fall cruise

“We’re gonna die,” JJ moans. “I’m gonna die on something called the Why Oh Why.”

“It’s called the My Oh My,” Phichit says, not sounding the least bit worried. He leans back in his pool deck chair and readjusts the sunglasses on his face. Beside him, Seunggil applies another layer of sunscreen on his bare chest.

“It’s the Y.O.I., you idiots,” he mutters. There are smiling dolphins on his swimming trunks, and JJ briefly considers saving him first, if they had to split up the remaining lifeboats and it came down to choosing who gets to sail to safety first.

“Who names a ship the Y.O.I.?” he can’t help challenging.

“I don’t fucking know, it’s a ship. Let people do whatever the hell they want.”

Phichit types loudly on his phone. “I’ll use both hashtags then.” More typing, and then in the split second he takes to absent-mindedly glance up, he jumps. “Ooh, Yuuri’s back!”

JJ clasps his hands together. “Please be good news.”

Yuuri makes his way across the deck of the ship, panting slightly. His hair is floppy and damp, growing messier as the sea breeze picks up around them. That’s not so new, because Yuuri’s hair has been in a perpetual state of dishevelment since the start of this cruise. No, what’s new is that the top two buttons of his cheesy Hawaiian shirt have popped off completely, revealing flushed skin stretching from his neck to his chest. Yuuri’s lips are swollen pink, either from his terrible habit of gnawing at them or from—

“There’s your good news,” Seunggil says.

JJ closes his eyes and breathes deeply. “Hail Mary full of grace…”

“What did the captain say?” Phichit asks.

Yuuri scratches his neck. “Um, the first mate has got it under control, he says.”

At that moment, the ship jerks to the side and veers ever closer to the swirling whirlpools a few kilometers away. Seunggil groans like he’s been incredibly inconvienced.

“The first mate… Plisetsky?” Phichit tilts his head. “What happened to Victor?”

Seunggil scoffs and gestures as Yuuri turns pink. “I think it’s clear who happened to Victor.”

Yuuri struggles, “Well—Yuri—he just grabbed the wheel—“

“Isn’t he only sixteen?”

“Ah—yeah, maybe—“

“The lord be with thee,” JJ says louder, eyes still screwed shut. He doesn’t flinch when the tube of sunscreen that Seunggil throws at him bounces off of his shoulder.

“Does the crew need help?” Phichit asks.

“Yeah, we actually shouldn’t be up here. Victor said we should be in our bunks and awaiting instruction,” Yuuri says. Seunggil’s already packing up his towel bag.

Phichit frowns. “But I wanna be here for when we hit it.” He waves his phone in the air, one eyebrow raised.

“Idiot,” Seunggil says. He grabs Phichit’s hand and tugs, but Phichit doesn’t budge, only stares back at their joined hands and pouts. Seunggil sighs. “My room’s got the big bay windows.”

Phichit beams and allows Seunggil to pull him off the deck chair.

“Leroy,” Seunggil calls out tiredly. “Come the fuck on.”

JJ is murmuring under his breath but stands obediently anyway, trails after Seunggil and Phichit even though his eyes are still closed.

“You coming?” Seunggil asks Yuuri when they reach the stairs leading to the lower decks.

Yuuri’s got one foot in the hallway heading for the crew’s cabin. He hesitates. “Um, Victor—“

“Okay.” Seunggil understands. He hasn’t understood much of anything about this clusterfuck of a singles cruise trip, but the third button on Yuuri’s shirt looks like it’s about to pop off on its own and Seunggil understands this, if nothing else. “Well, let us know if… you know.” He jerks his chin toward where JJ’s praying about the hour of their death, makes a grim expression.

Yuuri nods, and as he turns and pads down the carpeted hallway he hears Phichit whine, “C’mon, we’re gonna miss it.”

JJ’s voice sounds faint. “Maybe it’s Why Oh I. Maybe this a message from the universe and…”

Most romantic songs of all time

A$AP Rocky - L$D
Depeche Mode - One Caress
Art of Noise - Moments in Love
Lana Del Rey - Video Games/Ultraviolence
Portishead - Sour Times
Madonna - Justify My Love
FKA Twigs - Two Weeks
Rihanna - Kiss It Better
This Mortal Coil - Kangaroo
The Internet - Girl
Travis Scott - Goosebumps
Desire - Under Your Spell
Julee Cruise - Falling

