fall carrots

Having none horsey family members are interesting sometimes.

- Always asking if Rudi wears shoes. When i say no they point to other horses asking if that one does.

- Calling every piece of tack, be it halters, bridles, girths, whatever, a “harness.”

- Commenting on how much she farts, i wouldn’t even notice if she farted me straight in the face tbh.

- Calling riding in the arena “walking around the place 5-6 times” as if all we did was walk around.

- *points to hackamore* “is that one of those metal things that go in their mouth?”

- *quietly in the bacground while watching me saddle* “horses must be so kind to allow us to do such things to them” Which i will admit is true, just funny when they whisper it as if im committing a crime.

- Straight up saying “Like she said (me) horses are racist!” To the barn owner because i tried to explain why the icelandics rejected the warmbloods by saying they can be kind of racist, did not want the barn owner to know i called her horses racists but oh well…

- “Oh no she’s angry!” *Horse listens to something behind it.

- “I bought carrots with the green top still attached so i have a handle to feed her with!”

- “Why are half of the carrots falling back out!?” Probably because she has about 7 of them jammed in there.

Always entertaining.

If You Want Me

Anon: Could you do like punk!kookie and nerdy!jimin where jungkook has piercings and tattoos and he likes a piercing that jimin has. Mostly fluffy. Little to no smut? (That’s for another request ;) ) Tysm author-nim!

This was so fun to write anon baby~


“Omg omg look. It’s him”

Jimin reached over and tightly gripped the arm of his best friend, Taehyung. They were on the roof of the school, feasting on homemade sandwiches and drinking from the six juice packets they had split between the both of them. Normally they would be in one of the classrooms, stealing kimchi and rice from Hoseok. But, Jimin as always wanted to do something different, and now they sat on the roof like a pair of outcasts. 

Just as Taehyung’s eyes averted to the entrance to the roof, a kid with dark red hair and heavy eyeliner walked out, earphones in. As the boy reached up to adjust them, the sleeve of his black hoodie slid down and revealed what looked to be the start of a tattoo on his arm. Taehyung had never seen him before, but he could only guess who he was. 

“Is that,” he smirked, turning back to Jimin who was blushing madly. “Jeon Jungkook?

At the utterance of the name, Jimin turned a shade of pink that went very well with his orange hair. For weeks now, Jimin had been talking about the new kid at school who was kind of dark but “so fucking cute.” Quite honestly, the kid had earned a name for himself around the school, already getting into two fights and always in detention. But, because Taehyung and Jimin were a grade or two above him, their paths never crossed. However, Jimin had managed to see him several times since he arrived, and the boy had developed little crush on him. And, based on his reputation, Taehyung had been wanting to see the kid for awhile now.

Fuck he’s so hot.” Jimin nearly moaned.

Okay maybe “a little crush” was an understatement. 

“Why don’t I just call him over here?” Taehyung’s lips lifted into a mischievous version of his box smile and Jimin shook his head violently, nearly knocking off his glasses. 

“No! Don’t do that.”

Jimin pouted, widening his eyes behind the glasses and Taehyung huffed. “Fine, but you’ll never be able to fuck him if you don’t talk to him.” Before Jimin could come up with a good response, there was the sound of boots moving against the cement of the roof and then the orange-haired male’s eyes had widened to the size of planets. When Taehyung turned, he was met with the image of leather hugging small calves and when he lifted his eyes up, there were two dark orbs staring back down at him. 

“Are you guys the only ones up here normally?” The voice was low and husky, and lacked a bit of emotion. His headphones were now out of his ear and the loud sounds of electric guitars and drums blared through the small buds. 

“Yeah. At least in the last couple weeks no one has been up here. Why, want some lunch buddies?” Taehyung was as brave and friendly as ever. Jimin wished he could be that confident. Instead he pushed up his glasses and tilted his head down to stare at the scattered remains of their lunch. 

