fall engagements

  • Yuuri: Did you tell anybody we’re engaged?
  • Victor: Yes, Yuuri, I have no self control and I told the pretzel vendor we’re engaged.
  • Yuuri: Okay, no need to be sarcastic.
  • Victor: No, seriously, I have no self control and I told the pretzel vendor we’re engaged.

Great Falls Tribune, Montana, November 4, 1892

How to propose/be proposed to:

Gentleman kisses her bangs
Gentleman kisses lady on the nose, by mistake
Gentleman stands on one foot
Lady has eyes moist and limpid
Lady giggles hysterically and otherwise
Lady sneezes
Gentleman says he will go to sea
Gentleman says he will go to the devil
Gentleman tears hair - his own
Gentleman scratches head - his own
Gentleman puts hands in pockets - his own
Gentleman pulls at mustache
Lady leaves in anger (pretended)
Lady laughs in scornful derision 
Lady tells him he is acting like a donkey


TG: And, I think the most I’ve seen on him was 13 eyes. But no, I’ve never found him particularly scary, just a fair bit more huggable for me, specifically.


“He was pitifully weak when we argued. This was my main criticism of him after a year and a half of our relationship. He kowtowed to me. He wasn’t strong. He wasn’t real masculine. If I got mad at him be- cause of something he did he felt apologetic about it. He wouldn’t stand up for himself. There was no use getting mad because he didn’t react. And, the things I primarily got mad at him for were that he lied when it wasn’t necessary that he had to. He would say something he knew would sound good to me rather than telling me the truth.”Diane Marjorie Jean Edwards (known as Stephanie, Ted first girlfriend).

“We were incompatible. […] she wanted a great deal more. […] she was a perfectionist of a kind. She wanted everything just right. She was the only child of her father who I never got to know that well. [I met him only] on two or three occasions. […] I think we were both about the same age, she maybe a few months older. […] She could dance good. […] She was a model at one time. […] We were thinking about getting married. […] We talked about children. […] I think she had reservations about having children. She wanted other things at the time. […] The last time I saw her was, I think it was January 1st, 1974, because after that she lived in San Francisco. […] Diane knew about Liz. […] She was a tall girl, she was about  five ten. Uh, she had dark hair, long dark hair. Very beautiful.” 

Diane was very subconscious about being married. […] the engagement situation falling through […] it had her upset. Okay? She rejected me. I don’t care how it turned out. […] it was a relief. - Ted Bundy

When We Lived Happily Ever After

Here is Part Twelve…the final part to “Our Love Story”  

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words:   1001

Read When We Met
Read When We Hid Our Feelings
Read When We Admitted Our Feelings
Read When We Fell In Love
Read When We Got Scared
Read When We Got Engaged
Read When We Got Married
Read When We Got The News
Read When We Adopted Our Baby
Read When We Beat The Odds
Read When We Welcomed Baby Number Two

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         You heard giggling coming from the playroom and couldn’t help but smile. Three little giggles filled your house on a daily basis and it was the most amazing thing you could have ever imagined.

           You left the kitchen for just a second to go see what the kids were up to. You stood in the doorway as Ryker, Ryann, and Ryland sat at their little table coloring. Ryker was now six, Ryann was five, and little Ryland was only three. You had adopted Ryland when he was a baby like you had with Ryker. He was the perfect addition to your family and you knew you were blessed with three amazing children.

           “Mommy, look!” Ryann said, holding up the picture she was coloring. It was a puppy that she was coloring multiple colors.

           “That’s beautiful, Baby Girl,” you said.

           “Mine too?” Ryland asked, pointing to the parrot that had colorful scribble marks all over it.

           “Beautiful, Baby,” you said. And then you looked at Ryker’s picture. It was a bear that he was actually coloring fairly accurately, “That’s wonderful, Ryker.”

           He smiled proudly, “Thanks, Mommy!”

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Live, For Levi

Okay, first off, I am so so sorry for not posting for such a long time. I’ve been super busy with school and such, but now that school has ended and summer has officially started, I can get back to writing! I’ve also written a little something on Wattpad, I would greatly appreciate it if you were to check it out. Its called Princess Avalon by -thatoneweirdogirl- and yes, it is an Attack on Titan fanfiction. However I’m not quite sure if I want it to be a Levi romance just yet and I’ve only managed to do the prologue. Well, enough of this shameless self promoting.

This was requested by @silexia . Also, you are a squad leader in this one.

