fall for someone else

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Wouldn’t it just rock and roll if liking someone meant they had to like you back? Of course that’d be a different universe and something else would probably suck..

Well it’s genuinely no good if they HAVE to like you back.

What would be nice is if falling for someone couldn’t happen in isolation. Like you chemically mix with someone else so they fall for you at the same time.

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  • ❤: does my muse consider themselves a romantic?
  • ♡: how does my muse act, consciously and/or subconsciously, around people they are romantically interested in?
  • ❥: what is my muse's ideal date?
  • ღ: how does my muse feel about displays of affection in public and/or in private?
  • 💕: how does my muse express their feelings? do they do through small but meaningful gestures, or through bold declarations?
  • 💘: how does my muse act/react when they first realize that they had a crush on somebody?
  • 💝: what would my muse consider a "perfect gift"?
  • 💓: how does my muse feel about physical intimacy?
  • 💌: how would my muse go about confessing to someone they liked? would they do it indirectly or directly, or maybe not at all?
  • 💟: what are three traits that my muse looks for in a partner?
  • 💙: how would my muse handle seeing their object of affection falling in love with someone else?
  • 💚: how does my muse feel about love? about falling in love? about being in love?
  • 💜: how long might it take for my muse to say "i love you" for the first time?
  • 💛: does my muse believe in love-at-first-sight? in soulmates? in fate?

In case you needed a hug today, here’s one from Dipper and Mabel :)

Stay strong guys! And never forget about love and how it always wins over hate.

  • Simon: gets dragged into the Shadowhunter world
  • Simon: is kidnapped every 5 seconds
  • Simon: falls in love, only to have to watch her fall for someone else
  • Simon: turning into a vampire and believes he is a monster
  • Simon: can't stay with his family anymore
  • Simon: is shunned by vampires and werewolves
  • Simon: is kicked out of Institute
  • Simon: literally has no where he can call home
  • Simon: still is adorable af and kind despite having a freaking messed up life

Crossovers between Danny Phantom and Gravity Falls are perfect because 

  • Ghost boy meets mystery twins
  • Hilarious misunderstandings when Dipper inevitably tries to exorcise Danny
  • Danny finding another family that has a spooky portal in the basement
  • Grunkle Stan meeting a whole family of supernatural nutjobs and being like “oh hell no not in my house”
  • It would make sense for Wendy to be related to the Fentons because we know for a fact that Maddie’s sister is a redhead that roughs it in the woods. What if she named Danny after her brother, “Manly” Dan?
I stared into your eyes and you stared into mine but the only difference is, I fell deeper in love while you were just staring at another set of eyes.

I think probably the best feeling is sharing music and art n books and having someone else appreciate it. It’s not so much The Fact that someone else is validating your taste as it is that ur like.. Sharing something u love and someone else is slowly falling in love w it too. Something very satisfying about that