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Hi! Can you please write a fic where Makoto falls really ill (a stomach bug and a fever maybe) and his mom and dad take care of and comfort him. I love your work very much. Keep at being awesome❤️❤️❤️

Thank you kind anon^^
Hope you enjoy!


“Okaasan? Okaasan!”

“What is it Makoto dear?” His mother came into the room in the middle of the night. The light shining though the door made Makoto squint in his pitch black room. With the light shining in, she could see he was curled up in a ball with all the covers kicked off his bed.

“My stomach.” He squeezed his midsection tightly. “I feel really sick. And I’m so hot.”

His mother put her hand on his forehead and clicked her tongue. She went to get a thermometer and on the way, her maternal instinct told her to place the trash bin in his room beside Makoto’s bed.

She was gone for less than a minute but when she returned, she found Makoto leaning over the side of his bed being sick into the trash bin.

“Oh, you poor dear.” She sat beside him, lifting up the bin and holding it for him. The light from the hallway made Makoto’s cheeks glisten, as tears were streaming down his face.

He leaned over the bin panting as if he could only inhale and sobbing between stifled gags. He leaned forward with a particularly strong gag but it only produced coughing.

His mother rubbedcircles around his back and ran her fingers through his sweat soaked hair. “Shh. It’s okay Makoto. It’s all going to be okay.”

Makoto tried to calm down his breathing but ended up coughing again with only air escaping from his throat. He gagged forcefully and felt his stomach contents jump. One more gag forced everything out before he could even get a breath in and he heaved up a fountain of liquid. The bitter acidic sting made his eyes water and he coughed and spat out the foul taste.

After the first spell stopped, his mother had him lay back down. By then, Makoto had sweat through his clothes and he was shivering. His mother took off his shirt and wrapped a blanked around him.

“It’s st-st-still cold.” He shivered.

His mother used the thermometer to take his temperature and had an expression of worry when she looked at it.

“What is it?” Makoto asked, still bundled up in a straight jacket of blankets.

His mother left the room and a moment later he heard his father’s voice.

‘No!’ He thought. ‘Don’t wake Otousan.’ An air bubble escaped his throat followed by a large belch. Makoto covered his mouth with both hands as nausea rushed over him. He glanced around in the dark, desperately looking for the trash bin but he couldn’t see it. He shut his eyes and swallowed constantly but when a flood of liquid poured into his mouth there was nothing he could do.

Makoto tried to lean over the side of his bed but he wasn’t fast enough. A second later, a flood of vomit came up his throat, pushing the first mouthful out. Vomit poured through of his fingers and he removed his hands and leaned forward, heaving and coughing loudly.

His mother and father ran inside the room and turned on the light. They saw Makoto with vomit dropping down his front and all over his bed.

“I’m- so sorry.” Makoto broke down into tears, still holding out his hands which were dripping with sick.

His father ran and brought him a towel which his mother used to wipe off Makoto’s chest and chin. “Shh. It’s okay dear. It was an accident.”

Makoto wanted to believe that, but he still felt guilty.

His father somehow managed to lift him up and carry his sick son to the bathroom. He put him down on the closed toilet seat and Makoto hung his head low with exhaustion and embarrassment.

“Otousan- I’m-” he tried to apologize but his father turned on the shower so it was too loud to hear him. He took Makoto’s clothes off and helped him sit in the bathtub. He rinsed him down with the shower head, the cool water feeling good on his hot skin.

His father dried his hair with a towel and wrapped it around Makoto. Then he was walked back to bed and relieved to see that his mother had remade his bed for him with clean sheets and covers.

His father put new pjs on Makoto, who shivered when the tower was removed. He laid back in bed, happy to be clean and back in under the warm covers. His mother placed the trash bin right beside his bed within arms reach.

“Open.” His mother was suddenly holding a tablespoon of red liquid medicine in front of his mouth. Makoto was too sick to ask questions, so he downed the medicine and winced at the disgusting taste.

“That should help you feel better. Now we’ll be right next door if you need us.” His mother and father told Makoto before shutting the door.

Makoto was so exhausted he wanted nothing more than to sleep but no matter what he did, he couldn’t. He tossed and turned in his bed, pulling the covers on and off and leaning over the side of his bed over the trash bin waiting for something to happen but it didn’t. He was moaning in his sleep, tossing and turning restlessly. He felt so sick he didn’t think he could take it.

Finally, he leaned over the bed and burped out of stream of air bubbles that made his stomach muscles flex. He heaved up a stream of vomit, the first bout tasting like the sour medicine he drank and the second like what he had eaten for dinner. By the third he was no longer paying attention to the taste, only wishing for it to be over. For a moment, he got scared because he couldn’t seem to stop being sick.

