fall colors in the us


Rain from a lightening storm

  • this has the greatest energy
  • used in a bath to re-energize your being and aid in a ritual of clearing and cleansing your energies of negativity by soaking in it
  • used to clear and cleanse an object or area 
  • store in a white glass bottle

Rain from thunderstorms, tornadoes or hurricanes

  • Used to empower spells for moving things forward such as letting go of the past and moving forward in life
  • used to help move a project forward and get beyond current blocks in life
  • used to change a pattern or habit you don’t like
  • store in a blue glass bottle

Sun and Rain

  • Used to balance energies when feeling weighed down
  • helps gather your thoughts when they are flighty and scattered
  • store in a dark green bottle

Hail storm

  • collect in a metal bowl but dont let it sit in the bowl for more than 6 hours
  • allow the hail to melt before bottling it
  • store in a black or dark brown bottle
  • used to dispel psychic attacks or negative energies
  • best used for black magic to get rid of your enemies or negative forces that stand in your way

Spring Rain

  • used to empower new ventures such as new relationships, new business ventures, a new job
  • rain collected on the spring equinox or the first rain after the spring equinox is good for empowering spells for relationships
  • stored in a light green bottle

Summer Rain

  • used to encourage growth whether it be personal, spiritual growth or growth of a business venture or relationship
  • used to break bad habits
  • great to water indoor plants
  • rain collected on mid-summers eve and day is especially mystical
  • store in a sky blue bottle

Fall Rain

  • used for giving thanks and showing gratitude for the abundance the year has given you
  • store in an orange or fall colored bottle

Winter Rain

  • can be used for blessing a person, relationship, family or object
  • can be used to bless an event such as a birth, wedding or new business venture
  • to be able to survive the hardships of winter one is able to survive the hardships of life

Full Moon Rain

  • Used to honor the Goddess
  • a small glass can be added to a cleansing bath
  • add a couple of drops to your bath before an important event or ritual
  • used for a blessing during a full moon ritual
  • used for blessing a child or pet 
  • rain collected during the full moon according to that season will have the energies of that moon according to month and season
  • clean altar spaces and other things by putting an ounce of rain water into your cleaning products
  • also very good for divination

Waning Moon Rain

  • good for getting rid of things, banishings, and purging negative energies
  • used like a banishing oil
  • also can be added to your bath for relaxation, clarity or promoting self love
  • use to prepare for lunar rituals
  • anoint your money with it to increase your wealth 
  • anoint yourself to increase your psychic awareness

New Moon Rain

  • good for workings in which something needs to be brought in 
  • used when starting a new project

Waxing Moon Rain

  • used to bring in good energies and blessing
  • used at the start of a new project or a new beginning

Rain collected from trees or roses will have different energies depending on the type of tree or color of the rose you collect it from

Use 1 cup of rain water to 1 tub size of water

For rituals use 1oz of rain water in a glass bowl or cauldron, to add effects to the water pour over crystals energized with your intent

For a spell place all your spell items in your bowl or cauldron and add 1tablespoon of rainwater

For cleansing or anointing ritual take 1/2oz of rainwater into a glass bowl and as you recite your incantation dip your fingers or wand/athame into the water then mark your physical body, the mark can be any spiritual symbol that has meaning to you

To anoint a tool, pout 1oz of rainwater onto the tool as you state your incantation to empower the tool for its intended purpose.

@autumnwitchesx i hope this helps you some!!!

also the bottles you store in dont have to be a specific color unless you want them to be, im all for using what you have first and foremost 

The Appeal Of Kyoto Animation

I have seen many people saying how K-On is a cheap anime with no creativity and effort put behind this anime. In this blog I want to try to explain what makes Kyoto Animation so appealing and why this statement is not true.

Kyoto Animation is a popular studio which is known for great animation and their slice of life stories, with their unique character designs and very relaxing atmosphere. The funny thing is that what I just said is something you normally shouldn’t. Let me explain this.