“Nah. Just wanted to make sure I’d have some peace.” The younger boy reached up and ran his fingers through his hair, red strands lifting and revealing the spikes of an eyebrow piercing. From behind him, Taehyung could hear Jimin’s breath hitch. There were a lot of other piercings but all on the ear, three on the left and two on the right. The spikes of his eyebrow piercing reminded Taehyung of the industrial piercing that he had forced Jimin to get a few months prior. 

“Well, we can be a little rowdy some times.” Taehyung insisted. 

“Sure you can.” Jungkook mocked, mouth lifted in the semblance of a smile, and Taehyung could now see how attractive he really was. “I guess I’ll go sit over there now,” he used his thumb to point at the other side of the roof that was a bit more shaded. There were tall gates around the perimeter of the roof so someone couldn’t accidentally fall off.  "Oh hey, carrot top, I like the industrial.“

By the time Jimin’s head snapped up, Jungkook was already turned around and slowly walking towards the other side of the roof. Flustered, Jimin reached down and grabbed one of the juice pouch that hadn’t been touched. “Hey, Jungkook. Here.” The boy turned around just in time to catch the flying pouch. This time, there was a complete smile, and then he was turned back around, pouch stuffed into his hoodie pocket.

When he was far enough away, Taehyung turned around and nudged Jimin hard enough to knock his glasses onto the ground. “You guys totally had a moment there.”

“Easy for you to say. You two were basically eye fucking each other.“ 

"The guy’s attractive what can I say. That eyebrow piercing is pretty sexy too.”

Jimin groaned, pout once again lifting on his lips. “Oh hyung, you know I’m only kidding with you. Besides Yoongi would rip me a new one if he knew I said that about some other guy.” He waved his hands absentmindedly. But I don’t care what you say ‘cos you guys totally had a moment. Told you that piercing was a good thing.“

"It was painful.”

“A little pain always comes with a little pleasure,” he said while wiggling his eyebrows. 

Jimin rolled his eyes, looking past the younger male to eye the kid. He had his earphones on again, and he was idly sucking on the straw of the juice pouch, the other hand holding an unlit cigarette. Just as the boy put down the juice pouch and pulled out a lighter, the school bell rung from inside. 

“Shit I still have to get to my locker before Ms. A’s class and she’s all the way on the first floor.” Taehyung groaned and stuffed all of the remains of their lunch in a bag, grabbed Jimin’s wrist, and tugged him roughly towards the roof entrance. He didn’t even have to look back to know that Jungkook was watching them go with that uninterested stare that Taehyung had stared up at for longer than a few seconds. “Fuck we’re going to be late.”

After Ms. A’s class, both boys separated to different classes, Jimin being in more advanced courses than Taehyung due to the younger boy’s lack of focus and tendency to pull pranks that went so far they almost always ended up with him in detention. This year, Taehyung had been good, but much at the expense of not having many classes with his best friend. 

Having a free period before his last class, Jimin aimlessly walked through the hallways, hands tucked in the pockets of his uniform trousers. He just needed to grab a couple books from his locker and put back his ballet shoes. It didn’t require much thought so, when he opened the locker door,he hadn’t really noticed or paid attention to the shoes scuffling against the floor in his direction. 

At least until his head was grabbed and banged directly against the cold metal.

“Hey ginger. Where’s ya glasses?” When Jimin’s head was yanked back by the orange strands, and through his eyes which were squinted from pain, he could see the group of other boys who had surrounded him. They were the same five that always managed to find him and rough him up so bad he often went home with countless bruises. Speaking of which, he still had a few on his back and abdomen from a few days prior. 

And he hadn’t even noticed he was missing his glasses until they mentioned it. 

“Come on guys. I’m still all fucked up from last time.” He knew it wouldn’t help saying so, but what else could he say. Maybe one of them would show his body a little mercy.

“What?” One of the boys chuckles, using Jimin’s hair to turn him around so his back was against one of the other lockers. “Can’t take a hit anymore, pussy?”