“Okaasan-gUahh Otousan-uueEEh” he shouted between gasps and strong bouts of puking.

His parents ran in quickly and his father helped Makoto sit up and held him up as he was sick into the bin.

“It doesn’t feel like his fever went down at all.” His father could feel Makoto’s boiling hot skin as he held up the limp boy to keep him from falling out of bed.

Makoto realized he must have been given fever medicine, and that that he had just vomited it all up. “I’m-hic-sorry.” He started to cry again.

“Don’t apologize dear. It isn’t your fault.” His mother stroked his hair.

“Everyone gets sick.” His father told him.

Makoto sniffed. “I’ve caused you so much trouble.” He started sounding dazed.

“Don’t worry about that love. That’s our job as parents.” His mother tried to explain.

“I- I wanna try'nd- take it again.” Makoto’s words were slurring together.

“Are you sure?” His mother asked, and Makoto nodded.

He took another dose of the same foul tasting medicine with a sour face and his parents put him back to bed. He was so tired he managed to fall asleep for a short time. But he woke up less than an hour later in a cold sweat. He was overwhelmed with nausea and leaned over to be sick into the bin.

After being in bed so long, Makoto had to go to the bathroom, so he took the bin and wondered around in his dark room trying to find the light switch. He felt so weak and dizzy that he could hardly stand. He tripped on something in the dark and fell with a clatter.

His parents must have heard the noise, because they ran in a moment later. Makoto broke down into tears on the ground and his father helped lift him up to go to the bathroom.

After that, Makoto’s parents took turns sitting beside his bed looking after him. Eventually, Makoto managed to stay asleep.

Gonna be pretty slow on the CRs today sorry guys but I’ll get there. 
Just super sick. Got a flu, was up all night with a fever, body aches, cracker of a headache, sore throat, sore skin, the whole gambit. Just woke up and it’s 1pm and I think I’ll just stay in bed with the laptop and this angelic cat today, everything hurts.

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Dex/Ransom, 2

for @dexrarepairweek

“Hey, isn’t that my hoodie?!” 

The biggest thing Dex has learned since he started college is to bring a jacket. It should really be a bigger lesson like “always expect the unexpected” or “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”. But really, he needs to remember that just because he can handle near frozen temperatures in a thin tshirt, doesn’t mean his needs to put himself through that.  

So once again, Dex finds himself with a nasty fall flu. Only this time, he’s a junior living in the Haus. The biggest benefit is that he isn’t freaked out when Bitty comes in and out of his room at all hours of the day. 

His nose is so stuffed he can barely breathe. He tried holding down lunch, and was generally successful…generally. Dex groans, snuggling further into his blanket. At least he isn’t missing anything important in class. Just a discussion section for his intro level history course. 

He’s doses off until the sun is high in the sky. Dex is startled awake by the sound of his room door creaking. 

“Nursey, shhhh,” he hisses. 

“Wow you must be really congested,” Ransom’s voice comes through instead. 

Dex struggles to lean over the top bunk. Ransom is taking off his suit jacket, folding it neatly over Dex’s desk chair. 

“What are you doing here?” Dex murmurs. “I told you I’m sick.”

“Was that code for ‘don’t drive down to take care of me’?” 

Dex squints. “Kind of? More like, ‘don’t come here, I’m infectious’.” 

“C’mon, Dex,” Ransom chides. “I got your back, remember? What kind of boyfriend would I be if I can’t take care of you in your time of need.” 

He wants to argue that a flu isn’t that big of a deal. Ransom doesn’t have many days off, and he’d be better off using them for something other than Dex. Then again, Dex has learned better than to stop Ransom from doing what he thinks is best. 

Dex scoots over, waving Ransom up. He kicks off his dress shoes, scaling the ladder quietly. Ransom nudges Dex over closer to the wall, spooning him from behind. 

“Thank you,” Dex says as his eyes flutter shut. 

“Of course, Dexy.” Ransom pecks the rim of his ear. 

Ransom buries his face in Dex’s shaggy red hair. His nose nudges the hood of Dex’s pullover. Dex hums in contentment. 

“Hey,” Ransom protests. “Isn’t this my hoodie.” 

In fact, it was. Dex, however, simply chuckles. “You said ‘what’s mine is yours’.” 

Ransom huffs. “I’m gonna need this back.” 

“I know,” he admits. 

“Eventually,” Ransom clarifies.

The last thing Dex thinks before he falls asleep is “yeah, eventually.” 

Luna falling sick to a flu so Noctis takes time out of his schedule everyday to keep her company. When he asks her what she would like she comments on how her mother would read poetry to her and her brother as children.

