fall in love with each other

Otp Questions - Fluffy

  1. Who kisses the other on the nose and the one receiving the kiss blushes?
  2. Who sits on their partner’s lap as they wrap their arms around their partners neck?
  3. Who kisses the inside of their partner’s palm before reassuring them everything is going to be okay?
  4. Who initiates the forehead touch™?
  5. Where do they first say “I love you”?
  6. Who wraps their arms around their partner who is cooking?
  7. Who breaks out the first aid kit when the other gets a paper cut?
  8. Who cuddles up to the other on the couch?
  9. How do they hold each other when their partner asks to be held?
  10. Who picks up the other fireman style in a playful way?
  11. Who brings the blanket to wrap them both up in it?
  12. Who falls asleep on who? What is their reaction when the other falls sleep on them?
  13. Who likes to be held and who likes to hold?

Sam Holland Falling for you: Headcannon

  • Alright Sam Holland is such a cutie so I gotta show some love for him
  • So you’d meet Tom first
  • You met Tom while working as an intern on his new movie
  • You two would become the best of friends and after knowing each other for a while you flew home with home
  • He was so excited for you to meet his family
  • So you guys were almost to his house and you were so nervous but excited
  • Tessa would greet you at the door, of course
  • Tessa was so much cuter in person, even though you didn’t think that would be possible
  • Nikki and Dom welcomed you with open arms
  • Nikki told you the twins and Paddy were out doing something but they would be home soon
  • As you guys were chatting on the couch the front door opened and in walked three boys
  • They walked into the living room and you immediately locked eyes with a tall, cute, freckled face boy
  • He literally stopped in his tracks because of how beautiful you were
  • Sure he’d seen pictures of you but those pictures didn’t do you justice
  • “Finally, lads. I want you to meet someone.” Tom says and you guys stand up and walk over to them
  • “This is my friend I’ve been telling you about, Y/N. Y/N these are my brothers. The youngest here is Paddy, then this is Harry, and last but not least we have Sam.”
  • You shake their hands and when you touch Sam’s hand you felt SPARKS
  • You guys sat down on the couch as Nikki and Dom went to check on dinner
  • You sat between Tom and Sam and he’s all :))))))))
  • But then Tom puts his hand on your thigh and then he’s :(((((((
  • Of course you were dating Tom he thought to himself
  • Little did he know you thought of him only as a friend
  • “So, Y/N, We’re sorry you’ve had to spend all this time with Tom, but now you’re with the better brothers” Harry jokes
  • “Fuck off, mate” Tom says and you laugh
  • When Sam heard your laugh he thought the heavens had just opened
  • “What are you so quiet for, Sam?” Harry points out
  • His face turns SUPER red
  • “I’m always quiet.” He replies
  • Tom and Harry look at each other and give evil grins.
  • “Tom and Paddy I need your help.” Harry says out of the blue
  • “With what?” They ask at the same time
  • “No time for questions. This is urgent.” Harry lies and the two follow him
  • Leaving you and Sam alone ;)
  • It was awkward at first but then he decided to ask you about Tom
  • “So, uh when did you and Tom get together?”
  • You laugh
  • “Me and Tom? Dating? No, no we’re just friends.”
  • “Oh so like do you have a boyfriend back home or something?”
  • “No. I’m focused on myself and if someone happens to come along then that’s great, but if not that’s ok too”
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Now that he knew you were single he grew some confidence
  • Nikki called everyone for dinner
  • “How about I give you a house tour after dinner?” Sam asks
  • “I’d love it”
  • Once again you sat between Tom and Sam at the dinner table
  • Sam’s chair was quite close to yours
  • Your hands would “accidentally” brush up against each other and Tom and Harry would chuckle
  • Dinner was filled with laughter and getting to know the Holland’s.
  • Dinner was finished and you helped clean up
  • Sam thought it was so sweet
  • “Still up to give me a tour?” You ask Sam when you walk into the living room
  • “Tour of what? His bedroom?”
  • Sam gives his brothers a death stare
  • “Come on, Y/N, let me be a gentleman and show you everything.”
  • 10 seconds into the tour and this boy tripped over a chair
  • Poor boy was so embarrassed
  • “I’m sorry I have to laugh. But are you alright?” You help him up.
  • “I’ve been better.”
  • Clumsy by Fergie was literally his anthem when he was around you
  • “This is just a random room/ office.”
  • You look in and see a piano
  • “Do you play?” You ask and step and to the room
  • “Uh Yeah. A little” He got shy about it
  • “Well I’d love to hear you play some time” You smile at him
  • LASTLY he showed you your room while you’d be staying with them and it was right next to his room :) how convenient
  • It was getting late and you were tired so you went to bed
  • YAY it was finally morning time
  • He walked out to see you and Harry sitting on the couch, laughing
  • He was a bit jealous
  • You were in a T-shirt and athletic shorts with a messy bun but he thought you still looked super beautiful
  • “Good morning, Y/N, how’d ya sleep?” He asks and sits down
  • “I slept really well. Thanks again for the tour.”
  • “Anything for our guest of honor”
  • You guys decided to go on a walk
  • Harry and you had gotten close and we’re walking ahead of Tom and Sam
  • Sam decided to tell Tom he liked you
  • Tom was a little upset because he wanted to ask you out but he could tell you were into Sam
  • You stopped walking so Sam could catch up to you
  • Omgshewaitedformedoesshelikeme
  • “It’s so cold out. My hands are gonna freeze off” you say to him
  • Secretly you hoped he’d hold your hand
  • “Can I, uh, hold your hand? So um it doesn’t freeze of because t-that would kinda suck”
  • Smooth, Sam, very smooth
  • You grabbed his hand and intertwined your fingers
  • “Awwwww” you heard Harry and Tom exclaim
  • Sam flipped them off and you laughed
  • “So I was thinking. I should probably get your number or something so uh we can hang out more and stuff.”
  • “Sam, you guys are literally staying in the same house.”
  • “Thanks, Tom, I wasn’t aware.”
  • Ofc you give him your number and yes he DEFINITELY put cute emojis next to your name
  • UGH I just wanna date Sam Holland is that too much to ask for