It wasn’t meant to happen like this. Things have been going great for you and Levi, you just recently got engaged, falling more in love with each other each day. Until that day.

You had just woken up to see an extremely toned chest in front of you. You let out a little sigh of happiness before trying to get up, but found that a pair of strong arms were wrapped tightly around you, not allowing you to. You struggled a bit, trying to escape the arms that pressed you tightly to your fiancee’s chest, before you gave up, accepting the fact that you would not be able to leave until Levi woke up. Choosing to snuggle into his chest instead. 

You heard a certain someone let out a contented sigh, tightening his arms around you. “I want to wake up like this every morning, with my beautiful (wife/husband) by my side.”

“I’m not your (wife/husband) yet. But you’re right, this sure is peaceful..”

That moment of peace was interrupted, however, when a very, very hyper Hange ran into you and Levi’s shared bedroom.

“Guys!” Hange screamed, “Erwin wants all squad leaders to be in the meeting room.” Before any of you could speak, Hange was already up and running.

The both of you sighed, reluctantly getting out of bed and putting on your uniforms. You walked into the meeting room hand in hand. Before you entered, Levi gave you a quick but tender kiss.

You walked into the room, took your seats and waited to begin. After a couple  minutes, Erwin stood up and clapped. “It seems like we’re all here, so know for the news. The 54 expedition outside of the walls will begin in a week, so train your cadets well, I don’t want any unnecessary deaths.” 

After a few minutes of discussing the expedition, the meeting was adjourned. You made a move to get walk out of the room to get breakfast, as everybody else has, but it seemed that Levi had other plans. He got up and encased you in his arms, before hugging you tightly.

“Levi?” You inquired, confused as to why he was stopping you.

“Be careful on this expedition, please.” Was all he said, making you extremely worried.

“I always am, and you know it. What’s wrong?”

“It’s just, I have a… bad feeling about this one. Please, promise me you’ll be careful, for me.” 

“I will, of course I will. I love you.” You cuddled into his chest, as if telling him that you were going to be alright. Levi put his chin on your head. Your (h/c) hair tickling his chin. He loosened his grip slightly, to put a kiss on your forehead. You laughed and reached up to plant a kiss on his lips.

“I love you too.” He whispered.

It was the day of the expedition, and Levi was more stressed then ever. Not that it showed on his face, of course. He showed his worry in the little things, making sure you ate enough, keeping you in his line of sight.

When the time came for you to head outside the walls, Levi had already pulled you into a hug. He kissed you passionately. This took you by surprise. Levi had always shown that you were his, but he had never directly kissed you with this amount of force. Nevertheless, you kissed back, ignoring the oohs and aahs of the cadets.

Everything was going according to plan. There weren’t that many casualties, and this seemed like the most successful expedition in a long time. But it was too good to be true.

A bunch of titans suddenly turned up, and while they were being killed, more and more just kept coming.

Both you and Levi were fighting bravely. As you finished off the titan that tried to attack you, you took a glance at Levi. To your surprise, he seemed to be distracted, so distracted that he didn’t notice the giant hand that reached down to grab him. But you did.

So you did what any good fiancee would’ve done.

You flew over there, using a lot of gas. You probably didn’t have much left now, but that was okay. When you arrived, you didn’t waste any time and immediately pushed your fiancee out of the way of the oncoming hand. Instead of grabbing him, it grabbed you.

As soon as the gruesome looking titan registered the fact that it had successfully caught a human in his clutches, it squeezed you. 

It hurt. You could hear and feel the cracking of your bones, making you wince in pain. You struggled in the titan’s grasp, before realizing that, with your injuries, it was no use. So you waited. For what, you didn’t know. For somebody to notice and kill the titan? For the sweet freedom of death? Before you had time to think about it, you were in front of the titan’s ugly face. It had opened it’s mouth and was about to drop you in, when you heard a faint screaming. 

“(Y/N)!” You had heard, when suddenly you saw the titan before you drop, dead. It’s blood spraying your face before it evaporated. Then you started falling, before you could hit the ground, a body rammed into you. A pair of familiar arms wrapped around you before landing gently on the ground.

“(Y/N)?” A panicked voice said, you recognized it to be Levi’s. “(Y/N)! Somebody get a medic!” 

Levi stroked your hair, reassuring you that you were going to be fine and asking about your injuries, when you felt his arms pick you up and place you on something hard. A cart, you suppose. You let out a groan of pain, it was obvious that your ribs were shattered, and your legs broken. Blood immediately started pooling under you.