Noctis looks into the book collection and finds one on Romantic poetry, so he goes and starts reading that to her with a super cheesy tone of voice to fit the lines. He manages to make her smile and even laugh through her stuffy nose and cotton-like-mind.

Unbeknownst to her, he agrees with some (most) of the lines.

The Night Visitor ( Credence Barebone x Reader)

Summary: Reader, an Auror employed by MACUSA, falls ill with flu. As she stays home and tries to manage the sickness on her own, she wakes up in the dead of night to find an unexpected visitor in her kitchen.

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 5234 (what is brevity?)

Warnings: mentions of abuse, possibly angsty themes like loneliness (?) etc.

Comment: Comments/thoughts VERY WELCOME. I don’t know, this one doesn’t have much of a plot and it’s simply TOO long without much fluff, but I do have an idea for the sequel with much more Credence in it. Also, I apologise if you find the English weird. I’m not a native speaker and I often struggle to express myself correctly. 

You wobbled your way through the city to your apartment. People you were passing by on the streets were giving you weird looks. A young, pretty woman like you, stumbling across the street dead-drunk? Preposterous! Little they knew your state had nothing to do with alcohol intoxication.

Just when you noted that the crowds around you grew thicker, you realised you ran into one of the infamous Second Salemers’ rallies. Before you knew it, one of the kids that the crazy preacher-woman had distribute propaganda leaflets all across the city handed you a piece of paper. You looked up the rather tall figure - this was no child, was it?

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Feverish Fall (sickfic, flu)

Note: I was gonna wait to post this, but I got really excited at everyone’s positive reactions to the first GingerSnap fic I posted (thank you!!!). So here’s one featuring mostly Elliott and introducing Will (brief character bio here)! This one is a lot longer, so I hope that’s cool.

Edit: I forgot that I got the idea based on a prompt from this list. (It’s the first one there, you can’t miss it.)

There were few times Elliott Chapman had been so relieved to finish a shift as he was now. Whatever energy he’d had at the start of the day had long since vanished, and it was all he could do not to lean into the wall as he took his apron off and slipped his hands into the sleeves of his sweatshirt. His head pounded and had been spinning for the past few hours. That, coupled with the shakiness of his hands and relentless interruptions from his respiratory system, had made it quite difficult to carry trays from table to table and be quick about it.

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Lena Luthor/you fic part 9

Originally posted by qauke

What are you doing?” Lena nearly dropped the tray of coffee in her hand upon entering the doorway and you nearly lost your balance.

“Uh, using the bathroom?” you shrugged.  Sure, getting up on your crutches and strapping your boot on hadn’t been fun, but you wanted to prove to your medical staff and yourself that you could do it.  Lena watched in mild terror as you hobbled back over to your bed and sat down stiffly.

“Are you certain you should even be out of bed?”

“Well, they took my catheter out and I don’t think bedpans are really a thing anymore, so yeah.”

“I see you got your attitude back today,” Lena set the coffees down on your bedside table and yawned.  “They took your IV out?”

“Yeah, like half an hour ago actually.  I asked them to.”

“Why?” Lena frowned.

“I want to stay awake all day today so I can sleep through the night,” you replied.  If you were being honest, the pain meds were starting to make you nauseous and you still didn’t feel like you had come entirely out of your daze.  

“Well, a little caffeine should help,” she handed you one of the Starbucks cups and you nodded gratefully.

“How weird; Lena Luthor bringing me coffee?”

“Very funny,” Lena rolled her eyes and took a sip from her own cup as she sat down in the chair by the bed.  You managed to get the overly complicated brace off of your leg and did your best to hide your discomfort at the way your body protested to the movement.  Lena was not convinced.

“Are you sure you aren’t pushing yourself too hard?”

“I’m fine, Lena.  This isn’t the first time I’ve been roughed up,” you reminded her as patiently as you could.  “The sooner I prove I can get around, the sooner I can leave.”

“Speaking of,” Lena’s voice had a touch of anxiety and she took another drink before continuing, “I was wondering what your plan was; after you leave, I mean.”

“Go to my apartment?”

“You can’t be serious,” Lena scoffed as you sipped at your latte.  “That building doesn’t even have an elevator and you aren’t going to make it up all of those stairs like this.  Stay with me.”

“Lena,” you started uncertainly, “I’m not sure that’s a great idea.”

“Why not?”

“Do you even trust me?  You didn’t before all of this and you had a right not to.  I don’t want to leave things unfinished and get too comfortable just to have to deal with it later.”

“Y/N, I do trust you.  I don’t care how you came into my life anymore, I just want you to stay!”  Lena’s voice began to shake and you started to panic.