Trick or Treat Dancefloor Playlist

Thought I’d update the playlist I made for Halloween in 2014 lol and put it on Spotify 💥 Guts - Spike Fuck | Creature - Tijuana Panthers | Trick Or Treat Dancefloor - Cherry Glazerr | Halloween All Year - The Orwells | Cat Black - Ty Segall | Are You Hypnotized? - Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel | Love Spells - Bleached | Nurse Ratched - Cherry Glazerr | In My Head Till I’m Dead - Surf Curse | I Wear Black - Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin | Goth Babe - Surf Curse | Bloody Ripper - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard | Slaughterhouse - Ty Segall Band | Electric Chair - Bleached | Black Moon Spell - King Tuff | Freaks - Surf Curse | Hot Wax - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard | 21st Century Schizoid Man - Fuzz | Ghost - The Frights | Little Dark Age - MGMT | The Grave - Corners | Fangs - Grace Lightman | True Killer - Sneaks | Is This What You Wanted? - HMLTD | Cop Killer - John Maus | Falling - Julee Cruise | Storm Maker - Troller | The Devil’s Dancers - Oppenheimer Analysis

Photo by Lucien Clergue (1987)

anonymous asked:

Do you read Trek fanfiction? If so do you have any Spock/Kirk recs?

Do I read fanfiction? Oh sweet summer anon, yes. Yes I do. Far too much. I’ve been going through as many Spirk fics as I can for a few weeks now so I def have some recs lined up for you…

I’ll go ahead and say this now before someone asks me; yes, I prefer TOS as a whole over AOS in terms of actual media (AOS has quiet a few issues) BUT as far as fanworks go? (Fan art, fics, edits, ect.) I have no preference at all. A big part of why I love Star Trek so much is how multifaceted it really is? There are canon multiverses and that’s so amazing for fans to play with, and I genuinely enjoy all the different takes that people come up with. Plus I love my Jims equally. There will be no HazelvsBlue discourse found here, folks.

Anyway here are my two favorite fics that I’ve come across so far:

AOS: The Sum of Both of Us - Jim Kirk is nine when a massacre on Tarsus IV leaves him without a family and without a home. Spock is twelve when a strange boy in the desert saves his sehlat. Families aren’t born; they’re made.

TOS: Sha Ka Ree - The year is 2258. Jim Kirk is a Lieutenant on the U.S.S. Farragut, Spock the science officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise. When the ships come together for a priority landing party, these two strangers find themselves fighting against the odds for a chance at life in an alien world, and the only way they’ll make it through is by relying on each other.

Okay now I’m putting the remaining recs under the cut before this gets way too long. 

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01. i don’t wanna go- lana del rey 02. falling- julee cruise 03. and dream of sheep- kate bush 04. love in the morning- ennio morricone 05. it’s always you- chet baker 06. dearest- buddy holly 07. dream- fleetwood mac 08. i’m on fire (cover)- chromatics 09. under your spell- desire  10. music to watch boys to- lana del rey 11. anthems for a seventeen year old girl (cover)- nicole dollanger 12. bang bang- nancy sinatra 13. down by the water- the drums 14. are you lonesome tonight?- elvis presley//LISTEN//

anonymous asked:

What are the best aspects or placements for love/marriage/beauty? Like what aspects or placements makes someone receive luxury and art or makes them very attractive, pleasing and naturally seductive?

As much as I love questions like these I have to be honest-there is no “one” set of aspects that lead to breathtaking beauty or insatiable magnetism. There aren’t a specific designated holy grail of aspects that lead to portrait like features or the doting husbands and the nice car and house.

•Venus ruled people and people with Taurus and or libra tend to have a subtle and quiet beauty about them and often have roman features and are drawn to the art and public space environment scene. Monuments and library. They’re often very curvy and have very earthy and radiant features. An easy vibe and an easy attraction one that feels right and yet one that makes you crave them and their touch-an aphrodisiac(May be in the modeling scene or the screen kids/ acting is a possibility but might not be the end game/gluttonous spouses and sensual partnerships)

•moon and sun ruled people and or people with a lot of Leo and cancer tend to have striking features that give them a natural feminine(moon) or masculine(sun) look to them. They can be very bright and overwhelming yet above and expressive. They often look very youthful and vivacious and have tender and supple features.a very openly alluring energy one that makes you crave them insatiably without even knowing it-they’re desires bouncing off you like a end game tennis match(may attract caregivers/lime light and fame/success rooted in the energy given to others-dramatic love affairs and lovers who would give it all)

•mercury ruled and Virgo or Gemini people are usually lean and or fragile looking-fast moving ligaments and body parts and often live the fast moving city life-and the occasional mountain climbers and wildlife enthusiast. They have very mischievous looking features and look very young no matter their age. They can have bubbly smiles and no matter their size it can be hard for them to hold on to weight! Even if Taurus is present they may fluctuate weight wise often-yet find it easy to get back in shape. Their features are very delicate and in a sense perfectly suited for them-as if they were hand crafted.(morning jogs and all nighters at work-often the ones drinking coffee and on the move!/performers and the lyrical rappers! Dancers and wild life activist! Running for exercise and studying. Lovers here are usually either talkative or super attentive and the type to listen rather then speak-caring and reliable.)

