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Instead of mourning the end of summer, look forward to fall exhibitions! Members preview Carmen Herrera: Lines of Sight this Wednesday and Thursday before it opens to the public. Join today

Carmen Herrera (b. 1915), Irlanda, 1965. Acrylic on canvas with painted frame, 34 ¾ x 34 7/8 in. (88.3 x 88.6 cm). Collection of Pérez Simón. © Carmen Herrera


I had the amazing honor of meeting Alex Hirsch at the Farewell to the Falls exhibit at Gallery Nucleus!!!!! It was so profound to shake his hand and talk to him- even though I was ridiculously nervous. He signed my journal with an inspirational Ford doodle and then signed a fan art piece that I did! It was so cool to see everyone’s fantastic work and to meet people like Jason Ritter, Dana Terrace, and Rob Renzetti as well!!!!

Starting tomorrow (actually, in a few hours), MoMA curators Michelle Millar Fisher (L) and Paola Antonelli ® will be taking over MoMA’s Instagram account over the coming days to share photos from their research trips to Africa and India, respectively, in preparation for their fall 2017 exhibition “Items: Is Fashion Modern? You can find their photos and follow along here

The first MoMA exhibition dedicated to design and fashion in more than 70 years, #ItemsMoMA will explore the present, past, and future of 99 items garments, accessories, and accoutrements—from Levi’s 501s to the keffiyeh—that have had a strong impact on history and society in the 20th and 21st centuries, and continue to hold currency today. Read up on the topic at mo.ma/items and via #ItemsMoMA.

ok so i know the harambe issue was beaten to death (and its been almost a year???? wow) but seriously like the reaction to people saying “umm why did ur kid get away from you long enough for him to fall into a gorilla enclosure at the zoo” being “WOW THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT PARENT YOU’RE BEING HYPERCRITICAL MOTHERS GET SO MUCH FLACK” like…….. if u consider “perfection” not allowing your small child to get away from you in a very crowded public space long enough for him to fall into a zoo exhibit that is home to a huge, potentially aggressive wild animal, then yeah i do expect you to a Perfect Parent lmfao

“Farewell to the Falls”

Just got back from my trip out to California for the opening night of the “Farewell to the Falls” exhibit at Gallery Nucleus. It was AMAZING!! There were so many great pieces there (more pictures to follow).

I was impressed by how many people made it out there for the opening. The line stretched around the corner and down a few blocks. Saw a ton of great cosplayers (one was even dressed as Pool Jail Kid) while we waited. 

Besides the artwork, they had a bunch of stuff from Cipher Hunt including the Golden Stan head. I even got to sign (and draw on) the cardboard they assembled the Cipher Puzzle on.

By the time I got in Alex was about to head out, but he did one last pop in at the window to say bye. It was so cool to see him in person (even if it was from a distance)!

And a bit later there was another familiar face in the window too.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my copy of Journal #3 signed, but I did come away with this little gentleman. I’m so glad at least one of the pieces I liked was available when I got in & I can’t wait until it comes in the mail once the exhibit ends!

Aside from the artwork up for sale, they had a few pieces that were up for silent auction, a “Design a New Sweater for Mabel” contest, and they were raffling off this awesome picture (results are pending so wish me luck!).

This was such a fun event & I’m so glad I was able to go. They really did a great job putting it all together! 

Always In Your Heart

Owen Grady x reader

Sent in by: the-sara-sailboat

The day had started as any normal days. You had woken up, dressed yourself and eaten breakfast as you were on your way to work. The trees sped past your car, but within a few minutes you stopped the old truck in front of the raptor exhibit.

The sun was up and it had already started to heat up the air, even the workers that walked around had already started to sweat with the few minutes as they had started to work. “(Y/N)!” you turned around by the sound of your name, as you looked in the direction and up - Barry leaned over the railing and waved. 

“Barry - good morning!” You called out and the man smiled. He answered in French as he knew you did not like when he talked in his mother language. You narrowed your eyes at him, but the scowled turned into a smile as Barry laughed at you. “Don’t be like that, (Y/N),” Barry said with his thick accent, as he leaned away from the railing and pointed towards the direction of the other steel bridge. 

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Two more chapters to go before it’s over!

Betaed by the inimitable, incredible Sarielle who was honestly the biggest reason this chapter exists. I can’t thank them enough.


Are any of you going to the Farewell to the Falls exhibition at Gallery Nucleus? I’m going on August 6th, and I don’t know if I’ll be going with any IRL friends, so I would love to meet up with any other GF fans there. PLEASE HMU.))

Summary: Thirty years ago, Stanley Pines made a deal. Now, in the wake of Bill’s defeat and his brother’s disappearance, Ford begins to unravel Stan’s dark secrets. Neverhuman AU by @notllorstel 

Gravity Falls, 1982

They sat quietly, arms around their knees, back against the wall, their mind completely blank. Out of the corner of their eyes, the television sprouted several spindly legs and began to lurch toward the door in slow, excruciating movements. They watched it go.

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Art Fall Preview: From East Coast to West Coast. From Concrete to Ethereal.

The New York Timespreviews fall’s most-anticipated exhibitions, including Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter, which is now on view.

[Installation view of Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, October 1, 2016–January 22, 2017. © 2016 The Museum of Modern Art. Photo: Jonathan Muzikar]

(via Art Fall Preview: From East Coast to West Coast. From Concrete to Ethereal.)