“Okay, okay,” you sat your coffee down and, despite your instincts, relented.  “I’ll come stay with you.”

“Well don’t do it if you aren’t comfortable with it—“

Lena,” your voice was still hoarse from the tube down your throat during surgery, but you managed to raise it enough to cut her off, “I am comfortable with you and I’m not going anywhere.  I told you before; I’ll stay in your life as long as you want me.”

“Okay, I’m sorry.  I overreacted,” she apologized.

“Don’t say you’re sorry.  I…I really appreciate everything that you’re doing for me.  I know you’ve been missing work all this week.”

“It’s nothing,” she shook her head.  

“I work with you,” you reminded her.  “I know it’s not nothing.”

“I will go back once you get discharged.  Sound fair?”

“I guess so,” you sighed.  “You’ve probably never missed a day in your life anyways.”

“Not true; I got the flu last fall,” she informed you defensively.

“Alright then,” you replied.


“I’m going to go bring the car around,” Lena squeezed your shoulder and hurried out of your room, crutches in hand, as a nurse brought a wheelchair in.  Two more days had passed and after a lot of badgering on your behalf, your doctor had agreed to send you home.

“Okay,” you nodded and your eyes lingered on the doorway after she disappeared.

“Y/N?  Y/N, can you sign these?” your nurse’s voice broke your gaze away and you scribbled a sloppy signature on the discharge papers she handed you.  With a few painful hops, you maneuvered yourself into the wheelchair. You frowned in confusion after she placed a white paper bag in your lap.  

“What is this?”

“Your pain meds.”

They had put your back on an IV drip at the end of the second day, when you couldn’t get comfortable enough to fall asleep.  

“Make sure you follow the correct dosage and take them with food.  There are two refills on your prescription and that should last until your leg heals.  If you have any questions, you can ask your pharmacist.”

“Right, thanks,” you nodded.  

“Ready to get out of here?” the nurse gripped the handles on your chair and started to roll you towards the hallway.  You shifted uncomfortably in the chair, a little uncomfortable about being wheeled around by someone, and rode in silence down to the first floor.  Lena was waiting outside by the curb, ready to help you into the passenger seat of her car.  She looked as anxious as you felt.

“Thanks,” you muttered as she wrapped an arm around your waist and got you into the vehicle.  For some reason, the idea of living with Lena was starting to get to you.  You hadn’t lived with anyone since your last day in the juvenile detention center and the idea of being around someone with no escape route was intimidating.

“You okay?” Lena’s eyebrows furrowed in slight concern as she got into the driver’s seat and started the engine.  

“Yeah, fine,” you replied, perhaps a little too fast, and put on your seatbelt.  “Just, uh, ready to get away from this place and all of it’s needles.”

“Your swelling is starting to go down,” Lena noted.  For the first time since last week, you checked your reflection.  The sight in Lena’s right mirror made you wince.  If this was what you looked like with your swelling down, you couldn’t imagine what you had looked like earlier.

“I look like Rocky after he lost.”

“You’re still beautiful,” Lena took her eyes off of the road briefly and bit her bottom lip.  

“Agree to disagree.”

“Fine.  What should we do for dinner tonight?  Chinese?  Or I could cook something?”

“Uh, whatever works for you is good with me.  I don’t want to keep you up too late since you’re going back to work tomorrow.”

“Right,” Lena’s tone implied that she was less than pleased about that, but she didn’t argue.

“Not looking forward to dealing with my fill-in?”

“Something tells me I won’t like her quite as much as you.”

“If she likes you quite as much as your last assistant, I might have to drop by the office…”

“I don’t think you’re really in the position to be threatening someone,” Lena pointed out.  “But, the notion is almost charming.”

“When are you going to let me come back to work, by the way?”

“Are you really that eager to get back to your desk?”

“I have a feeling that sitting around your place all day might get a little old,” you replied.  “Plus, I happened to like the view.”

“Well, you can come back whenever you feel like you’re ready and your doctor thinks it’s a good idea, legally.  Do you want me to pick you up anything to help with ‘sitting around all day’?”

“No, no, it’s fine.  I’m sure Netflix will keep me occupied for a while.  Maybe I’ll finally get around to watching Grey’s Anatomy.”


“It’s good to have you back, ma’am.”

“It’s good to be back,” Lillian nods at the agent and continues to walk down the hallway of the facility she designed from the ground up.  “I need the best researchers we have in Lab A tomorrow morning at six.”

“May I ask what for, ma’am?  In light of recent events, it may be necessary for Cadmus to lay low for a while.”

