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Happy Monday

For my anon who requested:  Rewrite of Monday in which Mulder wakes up next to Scully, them being the reason why the waterbed is leaking ;)

This was so hard to write, but I finally found a way through the blockage! Thanks for the prompt, anon. I hope this doesn’t disappoint too much. This is slightly NSFW. It’s a little on the long side so I’m putting some under the cut.

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He was warm and wet from the waist down. For a microsecond he let it soak in to his consciousness like the unfurling and delicious memory of a sex dream. Then he realised his top half was just as wet, and that the warmth was rapidly cooling. He flung out an arm and a splatter of droplets flew up, followed by a yelp. His eyes popped open. Scully’s hair was fanned out over the pillow but her face was turned towards him, eyes wide.

          “What the…”

          He lifted himself up on his elbows and turned to look down the bed. A steady spout of water curved up and over from the end, spilling the contents of the waterbed onto the duvet cover. He pushed himself down to cover it with his finger. He exhaled but no sooner had the air whistled out of his mouth than a spout appeared on the opposite end and the water splayed directly onto Scully’s head.

          “…fuck, Mulder?”

          As he lay across the bed, stopping water with fingers, toes, shirts and boxers, he spied the cause.

The bed rippled beneath them and she was all moans and sighs on the water. Mulder imagined her swimming naked through the breakers, supple and fluid, roiling with the waves. As he opened his eyes to tell her she shifted from under him and pushed him over on to his back. She sat astride him, her skirt bunched at her waist, as she unbuttoned her blouse and shucked it off. He reached up to her breasts, cupping them through her bra and she shook her head back revealing the curve of her neck and the gentle slope of her shoulders. Her collar bones shadowed dark and light on the gentle motion of the bed. He caressed her as she lifted herself up to unbuckle his belt and unzip his trousers. He shuffled down his hips and the bed wobbled.

“This is so unbelievably sexy, Mulder. Fucking hot,” she said. “This is a fantasy of mine – what about you? What do you dream about?”

His brain shifted up a gear as he picked through the more appropriate images he’d stored away over the years.

“Scully, can you keep your skirt and stockings on?”

She giggled into his mouth. “That’s pretty tame, Mulder.”

“And your shoes?”

“Now you’re talking,” she said, pushing herself onto him in agonising bursts of ecstasy. They both let out a slow-release, pressure-cooker sigh.

He sat back on the bed as the downstairs neighbour yelled in his ear, his feet sunk in to the ruined carpet, the screen of his watch, his Omega Dynamic, was clouded over and when he tipped his cellphone upside down, water poured out.

Scully had showered, dressed, made coffee and was sinking into one of his dining chairs, wet hair falling over her face. She pushed a mug towards him and he finally saw her, really saw her. The Scully who had loved him last night was sitting in his dining room this morning. The Scully who had burst his waterbed with her spike heels and enthusiasm was sipping on black coffee opposite him. She smiled.

“Happy Monday, Mulder.”

“I could make some wisecrack about wet patches and wet dreams, but I’m guessing that a morning after has never been quite such a damp squib for you, Scully. I’m sorry.”

She blew the steam off her coffee. “I’m not, Mulder.” She slid a hand across the table to touch his. “Last night was special. Thank you.”

Her honesty silenced him. He wasn’t expecting it. Despite all they’d been through, abductions, cancer, Emily, losing the X Files, talking about feelings was still so hard. He looked at the knots in the wood of the table. “I wasn’t expecting it.”

“I wasn’t expecting a waterbed. That was quite the surprise, Mulder.”

He chuckled. “That bed has been nothing but a surprise, Scully. But I think it might be time to buy a new one.”

“I’ll come with you,” she said, her voice low. “If you want some help to choose.”

Blushing Scully used to be his favourite, but orgasm Scully had recently been promoted. “It has to be comfortable,” he said, adding hopefully, “for you too, Scully.”

The squeeze of her hand on his was all he needed. “We can go after work.”

He let his head fall into his hands. “Forecasting meeting from hell.”

She ruffled his hair. “Then bed shopping heaven, Mulder.”

This can’t be real, he thought. This has got to be some kind of dream. This cannot last. He’ll fuck it up, he’ll make her hate him, he’ll ruin her, she’ll regret this over and over. He sighed as she closed the door behind her. His muscles ached as he stood up, a good ache, for a good reason. He watched at the window enjoying the pain, enjoying watching her as she disappeared in a wavy, hazy pool of yellow goop. He squeezed his eyes shut, rubbed his cheeks, feeling them disintegrate beneath his fingers. He opened his eyes and watched his feet waver and fade.

“We’re still in the cave.” His voice rippled away.

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Marshmallows For Roasting (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Word Count: 1482

Summary: The reader and Bucky are stuck in a snow storm, with only a fire and a bag of marshmallows to entertain themselves.


A/N: The second installment of the Most Wonderful Time of The Year series! Hopefully this is going somewhere, hmm. Enjoy!

Parties For Hosting

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“Avian Explosion”

It was overcast and a little foggy in the morning of my second day at Niagara Falls. The forecast was calling for rain, so I decided to do one last timelapse before the storm hit, then head home.
I made this image by stacking 263 photos with the minimum stack mode for the sky, which kept all the darker elements (the birds and darker clouds) and the median stack mode for the water, which smoothed it out and got rid of the foam.