fall of satan


Took me a while, but I thought I’d start inktober off with a Gravity Falls illustration I’ve had stuck in my head.

  • Tolkien: "You must destroy Kurikara in the blue flames it was forged in, Rin Okumura!"
  • Shakespeare: Yuri loved Satan and Satan loved Yuri but Yuri's grumpy father didn't want them to be together and in the end everyone died.
  • J.K.Rowling: Yuri had a huge crush on Satan, a lad out of her reach. So she brew a magic potion that made Satan fall in love with her. But sadly she died when giving birth to her son Rin. Rin grew up at the orphanage and hated his name, because there were so many Rins out there, but one special day a man named Mephisto Pheles came to visit Rin and told him that he is an exorcist and can come to his school, the True Cross Academy. Rin's hatred for normal humans grew and he founded a secret underground organization with his best buddy Lucifer Malfoy named "The Illuminati". Their goal was to get rid of human race and so they became more powerful. But there was another organization, The True Cross Order, that wanted to fight against the Illuminati. Lily and James Okumura, two members of the True Cross Order gave birth to their son Yukio. Rin tried to kill the family but Yukio survived and developt the same special ability like Rin: speak to demons. And so Yukio visited the True Cross Academy and became an exorcist and together with his friends Shura and Izumo he defeated Rin in an epic battle and destroyed Kurikara, his horcrux.
  • Stephanie Meyer: Yuri fell in love with Satan, who was a demon. Satan wanted to transform Yuri into a demon too, but first Yuri gave birth to her half demon sons Rinesmee and Yukio. The True Cross Order thought Rinesmee would be a danger to their existance and wanted to exorcise him. And then there was also this other guy, Shiro Fujimoto, who liked Yuri and always took his shirt off, but then he became Rinesmees godparent.
  • Goethe: Satan was a nerdy crybaby who was influenced by his bad boy bff Mephisto Pheles. Then Satan fell in love with Yuri and made her pregnant, but Mephisto was an idiot and because of his actions Yuri and her Son Rin both died and Satan and Mephisto were bff's till the end of their lives.
  • Kafka: "I am Rin Okumura, I'm not even human and I have HUGE daddy issues."
  • Schiller: Yuri and Satan both die because their relationship is illegal.
  • Dan Brown: The Illuminati planned an attack of the Vatican but the True Cross Order and Tom Hanks were there to solve their riddles, but there was a spy called Renzou Shima and in the end he died.
  • Borchert: There was a war between demons and humans and the war killed everyone.
  • Cassandra Clare: Rin Okumura wondered, why he started to draw runes but then he discovered he was an exorcist and had exorcist adventures.
me entering hell

satan: welcome sinner, are you planning on staying here for long? *evil sarcastic laughter* I recommend our very new masochist chamber downstairs, and on your right you’ll find our asylum for iggy azalea fans-
me: ye I’m just looking for brendon urie where he tho
satan: it’s one of them again patrick show her the door
demon patrick stump: k this way sweetie
*I open a door and find myself in a room full of people with smudged black eyeliner and band shirts. on the corner I recognize gerard way sitting and whispering mama lyrics slowly. I accidentally leave the door open when I hear a familiar sound near me-
me: this is where I truly belong


Leave him alone Medic he just wants to do his job.

I should be sleeping.

What would this even be called? Sadic? Metan?….I kind of like Sadic tbh..