“This is more of a personal favor,” Lillian’s gaze hardens as her heels click loudly on the floor.  “I have some loose ends to tie up.”


“Is it alright if I grab a shower?” Lena had just returned from throwing out the scraps from dinner when you managed to drag yourself up onto your good leg from the couch.

“Of course!  Do you…do you need some help?”

As much as you wanted to say no and not have her see the tragic state your body was in, you knew you probably wouldn’t be able to do it by yourself without falling.  You might be stubborn, but you can’t balance on one foot forever.

“Yeah,” you admitted finally.  Crutches under your arms and putting an uncomfortable amount of pressure on your ribcage, you hobbled as quickly as possible to Lena’s bedroom and into the master bath.  Your heart seemed to speed up as you leaned your crutches against the wall and heard Lena close the door behind you.  After a sharp breath that irritated your ribcage, you slipped out of the hoodie Lena had brought for you to wear out of the hospital.  You clenched your jaw at the sound of Lena losing the air in her lungs.  With a quick glance towards the mirror, you grimaced at how severe the bruising looked.  

“Lena, you can go if you don’t…if you can’t.”

“No,” the CEO shook her head and quickly composed herself as you spun around to face her.  “No, I’m sorry.  I just…it’s hard to see you like this.  But, I’m fine.”  She moved towards the porcelain tub and turned on the shower to give the water time to heat up.  Still a little hesitant, you took a minute to build up the nerve and then shed the rest of your clothes, along with the bandaging on your incision wounds.  A jolt went through your stomach as you heard the sound of fabric shuffling behind you.

“You ready?”

“Yeah—“ your voice died out as you turned back around.  Lena had stripped down to nothing and was looking at with with a mix of expectation and anxiety of her own.  She extended a hand to you and you took it; allowing her to help you over the edge of the tub and under the hot stream of water.  

“Are you okay?”  

“Yeah,” you replied, tilting your head back so that the water could run through your hair.  There was a moment of stinging from the wound on the back of your skull, but after a few seconds it faded and you felt the tension melt from your body.  With one hand on the shower rod, you used your other hand to massage shampoo through your hair and leaned against Lena for support.  After a few minutes, your head started to spin and you attempted to blink away the bout of lightheadedness.  The warmth and humidity from the shower combined with the mediocre hospital food in your system only made the dizziness worse.

“I…” your voice trailed off and your non-broken leg buckled beneath you.  The only thing that saved you from completely was Lena’s quick response and she lowered the both of you to the floor of the shower.

“Y/N?  Y/N, what’s wrong?”  she leaned you back against the side of the tub and felt for your pulse as her eyes flashed with panic.  Your vision began to clear and you winced at how loud your pulse sounded in your ears.  

“I’m s-sorry,” you stammered out.  “I just got lightheaded.”

“Are you okay?  Do you want me to call for an ambulance?”

“No, no—shit,” you released your grip on the shower rod after a failed attempt to pull yourself up and to your complete horror, tears welled in your eyes.  You couldn’t tell it was the fresh wave of agony throbbing through your side or the feeling of complete helplessness that overwhelmed you, but sobs began to wrack your body.  You had never felt this vulnerable before and it was terrifying.

“Shhh, it’s alright,” Lena did her best not to let her voice tremble and pulled you against her as tightly as she dared.  “It’s okay, Y/N.  I’m here.  I’ve got you.”

For once, you let go in front of her.  Tears streamed down your face and mixed with the stream of water from the shower nozzle and Lena drug her fingers up and down your bare back lightly.  Every so often, she whispered another string of comforts into your ear and pressed her lips to the top of your head.  

“Can you stand?” Lena asked a few minutes after you fell silent.  You nodded and lifted your head from her chest.  

Without a word, she helped you finish washing your hair and the rest of your body; taking extra care not to catch your stitches on the fabric of her washcloth.  The two of you barely managed not to slip on the maneuver out of the tub and you were more than grateful to cover up with a towel after Lena handed you one.  

“Are you alright?”  She released her hold on you as you sat on the lid of the toilet seat.

“Yeah,” you responded quickly, eyes on the floor.  “Can we just go to bed?”

“Of course,” she nodded.  “I have some emails to finish up.  Will you be alright if I…”

It was obvious she could sense that you needed to be alone for a bit and you shook your head up and down slightly.  Lena opened her mouth to say something else, thought better of it, and then left you to your own devices.  Clenching your teeth in an attempt to keep from swearing again at how much moving around hurt, you wrapped your towel around your body and used your crutches to get over to the sink.  Lena had a new toothbrush and tube of toothpaste on the counter and you went about brushing your teeth and staring down your reflection in the mirror.  You needed to get a handle on yourself before you ruined everything.  Lena was here, she was more than willing to help, and you needed to let her.  Every one of your instincts was telling you to push her away before you could fall in any deeper and you locked your jaw and did your best to ignore them.

