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Ghost Benny and little kids at the museum

Ghost Benny isn’t always grumpy– he’s kind and gentle when he wants to be.

(Whups this got long ENJOY)


It’s a bright afternoon in early fall, the trees just starting to turn from emerald green to gold and scarlet, days still warm and nights bringing a hint of chill, and the Air and Space Museum is full of three third grade classes on their field trip.

It’s a madhouse, predictably. Too many students and not enough chaperones. But Benny loves it. Seeing kids learn and their eyes light up with enthusiasm and that excited spark that comes from learning something new.

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things you were:

  • my picket fence
  • the song stuck in my head
  • the last good thing about this part of town
  • my versailles at night

things you are:

  • just a line in a song
  • a cherry blossom
  • a brick tied to me that’s dragging me down
  • a canary
  • second hand smoke
  • crashing
  • no wave

am i the only one on here who has like… a very short temper because of abusive parents who got angry at every single thing and never taught me anger management skills. and i dont talk about it but I Know that the apple doesnt fall far from the tree and that i picked up the ‘gets mad easily and overreacts’ trait and i live in fear every day that one day ill snap and become Just Like Them ha ha i wanna die


//Fall Out Boy Album Aesthetics//

| Take This To Your Grave| Fall Out Boy’s Evening Out With Your Girlfriend| From Under The Cork Tree| Infinity On High| Folie À Deux| Save Rock And Roll | American Beauty / American Psycho| 


i slept with someone in fall out boy and all i got was this song written about me / fall out boy


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The Music Or The Misery
Fall Out Boy
The Music Or The Misery

I’m casually obsessed and I’ve forgiven death, I am indifferent, yet (I am a total wreck) I’m every cliche, but I simply do it best.

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Not my song, all rights go to Fall Out Boy