A/N: SAM IS SO CUTE AND THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE CONTENT OF HIM ON THIS SITE. Also,this isn’t the best but it’s getting late so I rushed it a little. Kinda wanna make a part two??? If you want a part two let me know

anyway heres some allurance headcanons no one asked for bc i cant stop thinking abt these two

  • allura kissed lance first and he almost passed out
  • they wear matching/complementary outfits all the time bc theyre That couple. they also wear each others colours a lot (lance in pink and allura in blue) and lance somehow makes them custom tshirts?? they have cheesy shirts that embrace the whole ‘mr and mrs blue lion’ thing and …”are u guys wearing tshirts with each others faces on them?” “yes”
  • no offense but theyre lowkey obsessed w each other n love all the little things abt each other. like allura thinks lance makes the cutest/dopiest expression when hes surprised so sometimes she’ll randomly grab his cheeks, pull her face close to his with an urgent “lance” just to startle him and then laugh and kiss him all over his cute surprised face 
  • lance traces her altean markings when theyre soft n sleepy
  • they fall asleep on each other in a heap after long missions
  • also lance falls asleep in random places in the castle and sometimes allura will find him and carry him to his bed (and sometimes she’ll climb in w him)
  • they have a bunch of inside jokes n sometimes all they’ll have to do is look at each other to burst out laughing and the others will be like ?? whats the joke ?? n lance crosses his arms still holding back laughter n is like “sorry. blue paladins only”
  • lance teaches allura how to play video games n she loves them !! it takes her a lil while to get the hang of them at first but then she gets rlly good and one time she beats this boss that lance has been trying to beat for ages and for a moment its just…lance.exe has stopped working but then he launches himself at her and covers her w kisses before bolting out of the room n shouting “guys allura beat that fuckin boss!! in like three tries!! guys!!! allura ur amazing!! guys shes amaziNG!!!!”
  • (there’s a chorus of ‘we know’. allura is smiling so hard it hurts)

im cool w people not liking @llurance, like you are allowed to not like it….but it would be kinda cool if you didn’t shit all over it and acting like it would be the equivalent of satan returning to earth???? it being endgame would not be the end of the world?? it would actually provide a lot of cool representation that i’d personally love to see

Wildest Dreams.

Requested by Anon: Can you write Tequila imagine when the reader is a Kingsman and has to play pretend with him as lovers for a mission? Things go more serious between them and end up falling in love with each other but the reader already has a boyfriend. The ending can be sad or happy - it’s up to you.
Pairing: Agent Tequila x Reader
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: Very mild Drinking, drugs references.
Word Count: 1737.

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I can’t stop thinking about the Hogwarts AU anon sent @imagine-sterek and now my mind is full of ideas.

Just imagine Derek falling head over heels in love with Stiles, but they don’t want their relationship to be seen, so the two of them hiding away at the back of the library during study periods so they can spend time together, away from prying eyes. Imagine them–when their relationship becomes a little more physical and passionate–making out between the rows of shelves. Imagine the find a really old book that no-one ever goes near or reads and hide notes in it for each other.

I am a thinker, i might not look like it,
but i find it quite hard to just stop my brain from analysing every thing, every word and move ,
but with him next to me i finally felt different,
it was peacefully ,
my mind became blank and for the first time in a long time,
i felt home..

we needed no words to say,
we saw the happiness and passion in each other’s eyes,
and that time i looked closely-
they didn’t lie when they said that the eyes are the window of the souls,
and his soul is made of stardust -
when we held hand it felt like two universes merging into one,
like everything is vanishing so slowly,
and i bet he liked it when i told him that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me ,
cause i always typed it behind a screen,
and words are usually worthless if they are not said out loud, face to face cause that’s when you can feel em the most.

and this day seems like a dream to me,
cause we always talked about it but i never thought that it would be realised,
and it was better than the millions of virtual dates we talked about,
cause for the first time , it was real,
only me and him,
only two souls who became so vulnerable as soon as they hugged,
and i loved how it felt,
i loved how it was full of laughters and always an eye contact and a smile before kissing each other,
i loved how he would hug me and that’s it,
how pure it was ,
how the whole world disappeared for a while-
and it felt like there is only the two of us in it,
like time never existed..