Levi immediately began comforting you. “It’s okay, darling. You’ll be fine. Yo-” He cut himself off with tears streaming down his face, as he glanced down at the pool of blood. “You’re going to be okay. If you even think about dying, I’ll kill you. We still have to get married, remember?” 

You barely managed a small nod before you saw the darkness creeping into your sight, swallowing up the edges of your vision before it would all go black, taking your life and Levi’s happiness with it. 

You shuddered, fear of the unknown paralyzing your every being, but amidst your fear, you could feel a sense of relief. Relief that you would finally be parting from this cruel world, relief that you would no longer be held at the mercy of the titans. Most of all, relief that you would finally be free.

‘What about Levi?’ A voice whispered in your mind. ‘Imagine how depressed he would be. You don’t want that for him… do you?’ 

‘Of course I don’t!’ You wanted to scream, ‘I love Levi with all my heart. Why would I wish him any pain?’

Then live.’ The mysterious voice hissed, but somehow, you didn’t feel intimidated, you felt grateful. That voice is right. I have to live. For Levi. 

However, it seems that while you were having a conversation with your inner voice, you were slowly bleeding out. I know right. What an idiot. It seems as if you were zoning out, causing an extremely worried Heichou to lightly slap your face. When you weren’t responding, Levi retaliated by smacking you very roughly.

“Ouch..” You whispered, trying to brighten the mood a little. 

“(Y/N)!” Levi exclaimed, tears falling from his eyes. “You idiot!

“Thanks darling, really means a lot to me.” You meekly replied, laughing a little, before letting out a cough, blood dribbling out of your mouth.

“Who told you you to protect me?! Now you’re hurt and it’s all my fault!” He screamed. Usually Levi was extremely calm in these types of situations, but seeing you like that… All of his common sense flew out the window.

“I-I’m sorry… It’s not your fault, love. I would do it again if it meant seeing you alive.” You could feel your life force fading away. It didn’t mater if you wanted to live or not. It didn’t matter if you were determined not to leave your beloved fiancee. Because this world is merciless, and it didn’t care about what you wanted, or if it was fair or not.

You made a small noise, Levi immediately reacting. “What? Are you okay? Just hold on, okay? We’re almost to Wall Rose. Just a little longer. Please, I-I c-can’t lose you, not now, not ever.” Levi erupted into small sobs, the thought of you being gone from his life too much to bear.

“L-Levi?” You tried to get his attention, knowing that you only had a limited amount of time left. 

He looked over at you. “I-I’m sorry..” You coughed again, more blood spilling out of your mouth. It seems as if the world was acting crueler than ever, allowing you a slow and painful death rather than a quick and easy one.

“I-I love you..” You had said before shuddering out your ~potentially~ last breath, allowing the darkness to take over your vision, surrendering your fight.

“(Y-Y/N)? Wake up! 

I command you to wake up! 

That’s an order! 


You’re not really gone right? 

I-I love you too..”

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Okay, so I know those are a lot of sad Levi pictures, but I couldn’t pick one! I feel like they all represent how Levi feels right now. But lets just say, (Y/N) is a strong person, and (she/he) won’t go down without a fight.

random reviews that no one asked for of some wlw films i watched recently (some spoilers)

Almost Adults - it’s your typical “why didn’t you tell me _____” best friend story that has a “Life Partners” vibe. I came into this movie with high hopes because I loved Carmilla and the women behind The Gay Women Channel/Unsolicited Project but for me the movie fell flat. No hate towards the crew, but I think it is one of those movies where the trailer is better than the movie itself. The main protagonist seemed to be written in such a naive way that she came across as ditzy. The friend fights are written to seem more like high schoolers than semi-mature adults (there is drinking and I don’t recall any specific ages being said so I assume the characters are 21+). The only scene that I actually liked was at the end after a time jump. In my opinion, I’d rate it 5/10 but that’s just me.

Below Her Mouth - it’s about an engaged woman who identifies as straight in the beginning of the movie but becomes interested in a female construction worker who had a job on her street. I loved it but there are graphic sex scenes AS SOON as the movie starts so don’t watch it around anyone if you get embarrassed easily. It has a good story and is one of the better wlw films that i’ve seen in a while. It is reminiscent of Imagine Me & You. Happy ending. In my opinion, I’d rate it 10/10 but that’s just me.