“You know, you’re kinda pretty for a guy.” Another boy, who had dark hair and a hand full of metal rings, leaned against his shoulder. “I bet you would look real nice bent over for me. You would like that, wouldn’t you ginger?”

Jimin stuttered, still trying to plead for a little mercy. But he was trapped between them and the locker. Nowhere for him to run to and no Taehyung to defend him. Of course the younger boy always saved his ass, but it was his boyfriend, a senior with mint green hair and a bad attitude, that normally scared the bullies half to death. But neither was with him now, and he just braced himself for the ass whooping his knew he was going to get soon. 

A knee lifted and hit him directly in the stomach, and as he keeled over he was pushed sideways. Weak from the impact, he stumbled and fell directly on the floor. The wind was knocked out of him and as he struggled for air, there was an army of fists raining down on him and he curled into a ball. They must’ve been particularly excited today. Normally, only one of them went at a time. At the most two. But now he was facing the fury of all five of them and he wasn’t sure how long his body would be able to take the pain.

For the last few years he’d been frequently visiting the gym, and he’d built a nice amount of muscle, but not enough confidence. He had the strength to defend himself, but he lacked the balls. 

He really was a pussy.

The tile floor of the hallway began to blur as splotches of black appeared in his visions. He might’ve screamed at some point. Maybe he yelled for help. They were far away from any of the classes that were being taught and all the other teachers were likely in the conference room or already gone for the day. No one was there to save him. All he could do was keep his arms firmly in front of his face to protect from any indicative marks on his cheeks that might alarm Taehyung, Yoongi, or worse, his parents. 

As he closed his eyes, it seemed like all the punches had stopped. He couldn’t feel them anymore and guessed that he was finally numbing and passing out. At least until he heard shoes scuffling against the tile. They were still there, just taking a break maybe. Maybe they had worn themselves out and were now taking a breather before they continued their beating. There was still half an hour left in that period. Hoping that maybe he’d be able to sit up, he opened his eyes, but not before seeing another pair of boots settle in front of his face. The beating was about to start again.

Except the punches never came. 

When Jimin opened his eyes again, there were dark brown eyes, surrounded in eyeliner, looking back down at him. There was a smile on his lips, one that made him look angelically beautiful. Despite the fact that the bruises and blood on his fingers, coupled with the piercings and highly detailed tattoo made him look a bit like a devil. Jeon Jungkook sat there, squatted down and staring directly at him with the brightest smile he had ever seen. 

“W-wha…?” Jimin lifted his head slowly, still a bit disoriented from the intense amount of pain he had just been experiencing. As his eyes came into focus, he saw the other boys laid around on the floor, groaning and holding various parts of themselves as if they were all in pain. It only took Jimin a few moments to put everything together. “Did…did you do this Jungkook?”

The boy raised an eyebrow, that same one with the beautiful spiked eyebrow piercing. “Sure did.” He tilted his head childishly, smile resembling that of a bunny. “Why don’t think I could take all of them?”

“No no it’s not that.” After he fully righted himself, he shook his head, still trying to push out the dizziness and confusion. “Just,” he waved his hand in the air, struggling to find the right thing to say. Jungkook tilted his head the other way, obviously interested in what Jimin had to say. “Why?” he finally managed to ask. 

Jungkook lifted from his position, stretching his shoulders that were still covered by the black hoodie. He was probably the only kid in school who kept their hoodie on over their uniform, and Jimin was sure this didn’t go without a little backlash. But the boy had been in the school for a few months now, and the hoodie was still there, meaning whatever reprocusions he’d received didn’t bother him. 

“Why?” The boy reached out his hand and Jimin grabbed it. “Well, you gave me that juice pouch earlier. I owed you one.” He pulled Jimin to his feet and, once the orange-haired boy was up, he stretched again and folded his hands behind his head. “Besides, anyone with an industrial like that is cool in my book.” Jimin was once again reminded of the barbell that was in the top of his ear with two spikes on each end. He had to remember thank Taehyung for making him go through with it. “Come on, carrot top, let’s go.”