After rinsing out the sink, you put your crutches back under your arms and tried not to tear up again at how much it hurt to even move into the bedroom.  Lena was still elsewhere in the condo and you hurried to slap a few bandages over your stitches and put on a t-shirt and sweats from the bag Lena had packed form your apartment.  You froze once you noticed the paper bag from earlier resting on one of the bedside tables.  Despite your hesitation to actually use the painkillers, you knew you needed them if you wanted to sleep tonight.  Running drugs as a teenager had showed you how quick opioids could turn into a dangerous habit, and you stared down at the two small tablets in your palm for a while before swallowing them dry.  Just after you put the pill bottle into your bag, the bedroom door creaked and Lena slipped in.  She had already changed into a long t-shirt and thrown her wet hair up into a bun.  For some reason, seeing her like that put you at ease.

“Do you want me to turn the lights off?” she offered tentatively.  


Lena hit the light switch as you lowered yourself onto the side of the bed you knew she didn’t sleep on.  The dark haired woman disappeared into the bathroom while you tried to find a comfortable position to lay in.  Just before she came back into the dark bedroom, you managed to find a spot on your right side, facing away from Lena’s half of the bed.  The mattress then shifted as Lena crawled into bed beside you and you heard her let out a long breath.

“I’m sorry for earlier,” your voice sounded small in the dark room and you felt her shift closer to you under the comforter.  

“You don’t have to apologize, Y/N.  I can’t imagine how hard this has been for you,” she replied softly.  “I’m just…I’m glad you’re here and you’re letting me help you through this.  I…I love you, Y/N.”

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Hey friend hope you're doing well 💕 do you have any recs for sickfics heavy on the misery? Don't care about fandom, my thirst for pain is just too real rn. Have a nice week 😚

hi friend! i have a few for you! (apologies if i list some you’ve already read)

The Fault In My Stars (Because Yours Are Flawless) - Voltron; Klance; unfinished; sick Keith

#bestfriend - Yuri!!! On Ice; gen; not too angsty but some miserable Phichit, which i very much enjoyed

Engine Won’t Turn - Voltron; gen; unfinished; hurt Shiro; this is more of an injury fic but does involve some illness and is very heavy on the misery at the beginning

NATURE OVER NURTURE - Voltron; very slight Sheith; sick Keith

We Can Be Strong - Osomatsu-san; gen; unfinished; sick Choromatsu. i really really like this fic, though it takes about five chapters to get to the sickness. it’s worth the read imo

Lay It All On Me (I’ll be your shoulder) - Haikyuu; Kurodai; mostly fluffy but poor Kuroo is definitely miserable

Rainfall - Star Wars: Rebels; gen; sick Ezra

Care - HTTYD; Hiccstrid; unfinished; very sick Hiccup

Gravity Flu - Gravity Falls; gen; unfinished; sick Dipper

Breathe - Merlin; gen; sick Merlin, hurt everyone else. heaps and heaps of misery

Transient - FMA; gen; sick Ed; i know i’ve rec’d this to you before, but it’s still my favorite sickfic of ALL TIME so i’m including it again

Sick - FMA; gen; sick Ed *warnings for self harm and suicidal thoughts*

Difficult - Natsume Yuujinchou; gen; sick Natsume

Of A Sort - Voltron; gen; unfinished; sick Shiro

Midwinter Festival - Merlin; gen; sick Merlin 

[Gency Week] Day 3: Healing - Zenaida - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: Sickfic, Sick Character, Fluff, in which angie gets sick and genji insists he takes care of her
Series: Part 2 of Gency Week 2017

Resident Swiss doctor falls ill with the flu. Therefore, this time, Angela isn’t the one doing the healing.

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McKirk AU in which they're already a thing. Then on an away mission Bones goes missing. Jim desperately searches for him and after quite some time he finally finds him. He wraps up Bones in his arms, weeping with happiness. But Bones doesn't hug back but steps back and asks confused, "Who are you?"