First Girl I Loved - about a girl in high school figuring herself and her sexuality out. story of boy likes girl but girl likes girl. the movie has very dry acting, no explanation for certain character backgrounds or events, out of context lines referring to scenes never shown to the audience, painfully awkward scenes, homophobia, wlw slurs, attempts to make audience feel pity for a guy who forced himself on a girl while trying to make said guy seem like a redeemable underdog, and a part of the story is reminiscent of Courtney in 13 Reasons Why (I DO NOT recommend that show whatsoever but if you have seen it, you know what I am referring to when I say there is a photo and someone trying to cling to the closet). The ending is weird and out of context and the only part I liked was when Cameron Esposito was talking. Not really a happy ending. In my opinion, I’d rate it 3/10 but that’s just me.

The Girl King - (older, i know) it’s about a girl who becomes queen of Sweden at the age of 6 after her father passes and as she strives to bring her people peace after years of fighting over religion with other countries she also questions her faith she was raised believing and falls for an engaged woman. It’s more about self discovery than it is romance. We see the character grow after dealing with struggles of faith, sexuality, and people around her pressuring her to be something she’s not. Happy ending for main character (again, less about romance, more about protagonist). In my opinion, I’d rate it 8/10 but that’s just me.

Wanna know my favourite kiss in all of TV history?

It’s this kiss

It’s the most adorable kiss. And the context only makes it cuter.

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Corpse bride au? ((It would be fun for Will to be the bride...))

Good Lord, it’s March

“Come on, Nicholas. Why can’t you just say the damn words?”  Nico groaned at himself, tugging his tie loose from around his neck. He had long ago left the chapel when he couldn’t seem to find his tongue, and was deep in the woods. “With this hand I will…” Nico shook his head, trying to remember the words. Why were simple vows so hard to remember? “With these hands I will cup your,” he brought his hands up to his chest before pausing and looking down. “Oh, goodness, no,” he dropped his hands before running one through his hair.

It shouldn’t have been so difficult to wed to Reyna. She was a rather enjoyable companion, head strong but affectionate. She would be a pleasant wife for Nico. It was a marriage of convince, but he could quickly learn to love her. She was beautiful and wealthy enough to keep his parents from starving. The wedding should’ve been down by now, if only Nico would stop tripping over his words. It shouldn’t be so difficult to remember his vows.

Sitting down on a log, Nico sighed heavily. It was a wonder Reyna was even still in agreement to marry him after he’d made a fool of himself at the altar. He pulled the ring out of his coat pocket and sighed again, wondering if there would even be a wife for him when he finally got his act together and returned home. Reyna was a high prize for a man seeking to marry into money. There were doubtless many others who were simply waiting for their engagement to fall through.

He held the simple gold ring up and turned it to watch how the moonlight shone on it. The flower that had been twisted around it had crumpled in his jacket, and the petals lofted through the air he inhaled the sweet scent of the petals that still remained on the branch before letting it fall to the ground as he stood up. Sudden conviction overcame him as he took a deep breath. “With this hand, I will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never be empty, for I will be your wine.” Nico smiled, reaching out to grab a tree branch like it was a hand. “Ms. Arellano, you do look ravishing this evening.”

Nico broke off the branch, holding it high as he felt the words rush through him. “With this candle, I will light your way into darkness. With this ring, I ask you to be mine.” Kneeling down, Nico placed the ring on a branch sticking up from the ground that looked quite like a human hand. He felt overcome that he finally got the words right, standing up and grinning. He would have to go to the church immediately and finish the ceremony with Reyna.

Before Nico could retrieve the ring, the branch closed around his wrist, yanking him down. Nico tried to pull back, but the stick stayed firm around his wrist. The ground began to shake around him as crows cawed. When he finally managed to free his wrist, Nico stumbled backwards. The ground split open and there before him stood a figure in a wedding dress.

It lifted its veil and Nico was met with shocking blue eyes. The thing had no skin covering its body, but it didn’t seem to notice. Nico was frozen on place as it grinned at him, and he could see that they once had vibrant blond hair, though now it was stringy.

Nico felt his heart pounding in his cheat as they spoke two simple words to him. “I do.”

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Help for Sleep Troubles

This podcast (called “Sleep With Me”) helps those who suffer from insomnia or can’t sleep for whatever reason, fall asleep by telling a long, rambling story designed to help you fall asleep and is engaging enough to distract from your thoughts, but not engaging enough to keep you awake: listen on itunes, spotify, or youtube 

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