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Does Planned Parenthood offer Hormone Replacement Therapy for transgender people?

Someone asked us: 

Can Planned Parenthood provide hormones to transgender people? And if so, what are the costs?

Why yes, yes we do. There are an increasing number of Planned Parenthood health centers that offer hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for trans clients. (Cost will vary depending on your insurance and Planned Parenthood health center policies.) Currently, the Planned Parenthood health centers that offer hormone treatment for trans folks are: 






New Hampshire:

New York:


North Carolina:



- Calvin and Maureen at QueerTips


The Five-Minute Linguist talks from the LSA are now online! These short, accessible lightning talks were a new feature of the annual meeting of 2017 and attracted a great crowd of people. 

The eight speakers and topics (not in order) were: 

  • Carina Bauman (New York University): Back GOAT in Asian American English
  • Rachel Steindel Burdin (University of New Hampshire): This you call a rise fall?
  • Rabia Ergin (Tufts University): Emergence of verb classes in a young village sign language
  • Jeff Good (University at Buffalo): Local dynamics to high level Patterns in Bantu
  • Heidi Harley (University of Arizona): Node sprouting and root suppletion in Korean
  • Kirk Hazen (West Virginia University): Southern vowels and shifting Appalachian identities
  • Carmel O'Shannessy (University of Michigan): What do children do in contact induced language change?
  • Gregory Scontras (Stanford University): Subjectivity predicts adjective ordering preferences

The emcee was John McWhorter, and the judges were myself, Ben Zimmer, Michael Erard, W.A. Brenner, and an audience poll. I’m not going to post the winner here, so you can watch and judge your favourite for yourself!