

mcu: will never make stucky romantic


Avengers Preference: How You Kiss

A/N: Another preference! This time, I think I got everyone. If I somehow missed your favorite, just ask and I will write one up for them :)

Request: Can i have a preference? How the avengers kiss you. Maybe could you add pietro and bucky as well?

Warnings: fluff :)

Thor: Thor likes to kiss you with lots of grandeur, walking up to you, capturing your face in both of his hands as he presses his lips to yours, running his thumbs along your cheekbones and proclaiming his love for you in that deep, booming voice of his. It always makes you roll your eyes and smile, because you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Wanda/Scarlet Witch: You and Wanda communicate a lot through her powers (she reads your mind and speaks directly into your thoughts, most of the time), so when she actually takes the time to stop and physically kiss you, it means a lot. It’s usually a very soft, sweet press of her lips on your way to sleep, or right before one of you leaves for a mission.

Pietro/Quicksilver: Pietro’s kisses are quick (of course) and often. He kisses your cheek as he dashes by you, always way too impatient to walk at a normal pace, and every now and then he will appear out of nowhere to literally sweep you off your feet and kiss you passionately before setting you back down and dashing off again, leaving you a tiny bit frazzled as you stare after him.

Bucky/Winter Soldier: You and Bucky are almost always connected in some way, because you keep him calm and connected to reality. Whenever he begins to feel himself fading, he grabs you and presses his lips to yours for however long it takes, no matter what you were doing at that moment. It irritates Tony, but Steve doesn’t mind, because he loves seeing Bucky happy.

Steve/Captain America: For someone who is such a gentleman, Steve is very heavy-handed with PDA. He kisses you whenever he gets the urge to, no matter who you’re in front of. Often, the two of you forget that there are people around, which leads to a lot of cleared throats and comments about the sex drives of senior citizens.

Natasha/Black Widow: Nat doesn’t like to kiss you much in public, because she doesn’t want someone to find out about your relationship and use you against her. So when same-sex marriage becomes legalized, you weren’t expecting for her to sweep you into her arms and kiss you right there, on the streets in front of everyone. After that point, she becomes a little more relaxed, kissing you quickly as you part ways in the streets every morning.

Clint/Hawkeye: Clint isn’t really one for kissing all the time. He likes to save it for special moments, like when he asks you to marry him. The two of you don’t kiss often, but when you do, it leaves you breathless for some time after.

Tony/Iron Man: Despite Tony’s reputation as a playboy, he’s a sucker for cuddles and sleepy kisses. He lives for those moments right before you fall asleep, with his arms wrapped around you and your eyes drifting shut, and he loves kissing you softly as you fall asleep, making sure you know how much he loves you.

Bruce/Hulk: Bruce is surprisingly clingy, constantly pressing soft kisses into your hair, your forehead, your cheek, your neck. When he does kiss your lips, he does so gently, holding you as if you may break if he loses control even for a split second.