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Mabon/Autumn Equinox Personal Correspondences

Oh my goodness it’s my favorite time of the year approaching! Leaves are beginning to change and gold and fiery reds are beginning to seep into it’s green colors. Acorns sprinkle the ground as squirrels do their feverish dance across the lawns. So many delicious fruits and vegetables are in season! The air is cooling and bringing a breeze that is gently pushing summer away. This is the beginning of the end of the year as we enter the final season and the last quarter. It is a time of reflection of the past year, things to banish and improve on and to show gratitude and count our blessings. Especially in honor of the harvest and the togetherness that the holiday season brings, gratitude is an important aspect of this sabbat for me. A fantastic way to celebrate this sabbat is by hosting a pot luck for your circle and enjoying the equinox with a wonderful fall feast!  

Mabon - Autumn Equinox

September 22nd (2016)


  • Orange
     For fall, I don’t need to say more haha.

  • Mustard yellow and Pea green
    I put these two together because this celebration also falls on a transition where most leaves are a lighter greenish yellow and I noticed in nature many things have the hues of a deeper mustard yellow or a yellowy pea green color. Also a lot of squash have these hues too. 

  • brown undertones
    for fall and the soon to be bare trees


  • Jasper
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Smokey Quartz

Herbs and Plants:

  • Squash
    carnival, fairytale pumpkin, acorn
    there’s many but those are the top 3
  • Leaves
  • Acorns
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Apples
  • Cinnamon


  • Squirrels (primarily)
  • Red Fox
  • Sleepy Brown Bears


  • Squash
  • Mums
  • Cornucopia
  • Leaf Garland
  • Apple Candles


  • There is a lot in season. For vegetables, the biggest one that takes the attention for me is squash. There are many beautiful squash that are great for decoration and to eat. My favorite is the acorn squash, especially because of already the symbolism of the acorns everywhere on this equinox but also the nutty flavor of the squash and it’s green to orange colors. It is both highly decorative with perfect flavor and presence. Corn is also appropriate for this holiday and can be honored with a warm cornbread and carrots add great color and flavor to a lot of dishes. 

  • For fruits there are apples, plums and grapes. Grapes and plums can be honored in wine and for apples there is cider. Apples of course also make fantastic pies and sweets. 

  • For me personally I see this holiday as a fantastic alternative to Thanksgiving (since it’s a fall feast and gratitude is involved) and especially since a lot of things are in season many similar dishes can be served like corn bread, apple sauce, roasted squash and stuffing. 

  • If there is meat being served I like to make candied bacon with brown sugar and maple syrup or bbq chicken with a bbq sauce lightly spiked with smokey bourbon with a hint of maple syrup. 

  • Spices like allspice, cumin, cinnamon, cloves and ginger find it’s way into my cooking in both sweet and savory. 

  • In the realm of sweets and treats there is a lot to work with. For dessert, especially because it’s pie season, one must make a pie or tart. Annually I make a caramelized apple tart with sparkling brown sugar on top. Apple cider donuts also make for a great dessert option. For treats there are the options of caramel popcorn, caramel apples, caramel itself, maple sugar fudge, maple butter cookies, butterscotch, dried apple chips, apple flavored candy. I also like flavors such as earthier nuts like peanuts and walnuts, but especially peanut butter with treats. It can be dangerous if someone has allergies so I usually omit it, but I like the nutty earthy flavor because it reminds me of acorns and burrowing seeds. Caramel apples is the prime treat for this holiday and can be decorated in a number of ways with either fall leaf sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, chopped nuts, icing designs or candy toppings. 

  • For drinks there are many options, but one I tend to go to the most is spiked warm apple cider. I warm it with cinnamon and spike it with Haitian rum I infuse with caramel. I see this as the height of brewing season where a lot of ciders and wines are beginning to get brewed especially since many fruits are in season. You can bring wine to the feast or even enjoy it with seasonal beers. I also see the colder part of the year as whiskey season and if you wish to honor the corn aspect of the harvest, bourbon is always a good smokey spirit to keep around.


  • Wooden flutes that are slower and somber like the oncoming cooler breeze. 
  • Mostly the Bassoon. 
  • sometimes the clarinet


  • Apple (especially pie and baking)
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutty earthy fragrances like peanut
  • Potpourri
  • Musk
  • Amber

Guys. Guys. Sorry if I’m late on this, but I just discovered that Kit and Emilia will be the new faces of Dolce and Gabbana’s The One fragrance this fall. What does this mean? Well, it means that even D & G ships jonerys. They know the absolute magic Kit and Emilia will be on screen this season, and are using that in a historically romantic ad campaign. Because Jon and Dany are each other’s “one,” and I’m just really excited,okay?! So enjoy the video of Kit filming one of the commercials in Napoli, and go here for one of Emilia filming there as well, just posted today <3

My store has tarts and votive candles of certain fragrances (Fall and Christmas that we’re trying to get rid of) on sale for $1. Woman came in and purchased ONE full price ($2) votive candle of a spring fragrance (raspberry or something like that) and proceeded to come back about five minutes later to yell at me (after she yelled at my sales associate who can’t even process a return) about how it wasn’t $1 and insist I return it and give her the $1 back.

First of all you’re fighting with me about $1. Second of all, if you didn’t yell at me and tell me that I’m stupid, I totally would have done the return, apologized, and given you your $1 back on the account of maybe the thing got thrown in a basket by another person. But considering you yelled at me, called me names, and questioned my intelligence over a $1, nope. Not gonna happen. Manners and common sense go a real long way with me, even if you’re wrong.

The best part was when she asked for the manager above me (because I’m the assistant manager) and he told her he wouldn’t return it either and asked her to leave because he wouldn’t allow her to continue to yell at all of us over something so trivial. I love that in the event of this type of stupidity, he’ll stick up for the employees and deny the whole “make a customer happy at all costs” notion.