  • Jim usually wakes up before Bones does. Usually at his own side of their bed, and that’s when he rolls in closer, shifting well into Bones’ personal space. He usually snoozes for a few minutes more in Bones’ embrace, until Bones’ alarm finally wakes the two of them up. Bones turns around with a groan when his alarm goes off, and Jim runs a hand through that messy hair. “Morning, sunshine.” “We haven’t seen sunshine in months,” Bones replies simply, and Jim huffs. He tightens his fingers in Bones’ hair. He pulls him in closer, kissing Bones’ lips and just enjoying his half awake company in the morning. “Why don’t we take a few days off, soon?” Jim suggests softly. “Just the two of us, a few days away on Earth.” “I already spend so much time with you every day, is it really necessary I do that on my days off, too?” Bones asks, and Jim kicks his leg. “Be nice to your Captain,” he says with a grin, “or I’ll have to sanction you.” He adds, shifting on top of the other and nudging Bones’ legs apart. Bones grins, looking up at him fondly through tired eyes. “Sanctioning me?” he asks, pulling Jim down for another kiss, “I have a feeling you’re gonna be doing that anyway.”
  • Everything is great. Being with Bones is fantastic, because they go through the good days and bad days together, but they always come out okay. And Bones is just always at his side, helping him remember stuff he can then proceed to ignore. So when they land on a faraway planet, he doesn’t even really have to think about Bones’ safety or anything. Bones can take care of himself. He doesn’t like to fight, but he has a mean punch when he has to. The away party splits in three teams; one with Jim, one group with Spock, and Bones stays behind with a few red shirts to research the strange behavior of local animals.
  • Nothing really happens. The people Jim meets are not particularly hostile, but they’re not friendly either. Just distant, a little secretive, and definitely not fond of the Federation. Spock doesn’t seem to have had much luck either, and Bones’ party is already beamed back to the Enterprise. But when Jim actually goes looking for him; in medbay, in his quarters, the rec room, hell, even the gym, Bones is just nowhere to be found. “Where’s Bones?” he asks one of the ensigns who beamed down with them before. “Who?” “McCoy.” “Oh, he left to find you. Did you not beam back together?” “No,” Jim says, his brain slowly processing what that means, without trying to visibly panic. The latter clearly fails, and he turns around to rush back to the transporter room. “Scotty! Beam me back down immediately– and track McCoy for me.”
  • Bones has put himself in dangerous positions before. The torpedo, with Carol Marcus, for example, or he injects himself with a virus so that he has someone to test his cures on. Ridiculous. Although Jim does the same with non-medical procedures, it can really piss him off when Bones is reckless. But he’s never been missing on a strange planet, with absolutely no one around at all. Jim beams down with a few others - Sulu, Spock, and a couple of red shirts, and they start their search party for Bones. Scotty gives them the coordinates to Bones’ communicator, and they follow it through thick woods. They eventually find the communicator on the ground, and that’s when Jim’s annoyance turns into panic. Because obviously something is deeply, very wrong.
  • They do find Bones, hours later. Jim is exhausted, it’s getting dark and through the woods it’s difficult to see anything. But he’s not quitting. He’s going to walk around until he finds him, because Bones would’ve done the same. He finds Bones just walking aimlessly through the woods, shirt ripped and with a few cuts and bruises on his face. But Jim doesn’t even see that. He just throws himself at his partner, arms around his shoulders and he buries his face in Bones’ neck. “Oh thank fuck, Bones.” He sighs, the relief of today’s worries, and the exhaustion, all making it difficult to keep a straight face. “I was so worried.” Bones remains stiff, though. Rather than yelling at him for leaving him in the woods, he’s just quiet. Still. And eventually, he gently pushes Jim off. “Who are you?”
  • M'Benga says something is blocking Bones’ memories, but he doesn’t know how to stop it. Someone did it, he doesn’t know if it’s permanent or not, and he doesn’t know what the long term effects are. So all in all, not particularly useful at all. And it doesn’t take long to figure out why his memory has been wiped. A sickness spreads through the Enterprise like wildfire. Everyone falls ill with the flu, and eventually Jim is forced to have people work while they’re feverish, or have not enough crew manning the ship at all. 
  • He fights off his own symptoms and pretends he’s okay, so that he can focus on Bones instead. Bones, who doesn’t remember the Enterprise, or being a doctor, or even his own name. Jim feels terrible for him, but he feels just as bad for himself. He’s lost his boyfriend and his best friend at the same time, and he has no idea how to fix it. He’s tried kissing Bones, inspired by the positive outcome of Disney movies, but that only earned him a slap in the face.
  • But even without remembering how to be a doctor, some habits don’t die. When Bones eventually catches Jim sniffing and running a fever, he drags Jim back to his quarters. “Just go lie down and rest, a'ight?” Bones says, and Jim huffs. “I can’t. Some of us have to work. We need to find a cure, for this sickness and for you-” “Listen, most fevers are cured by resting,” Bones insists, “and chicken soup, but apparently they only serve artificial chicken here in space. It’s a disgrace,” he adds and Jim cracks a smile. At least the real Bones is still in there somewhere. “You can barely taste the difference, Bones,” Jim says, letting Bones put an extra blanket on his bed to keep Jim warm. “I can totally taste the difference,” Bones points out. “What are you gonna do while I rest?” Jim asks, and Bones shrugs. “Put people to bed, I suppose,” he says, “someone’s gotta play doctor when everyone’s sick.”
  • Surprising to all, Bones stumbles on to the cure in med lab. Jim doesn’t know the details of it, being stuck in his room sweating that fever out, but he hears afterwards that Bones and M'Benga together created something, which Bones then -again, against Jim’s will- injected into himself to test it out. It works, and so they go around helping people back to health. The canteen also offers chicken soup and ginger tea, but Bones doesn’t want any of that. All artificial blasphemy in his book.
  • M'Benga and Chapel finally manage to remove the thing in Bones’ head that’s clouding all his memories. Jim finds out afterwards because Bones visits him on the Bridge. Not dressed in uniform, just that tight black undershirt Jim really appreciates the looks of. And when he turns to look at the doctor, Bones just leans in to kiss him. Not a first kiss thing, more of a welcome-back kind of kiss, that has Jim briefly forgetting they’re in a room full of people. Until Chekov groans out a “Please, Captain, Doctor, there are workplace protocols for these things.” and Jim laughs, relieved knowing that things are finally back the way they should be.