-unsent letter #1

cyberbeastswordwolfe  asked:

So, how do I write two enemies falling in love? For context, the girl is trapped in an abusive relationship with one of the main villain's dragons while the other is the main protagonist. Both of them are on opposite sides and want to make the relationship natural, but they first dislike each other. How do I bring them together?

My advice here would be to make it so that both parties aren’t getting what they need – emotionally and otherwise – from the people who are supposedly on their side.  

Maybe their families (and your MC’s abusive partner, obviously) aren’t sympathetic, supportive, or understanding, and they ultimately find that in one another.  Since you mention they dislike one another at first, this will likely be a slow and reluctant process, as they learn to reconcile that their “enemies” have more in common with them than their supposed loved ones.  Maybe they share similar experiences or trauma that helps them bond. 

For added measure, here’s my post on writing relationships/romance. 

I hope this helps, and feel free to hit me up with any follow-ups!  

Best of luck, and happy writing.  <3

dammit i love u (Tom Holland)

Hello people. Today im bringing you a (hopefully) cute Tom Holland imagine.


Summary: You and Tom have been casually dating for a while, and you find yourself falling in live with him.

Warnings: None i think. The word dammit.

tom and you had been seeing each other for about three months. you had been in london the last three and a half months for a study trip with your school. 

you had only been in london for about a week when you met tom. you had been sitting in the local starbucks, reading, when he had come up to you and complimented your choice of book. it was chaos walking, a book you had loved forever. 

from then on, you had started seeing tom. only casual, no major strings attached. manly because of the reason, that you where going to go home after being in london for four monts. 

one morning you woke up, next to tom. he was still sleeping, or so you thought. when you adjusted your arm a little, he opened his eyes. 

“good morning” he smiled.

you smiled.

“hi” you said slowly. you where still tired. then something hit you.

“dammit” you said.

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To your union, and the hope that you provide -
May you always be satisfied.

I like drawing fancy attire so I drew a hypothetical Nerrison wedding, and I swear to God it’s not going to devolve into a Nerriston Satisfied AMV where Preston is in love with Nerris prior to meeting Harrison and then he falls for him too and then he sees the two like each other and god damn it if you love them let them goooooooo

+ Nikki because I love Nikki

“Lance and Allura will share a strong friendship in which they’ll respect and support each other. By the end of the series they’ll be like brother and sister.”


“Lance and Allura will develop feelings for each other and will have an ambiguous relatioship with a lot of romantic potential but that shall remain mostly platonic at the end.”


“Lance and Allura will fall in love hard and end up making out inside the blue lion by season 5 episode 6.”


anonymous asked:

omegaverse / alpha Dan? 🎶

From the Auction House to Love (ao3) - Phil’s an Omega sold at auction to Alpha!Dan. Slowly, they fall in love with each other.

Paradise Lost (ao3) - Dan does the unthinkable and Phil ends up pregnant and scared.

Temptation (ao3) In a world where Alpha’s are strong, Omega’s are beautiful and Beta’s are workers what happens to those who don’t fit in? Phil Lester and Dan Howell and two of these people: here are their stories.

(Or where Dan and Phil fall in love, even when they know it’s impossible.)

- Tori

Headcanon #112

The Wu sisters haven’t been heard from in forever because they’ve had a falling-out with each other.

Wing Wu fell in love with and married a tiger.

Wan Wu accidentally gave herself powers over ice and snow via witchcraft and is now hiding in an ice fortress in the Himalayas somewhere.

Su Wu is a Yandere with a giant Senpai-Shrine dedicated to no other than Tai Lung. She spends her time dabbling in magic to try and resurrect the object of her obsession.

anonymous asked:

Imagine being an international thief and Silver Shepard being the batman to your catwoman. You aren't a typical thief, more like an adventure that helps others and keeps what thy find along the way. Yet you're still a thief so you and him are "enemies" yet whenever you too meet its always filled with flirting and witty banter(on your part and a ton of blushing and awkward stuttering on Silvers) Over time as you both encounter each other more and more he starts to fall hard. ~🐌

Honestly I love these scenarios. Give me good banter and devious flirting any day! The boundary of good and evil with chemistry is always a thrill!

anonymous asked:

Hello, hi. I am in distress looking for a fic I read a long time ago and can't find now. It's basically post-war Drarry, married to their canon partners, writing letters to each other over 13(?) years and falling in love and eventually getting together in their 60's upon Scorbus' insistence. Would you be so kind as to help me out? Thanks!

I have literally zero idea about this fic, I’m sorry D’:

Can anyone else help nonnie out here?