“Where are we going?” There was still twenty minutes left in the period. And then another period before the end of the day. Where could they be going? Jungkook shrugged. “And it’s Jimin, Park Jimin.”

“Jimin huh?” The younger boy chuckled and turned, now backwards so they could look at each other. Jimin tilted his head curiously, asking what he was giggling about. “It’s funny.” Jungkook began to laugh a bit, and the sound made Jimin’s heart flutter. “Here I never asked what your name was and you knew mine before I even told you. Tell me, hyung, were you stalking me or something? Or am I just that notorious?” At first Jimin darted his eyes to the floor, blushing madly but unsure what the say. But, another round of chuckles escaped the boy’s mouth, showing that he was obviously joking. Well, Park Jimin hyung, school’s a drag,“ he began to make his way down the hallway, towards the front entrance. Jimin followed behind reluctantly. "I want to go do more interesting things. Do something fun.”

“Like what?”

They’d reached the front door and Jungkook turned to look at him, familiar smirk on his face. But this time, his eyes seemed to be lit with excitement, not disinterest like before. “Come on and find out carrot top.” When Jimin pouted in response, Jungkook rolled his eyes, not annoyed but instead finding Jimin’s pout very cute. “By the way,” he reached in his hoodie pocket and then extended his hand in Jimin’s direction. “You need these?”

Jimin looked down at the boy’s large outstretched hand. In it were his glasses, in perfect condition and gleaming as if they’d been cleaned. Jimin looked back up after taking them and stuffing them in his pocket. “Hey did you clea-”

Jungkook reached out and grabbed the boy’s wrist, tugging him out the front door and jogging across the front courtyard to the school’s entrance. When they got there, there was a black car already waiting and loud hip hop music echoed behind the windows. The front tinted window lowered to reveal an older male with a mix of light pink and blonde hair. He smiled first at Jungkook and then his eyes landed on Jimin.

“Jungkook-ah, who’s this?" 

"This is Jimin hyung. New friend. Mind if he comes over Namjoon hyung?" 

The other male looked between them momentarily before shrugging, turning for a second only to change the song to one with a harder bass. "You know I don’t care. Seokjin was cooking when I left, he’d love to have a guest, especially if that guest is a friend. And you know he really wants you to have friends.”

“Hyung,” Jungkook whined, seemingly embarrassed. 

“Alright, alright hop in.” Jungkook opened the door and stood, waiting for Jimin to slide in. “Nice to meet you, Park Jimin.” The guy named Namjoon looked at him through the rearview mirror. Jungkook slid in a shut the door and the car was then moving across the street, extremely fast. Namjoon turned up the music and the sounds of hardcore rapping thumped like a heartbeat around them, so loud Jimin could barely hear himself think. 

“Nice to meet you too hyung!” he yelled over the music. 

The car ride had been quick, mostly due to Namjoon’s habit of speeding through lights and running stop signs when no one was around. They ended up in another district, one Jimin had never been in. There were small houses and apartment buildings everywhere and they stopped in front of a dark house that looked to have two floors. When they got inside, Jimin could see it was very spacious. There was a kitchen, living room, and dining on the first floor and he was sure the bedrooms were upstairs. In the kitchen, there was door that let down into a basement. The furniture was a mix between rundown and modern, and gave the place a mixed bag of aesthetics. Still, Jimin thought he quite locked the modern art on the rustic old coffee table and the modern bookcase scattered with old and worn books. 

In the kitchen there had been a male who had excitedly hugged him, kissing his cheeks and thanking him for befriending their “baby Kookie”. Jungkook had groaned and whined until the particularly broad-shouldered male released him and said they were free to go hang out in Jungkook’s room, which he had been told was in the basement. 

