fall creek boys

What Emo Bands Would Be Teaching

Sunny Day Real Estate - math lmao

Jimmy Eat World - how to make Americans bleed

My Chemical Romance - how to commit a crime and get away with it

Rites of Spring - how to start a genre without really trying

Paramore - what to do when you see love die

Fall Out Boy - misery loves you

Panic! At The Disco - Religious education tbh

Bon Iver: flume
Matt Corby: Resolution
Birdy: Not about angels
Ben Howard: Evergreen & Oats in the water
James Blake: fall creek boys choir
The dø: Dust it off
James Vincent McMorrow: ghosts
M83: Wait
Lykke Li: No rest for the wicked
Iron&Wine: Flightless bird American mouth

All went in the fire, drowning the sea.
A red dawn, Oh red font.
Caught up in the sea. All went in the sea
If only if only. If only If only.

Did you want to find a way [fight] [fly away]
I always saw me love
I will be love befallen
I will lay my teeth
I’ll wait for growing
And we both will know. And before you’re all gone

Daring on the peak, telling on the teeth
I’ve been down to the open road
I’ll wait for you, you know
and we both end up alone
and if only we could have known

—  –James Blake & Bon Iver–

I don’t know about you but I find this song eerie and unnerving. Yes, it’s James Blake and I know that he does contemporary music, but Fall Creek Boys, this song in particular, is a food to my lethargic ears.

Awesome + Brunette = Runway BGM