•Jupiter or Neptune ruled and or Pisces and Sagittarius heavily influenced! Can be very translucent in how they look! Can have pale skin and may have cold bodies! Very timeless looks and seem to have looks from another era and often times from another life. Very nomadic type of bodies and can seem very loose and elusive to the touch. Delicate skin like Gemini and Virgo but may have very fleshy and organic looking features! Not heavily applied looks often don’t use much makeup or much work into grooming beards or body. Wavy and natural looking hair and a beauty that leaves much in mystery and a magnetic undercurrent of promise and release(art shows and galas/late night cruises and falling asleep on the park bench/deja vu and portraits-old Polaroid cameras and dangerous nights at the club-hallucinogens and “don’t”-lovers are confusing and demanding; they drain you and rejuvenate you all in one a very odd and deep welled buzz but one with its trials and tribulations)

•mars and Pluto ruled and or Scorpio and Aries heavily aspected. A intense and passionate Flore-they look like the night and feel like the galaxy burning above you in a theater play format. They have a very athletic and almost sexual look about their bodies even if they have the most baby like of faces. They have an unmistakable look in their eyes that is disarming to even the most powerful of men and the most willful of women. They also have a natural low glow about their skin almost like a sort of tan and an olive like radiance. There skin is of the oily variety which adds to the gleam they have. They’re hair is often wild or curly in its consistency and they usually have some sort of roughness to them be it their faces or body-they have scars and often carry a bit of bruises. They are magnetic and frightening and aren’t for those weak of heart-they radiate a fatalistic type of energy and one that often compels many in their wake.( these are the models without humor-the serious ones/the skaters and the ones alone at the party/the quiet night outs with friends and the walks down Manhattan-lovers are often intense and alluring, they have a force about them and often times can be transformative)

•Saturn and Uranus or a lot of Capricorn and Aquarius. Tend to have tall and or middle ground heights. Serious faces and aloof demeanors-systematic movements but also extremely mental and body compatibility in their movements(almost as if they’re bodies are so in sync with their mind) beautiful smiles and cheeky yet dry humor. Easy going but detached-caring yet distanced. Structured bodies and very angular features. The bones are often well framed but also tend to be the most fragile spot on the individual. They have a very cool yet icy magnetism one that leaves you craving their validation and their attention a swoon so deep you won’t even know you’ve been caught up. (Often the most seen in the modeling scene! Late nights at the office and brief cases/fancy dinners and Coachella/ Italy and Germany and Japan-south Korea come to mind here-lovers are serious and have a ambitious nature to them. Can struggle with intimacy and may be extremely loyal and dedicated to the partnership.)

Hope this helps! But just keep in mind there’s so many things involved in beauty more then just a few aspects can determine.

i know you wanna be loved ~ a mushy playlist


walcott - vampire weekend • home - one direction • some boys - death cab for cutie • hologram girl - miniature tigers • diplomat’s son - vampire weekend • hazey jane ii - nick drake • 18 - one direction • little fool - miniature tigers • just like honey - the jesus and mary chain • american eyes - promises ltd. • loving someone - the 1975 • loved - julia brown • falling - julee cruise • down by the water - the drums

Today I spent three hours making the perfect playlist for my funeral. I have the worst hobbies ever. 

  1. Nick Drake - River Man
  2. Slowdive - So Tired
  3. Jackson C. Frank - Just Like Anything
  4. Sibylle Baier - I Lost Something In The Hills
  5. Linda Perhacs - Chimacum Rain
  6. Vashti Bunyan - Love Song
  7. Nick Drake - Hazey Jane I
  8. The Cure - There Is No If
  9. Jackson C. Frank - I Want To Be Alone
  10. Julee Cruise - Falling
  11. The Cure - The Funeral Party
  12. Vashti Bunyan - Train Song
  13. The Cure - A Night Like This
  14. Nick Drake - Thoughts Of Mary Jane
  15. Gene Clark - Silver Raven
  16. Vashti Bunyan - Autumn Tears
  17. Jackson C. Frank - Milk And Honey
  18. The Cure - The Last Day Of Summer
  19. Nick Drake - From The Morning