Cute people waiting in doctor’s offices or in line at pharmacies with muffled coughs, and wet sniffles with or without tissues in hand (equally as hot), red noses and flushed cheeks..big plus if they are also at a store buying cold/flu medicine.

Fall and winter are great even though I’m a cursed germaphobe.

Dean/Cas: Told You So

A college!AU where Bobby and Karen lease rooms in their house to students studying at the local college, as their own kids have long since moved out and Karen sort of hates all the empty space. (Bobby honestly doesn’t mind the quiet one bit, but then again, he’s not the one who makes the decisions around here.)

There’s always lot of interest because it’s a three-minute walk to campus - not to mention the rent includes a daily, home-cooked breakfast. They rent out the rooms to three new pairs of roommates this year: Anna and Jo in the room by the kitchen, followed by Benny and Victor who take the first available room upstairs. The final two to sign the lease are also the only pair who aren’t already friends. They’re a sophomore named Dean and a junior named Cas, and each tells the Singers that he’ll be fine living with a stranger.

Or so they say.

The arguments start immediately.

Dean’s music is too loud. Cas needs to stop crunching on Pringles while he reads. He should also watch where he drops his stupid red shirt, because it got mixed with Dean’s laundry and now everything’s pink - like, bubblegum pink. Well, Dean hogs the bathroom - yeah, ‘cause it takes ten minutes just to wipe the water Cas dripped all over the place - and it goes back and forth and back and forth until everyone in the house has to give them a wide berth.

Karen is concerned, of course, and tells Bobby as much one night. But he’s been observing them, how they glare at each other over their pancakes every morning. He just shrugs at his wife and says, “Darlin’, those idjits are blind.”

In March, Dean’s brother Sam comes to visit, but with great timing Dean falls sick from the flu and, to his shock, Cas offers to show Sammy around. He spends all of his free time doing just that, and Sam, totally impressed, demands that Dean be nice to him because there’s no way Cas is the same guy he’s complained about all year. And when Cas drops Sam off at the airport, after which he brings back chicken noodle soup for Dean, Dean takes the thermos and mumbles his thanks, a part of him wondering if his brother had been right.

Then, sometime in April, Dean and Cas come down to breakfast holding hands. Everyone stops what they’re doing to just stare; Benny drops his fork and Jo and Anna clutch each other’s arms. “You’re… kidding?” Victor asks, at which Cas shakes his head and pulls Dean a little closer. Karen is beaming with her hand fluttering over her heart, while Bobby rolls his eyes and says, “No handsy stuff, ya hear? Now siddown. If you start feedin’ each other, I swear to god.”

Dean may or may not sneak Cas a forkful of eggs either way.

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Jason hadn't anticipated being at the manor for Christmas, but he falls ill with the flu and everyone insisted he stay. He ends up being babied on the couch by everyone else (save Damian who sits with him while they toss uninspired insults back and forth). (1/2)

Dick brings Jason soup and tea (courtesy of Alfred), Tim pulls out a chess set to play with him, Cass watches all his favourite movies with him, and Steph piles on the blankets to keep the chills away while convincing him to wear an ungodly Christmas sweater. And on Christmas Eve Bruce sits up with him, letting Jason rest his legs across his lap while the fire dies down. (2/2)

THIS IS THE CUTEST THING EVER flusick jason is best jason