Our love is etched on snow flakes that fall on winter;

written on flowers that bloom on spring;

painted on smiling faces of the people enjoying the warmth the summer sun;

mixed with the nostalgic fragrance of fall—

a love sculpted in the hands of time, to be found everywhere, for now and forever.

—  Day 4

Summary: Eren misses Carla’s old meals, so he asks Mikasa to prepare his favorite dessert. One-shot. Eremika/fluff.

Rating: T.

Words: 2,921k

A/N: For @jaegerinchains ♥ This came out when Karen send me one of Eren’s interviews were he said he missed the meals Carla used to make, and that maybe Mikasa knew how to cooking them. Besides, she also said in an interview Eren loves sweet meals so ASDAHSAGSDJSHA fan girl.

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Mikasa doesn’t bother looking at them. Instead, her eyes keep traveling through the soft pages of Armin’s favorite book, the outside world. He let it over the table hours ago. The outside world… vast extensions of salted water that Mikasa can’t help but asking if they truly exist, if the birds that furrow the sky were already witnesses of such an incredible beauty that keeps Armin’s eyes beaming like a child. Snowy mountains, ice continents, northern lights… places too good to be true, to make her believe they truly exist. And even though the graphics in the book are beautiful, they were not quite enough to catch her full attention, for Eren and Historia were having a conversation right beside her, sitting around the wooden table in the farm’s kitchen.

She speaks carefully, her voice carrying the softness of a silk.

“I’ve heard your training is very hard…”

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Put down the pumpkin-spiced latte and pick up one of these new autumnal scents.

If summer is the season of escape, then fall is all about planting your roots locally and strengthening your bonds. It’s why we snuggle up during scary movie marathons and clink glasses of apple cider. It’s also the time of year where we savor our last moments of hanging out outdoors. In short, autumn is a comforting time of year, and we need fragrances that speak to it. That’s why we’ve rounded up new scents that cater to your fall itinerary, from romantic outings to spooky gatherings. Find the ones that fit your to-do list best below. JESSICA VELEZ

THE EVENT: Apple picking

THE SCENT: Gucci Bamboo

Gucci Bamboo is light, crisp, and juicy, just like the fall-harvested fruit we love to pluck this time of year. It’s uplifted with notes of Italian bergamot, Casablanca lily, and ylang ylang—yet down-to-earth with a dose of Comoros sandalwood, just like an apple pie rich in cinnamon and spices. But you can skip the à la mode route, as this scent is sweet enough alone.

THE EVENT: Football game

THE SCENT: Dior Sauvage

Is there a sport performed with more savagery than a traditional fall-season football game? We’ll take the players’ constant concussions as a no. So, there’s nothing more fitting than the wild cologne represented by none other than Johnny Depp to wear while watching your team’s first down. Its notes of Sichuan pepper, Reggio bergamot, and Ambroxan will be a welcome surprise among the typical aromas such as fresh-cut grass, spilled beer, and leathery sports jackets normally found at games.

THE EVENT: A midnight Halloween masquerade

THE SCENT: Marc Jacobs Decadence

Sometimes, it’s not only what’s inside the bottle that makes a scent suitable for an occasion, but the actual bottle itself, too. In this case, Marc Jacobs’s new romantic-with-a-bite scent, with its emerald handbag design and snakeskin closure, makes it blend right in at a spooky and palatial masquerade party. You could reapply the fragrance anytime and nobody would even be the wiser that it’s a perfume…until they smell the notes of Italian plum, iris flower, and more lingering in the air.

THE EVENT: Stargazing


There’s something profound and romantic about staring off into the universe with your one and only, and the same could be said when you experience this spicy scent. The fragrance inside this art deco–style black and gold bottle is like a bouquet of exotic dark blooms: floral with a touch of sensuality. Snuggle up in the park under a blanket and take in the smell of nature mixed with the fragrance’s mandarin oil, orange flower, and sandalwood aromas.

THE EVENT: Scary movie date

THE SCENT: Narciso Rodriguez for her l’absolu

The latest addition to the for her collection is unmistakably a date-night scent, but with a dark side—and no, we’re not just saying that because it comes in a pretty burgundy bottle. Notes of patchouli, sandalwood, and musk give it an aroma fitting for the seductress villain you secretly (or not-so-secretly) root for in a film. Wear it for your S.O. for a screening of a slasher flick—that way, your boo can get a whiff every time you jump in fear.

THE EVENT: Friendsgiving dinner

THE SCENT: philosophy my philosophy compassionate

As one of the six layerable scents in the my philosophy collection, compassionate was brewed for the kindest of hearts. Give it a few sprays before heading out to your local farmer’s market to collect squashes and pomegranates in your wicker basket, all to plan the best Friendsgiving ever. Your guests will be addicted to its white orris, coconut milk, and whipped vanilla bean aromas, so no need to plan for dessert.

THE EVENT: Psychic reading

THE SCENT: philosophy my philosophy empowered

Another fragrance from the my philosophy layering collection is the empowered scent, which carries the mantra of “I empower myself to live fearlessly.” Since this confidence-boosting infusion was made for those who can face the future head-on, why not stop in for a mind-opening psychic reading for a little insight? Spoiler alert: notes of cashmere, American cedar, and amber woods are in the cards for you with this scent.

THE EVENT: Weekend trip to a historic town

THE SCENT: TOM FORD Venetian Bergamot

Warm spices, precious woods, and florals contribute to this deep and delicious fall scent. Since it’s so grounded and sparkling, it’s the perfect bottle to pack when headed out on a fascinating trip to a small, almost-forgotten historic town—consider a gold rush settlement surrounded by nature to match its rich yet earthy sensibilities.