I think we have all seen statements like “The animation from Studio Madhouse is amazing” or “Toei Animation always suck”. The reason why it’s not really fair to say that is because the staff for the most studios are usually changing. You don’t have the same team working on every Madhouse production. You don’t have the same director working on every Toei Animation production. Many animators are freelancer who have their own style and way of drawing. So if you see a scene which is really badly animated, it could be the result of just one or two animators screwing up. So blaming the whole studio is kinda unfair. The same can be said about great animated scenes.

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…But now, says another Swift source, she’s preparing for her big return. “Taylor’s been quietly recording new music for a couple of months,” says the source. “She’s aiming to release an album this fall.”

True to form, she’s kept her plans private. To put together her upcoming disc — sure to be loaded with references to her 15-month union with Harris and her three-month romance with Hiddleston — Swift booked time at an out-of-the-way spot. Says a source, “She hasn’t been in any of the bigger studios in Nashville, New York, L.A. or London.”

She’s sticking to the tried-and-true when it comes to the actual music, however. “She’s continuing down the pop route,” a source says of the onetime country singer, “because 1989 was a huge success and fans really gravitated toward that album.”

Continues the source, “She knows there’s a demand for a new album and has really started focusing on making that happen for fans. She’s just excited to get back out there.

—  Taylor’s working on a new album readying for a fall release (Us Weekly)

Angie gasped when she saw Stan’s new colors, “Banjo! We match!”

Introducing Shiny Banjo!

Yesterday @thelastspeecher and I decided that in the Banjo twins au were Angie and Stan both got de-aged, that when Ford comes to visit the first time he brings an experiment with him to work on. Stan plays a prank on Ford, the experiment chemicals spill on Banjo by accident, and now Stan looks a bit more like a Mcgucket than he used to.

To explain why this would happen, the experiment Ford brought with him from school was one to create a perfect disguise. Watching shows it seemed to Ford that they always ended with someone realizing it was hair dye or pulling of the mask no matter how perfect. So he decided to create a chemical that could change a persons DNA in such a way that their looks changed to someone else, and could only be changed back by drinking a reverse tonic. Ford decided to use Fiddleford as a base for his first tonic, because he was around Fidds the most, this was a prototype so he’d only gotten colors down at this point. Or else Banjo might have ended up with a Mcgucket nose too. 

Though the main experiment works great, the reversal tonic is much more dangerous and Ford is not sure it would be safe for a child. Since it helps bolster the new identity of Stan as Angie’s twin, Ma and Pa Mcgucket decide to leave it till Stan is a teenager, and let him take it to put his looks back to normal. Of course, by the time Stan grows back up as Banjo he is used to the look and doesn’t want to change it back, he likes being his sister’s twin after all. 

anonymous asked:

I was in Italy last year and none of the people was really white. They had darker skin.


okay, fine.

hello, my name is Lavinia, I’m Italian as in I don’t have ancestry from any other nations that I know of at least for a good two centuries. I mean, I don’t know if before then I had any ancestors from outside Italy but at this point it doesn’t matter, two centuries should be good enough. My mom is Sicilian. My dad was born in Naples, my grandfather on his side was from somewhere near Viterbo (central Italy), my grandmother on his side was half Calabrian and half from Puglia, as in, all my ancestry is somehow from Southern Italy, the part of the land where People Are Tanned And The Sun Shines All The Time And The Sea Is Beautiful And Which The Arabs Colonized In The Middle Ages. K?

*drum rolls*

*takes picture*

woooow LOOK AT HOW NOT REALLY WHITE I AM, anon. for extra info, my cousin aka my mom’s brother’s son is three shades darker than I am (I’d post a picture but I don’t like to put people’s faces on the internet without their authorization so) and he’s still white. my mom is three shades darker than I am, she’s still white. idk let’s compare me with someone that we can definitely accept as white according to tumblr and US standards. dunno, CHRIS EVANS:

wow, I’m such a zombie I look even whiter than he does. Or, compare me with someone who definitely has the same skin tone as I do except that he tans and I don’t:

I’m such a person of color in comparison, am I not? now:

this lady over there is former minister Cecile Kyenge - she was born in Congo but she has Italian citizenship and is in the left party. She is what in this country is a person of color. As in, if I asked her direction on the street and didn’t know who she was I’d say ‘I asked direction to the nice lady of color over there’. 


is Italian tv presenter Carlo Conti, born in Florence from a very Italian family, after getting a tan in summer. this is Italian presenter Carlo Conti when he doesn’t have a tan:

This woman here is Belen Rodriguez and she’s a model from Argentina who has been living and working in Italy for a decade or more and is the erotic dream of a bunch of Italian men:

In the US, she’d be a person of color since she’s from Argentina. Spoilers: when not tanned, she has a skin color closer to mine than to Carlo Conti’s. We would not call her a person of color. And we would not call Carlo a person of color. Because he’s not. He’s still white according to our standard.

Now, sorry for the shitty quality of the picture but I can’t find another with all three people with high resolution. This is naturalized Italian former athlete Fiona May (she originally was British) on the left, on the right there’s her former husband and also former athlete Gianni Iapichino, also born in Florence and 100% ethnically Italian or how you’d say it, and there’s their daughter in the middle:

Fiona and her daughter would be considered persons of color, Gianni would not, because he’s not.

Again, if it wasn’t clear enough: person of color is in Italy the way you refer to black people if you want to be polite. the neutral term is black, but saying persona di colore is just more accepted as the polite form of it. It doesn’t mean you’re institutionally oppressed, it means you have black skin. the end.

If you didn’t see *white* people it’s because people tend to have olive skin/be tanned around here and if according to you it’s not white then whatever, but here all those variations of skin tone still fall under the white umbrella. People of color the way it’s meant in the US is a concept that doesn’t fucking exist, because as I said way too many times, in the US the concept of white privilege is tied to a specific background which means that in order to access to it you have to be or pass as a white anglo saxon protestant, because even if you were a white anglosaxon catholic up until a certain point you got shit for it and if you were a white southern European catholic you definitely didn’t have access to white privilege, never mind the Irish. And you have to be wasp and live in the motherfucking US. people in Italy are white, not anglosaxon and certainly not protestant for the most part anyway, and the protestants are a minority because the majority is catholic so they don’t have privilege whatsoever.

We. Are. Not. Poc. And we are white according to the definition of white in Europe, not the definition of wasp in the US, and saying that we are poc as if it was the same as in the US is completely misunderstanding the point. And if you came on vacation in summer when everyone is tanned and visited for what, two weeks, doesn’t mean that suddenly we’re all poc. It’s as if I go on vacation to the US for two weeks and spend all of my time in a small town in idk Nebraska where according to this census here 89,6% of the population is white/wasp, which means that if I go in a small town statistically I’d have more chances of not running into a not white person than the contrary. Then I go back to Italy and tell my friends ‘guys I’ve been to the US and what’s even the whole melting pot myth, everyone there is white idek’. Would that be accurate? Not really, because I’ve been to one small city in one central state in the US where the demographics are not the same as idek Miami. Let’s not take out the ‘I’ve been to X country and saw Y thing so I know better than people who live there’ card for the love of everything, k?

What she says: I’m Fine. 

What she means: When are idols like Taehyung from BTS or any idol going to stop apologizing for having tan skin or becoming too tan. They are beautiful  regardless of the color, and what made us fall in love with them was not the complexion of the skin, but their personality and values they’ve demonstrated. So why all the fuss? These micro-aggressions from fans sincerely need to stop because although some accept their skin, maintaining that confidence throughout their career is difficult, and sadly fans have enough power to destroy that by commenting on posts that our idols see with the complaint of  “you’re getting too dark” or “you looked better with lighter skin”.  Their skin color should not be pointed out as a flaw. They are humans too and are working their butts off going without several hours of sleep at night, rehearsing everyday, and being away from their families just to give US attention, while we return the favor by destroying their self esteem. Just stop. 

Fluffapalooza commission for @wannabeagrunklefan who for some reason I still cannot tag. But ye, tiny Stans! :D Always a joy to draw, thank you!