Sure, he knew Jungkook was a little punk, but his room was a bit unexpected. The walls were wood, but most of the planks were covered in sheet music, posters of idols, and tons of cartoony drawings. Against one wall was a queen-sized bed and on the other wall there was a tv, stereo, and speakers. Then, in the farthest corner their was a desk with a computer. Everything was rather modern, black or red in color, and meticulously placed. And for a punk, he was rather neat. 

“You’re pretty cool, Jiminie hyung.” They’d been on his bed, talking, for the last hour, and Jungkook had begun to favor calling him Jiminie as opposed to carrot top, much to Jimin’s pleasure. The younger admitted that he had intended to go out and tag some wall, while pointing to the bag full of spray paints under his desk, but talking to Jimin had gotten a lot of his attention. 

“You’re pretty cool too Kookie” Jimin smiled, eyes curling into crescents, and he heard Jungkook’s breath hitch. He opened his eyes, wondering if he had said something to make the younger boy uncomfortable. For the last hour he had been particularly gentle and nice, much in contrast with the way he looked around school. Maybe he was trying to make a good impression so Jimin didn’t run for the hills screaming. However, there was no way Jimin was going to go anywhere. 

“Do that again.” Jungkook poked the glass of Jimin’s glasses, which the older male had put on when he had tried to read one of his text messages and failed at doing so because of his poor sight. 

“Do what?”

“Smile again." 

Jimin, finding this very comical, lifted his lips into an even wider smile than before, eyes curling once again into crescents. Right as he began to open his eyes again, he felt soft lips pressed firmly against his. Then there were hands on his waist. At first he stiffened, unsure of what to do, but then he was letting the other boy guide him into his lap while wrapping his arms around the boy’s neck. When they finally pulled away, Jimin was breathing heavily, eyes barely open. 


“I heard you talking about me on the roof.” Jungkook breathed, not in a mocking tone but more as a statement. 

“Oh,” Jimin blushed, looking down at his waist that was now wrapped around Jungkook’s hips. “Didn’t you have earphones in?”

“Just because I have earphones in does not mean I can’t hear you.” Jungkook was smiling now, tongue running against his lower lip. “And I’ve seen you around school sometimes. You’re pretty cute Park Jimin. Now tell me,” he ran his hand down Jimin’s sides, fingers digging into the bruises that were there from the older beating, causing the older boy to moan. He leaned forward, lips only inches away from the other’s ear. “What do you want?”

“I w-want,” Jungkook leaned down farther, gripping the tan skin of Jimin’s neck between his teeth. The orange-haired boy groaned, moving his hips at the new sensation. Jungkook groaned from the friction. “I want you.”

Jungkook gripped him hard again, pulling back from his neck so that he could crash their lips together roughly. His hands traveled up Jimin’s body, gripping and pulling them as close together as possible. The bruises caused the older a bit of pain, but as Jungkook kissed him, it made his cock twitch beneath his trousers. The younger boy gripped his waist one more time before flipping them so he had his back pressed against the bed. Kisses were placed all around his neck and, after his shirt was lifted above his head, down into the dips of his abs. Jimin moaned repeatedly, fingers tangled in the younger’s hair. 

Suddenly, Jungkook was back up face to face with him, and Jimin could see how beautiful the fire in his eyes really was. “If you want me,” his free hand reached and grabbed him between his legs, causing him to moan once again. “You can have me.”

They spent the rest of the evening, bodies melded together in a mixture of making love and simple rough fucking. And then, when it had become too late, he’d just laid against Jungkook and told himself that he’d explain what happened to his parents the next morning. 

In school the next day, Jimin leaned against his locker waiting as Taehyung tore through the mess of his own, looking for the homework he needed for his first class. 

“Really, Taehyung-ah. You should clean your locker.”

“Yoongi hyung says he likes it when I’m messy.”

“I really didn’t want to hear that.”

