fall in chocolate

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Im glad you are back ! It feels refreshing honestly :3 Can I have Ushijima failing at seducing ( like falling, chocolate or messy food on teeth or mouth etc )

[I’m glad you see it that way!!!]

Whenever Ushijima would approach his partner with the intention to be more intimate, it would feel like something that came out of nothing. Ushijima would rarely be the  type to be all lovey-dovey with his partner, his stoic personality oftentimes transitioning into his relationship. His partner would initially be surprised at his advances, unable to resist the temptation when they spotted that certain gleam in his eyes, indicating that he wanted to be close to them. Physically close.
Shiratorizawa’s captain would inch closer to them, his voice getting deeper the less space there was between him and his significant other. At some point they would subconsciously fade the meaning of his words out, their eyes unable to avert their gaze from his lips.
Right before Ushijima’s lips would meet theirs, the ace would feel a tickle in his nose and before he could register what was going on, he would full on sneeze in his partner’s face. He would be dumbfounded by his own behaviour. He, Ushijima Wakatoshi, would have done something as embarrassing as sneezing in his partner’s face. He, the controlled one. The one who did everything right.
He would apologize to them, bowing his head deeply, before turning around and leaving the situation to gather his thoughts.