Taehyung turned to look at the other boy, giving him a mischievous smile. He was about to retort when his eyes narrowed on something. Jimin tilted his head as the younger reached up and tugged at his collar. What was he doing?

“What the actual fuck Jimin, did those boys beat you up again?” There was concern in his voice. He was obviously upset. 

“N-no Tae, I-" 

"Don’t you try to make any excuses Park Jimin,” the older boy would’ve normally scolded him for the major lack of honorifics when calling his whole name, but at the moment he let it slide. “Me and Yoongi will…”

“Goodmorning hyung,” Jimin felt a pair of hands slink around his hips and Taehyung stood in shock as Jungkook pulled Jimin close and kissed right below one of the many passion marks on his neck. When he looked up, he saw Taehyung gaping at him and his lips lifted in an amused grin. “What? Can’t say goodmorning to my new boyfriend?”

Werewolf! Ashton

Words: 4.6k

Warning: smut, tying up wit rope

Summary: Y/N rescues a wolf and patches it up when it’s bleeding. Little does she know that this wolf could turn into a human and show her the best time of her life. 


“Y/N” the barrister said. I looked up from the sugar pot I had been staring at for at least 3 minutes and walked over to the man holding my strawberry and cream cooler. I thanked the man before making my way outside. God bless Starbucks for staying open for 24 hours. It was 1am and I had just finished my course work at the college library. It had taken me three week’s to complete the whole project and was due in tomorrow, which I thought I’d spend the whole night completing it. That was a bad idea as now the only thing keeping me from collapsing was the wetness of the cooler in my hand. The coldness of it dripping over my hand. 

I walked down the road to my house, the street lights lighting up the grey pavement. There was a fews whistles of wind as it made my tartan scarf flap behind me slightly. I sucked onto the see-through straw, watching the pink liquid shoot up. I heard the screeching of tyres come around the corner and a car speed past me. Some people are so impolite at this time of night, people are sleeping but no you have to speed round corners and cause a commotion. I followed the path round the corner past the alleyway but not before hearing a whimper. I looked into the ally way, seeing a large brown animal. Was it a dog?

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Hardy Plants

Extreme weather is pretty much unavoidable unless you live in Hawaii. Here is a list of plants for your garden that can withstand frosts and droughts.

For Cold Weather/Spring/Fall:

• Camellia
• Japanese Maple
• Carrots
• Evergreen Holly
• Cabbage
• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Onions
• Spinach
• Snowdrops
• Berry Bushes
• Crepe Myrtle
• Witch Hazel
• Hellebores
• Peony

For Hot Weather/Summer/Droughts:

• Agave
• Bamboo
• Zinnia
• Banana
• Sedum
• Lantana
• Dahlia
• Coneflower
• Lavender
• Salvia/Sage
• Sempervivam
• Rosemary
• Cactus
• Aloe
• Thyme
• Chives
• Parsley
• Oregano

Falls and Carrots

My 97 year old Grandmother fell on Thursday out on her back porch, trying to get to her plants. My mother, who lives with her, didn’t hear her calling for help. When she finally heard her, she couldn’t get her up by herself.  This is Florida at 11 in the morning, so it was too hot for her to be struggling on the back porch. So, they got her to her knees and she crawled into the living room.  

FOUR HOURS LATER, they called a neighbor for help. My grandmother didn’t want anyone called because she was embarrassed, so they just struggled for 4 hours, adding bruises to bruises as she kept re-falling on the floor.  When the neighbor came over, he brought another neighbor who is a nurse over and they all got her up.  My mother, who is 69, was exhausted by that point as well.

Miraculously, other than the bruises, my grandmother is okay. And my mother is okay as well.

I, however…I am not okay.  Four hours.  That is enough time for her to have had a stroke or a heart attack from too much exertion.  I was so upset that I cried and had some wine.   These precious women, too embarrassed to call for help.  


I’m eating carrots right now.  My cat cannot understand what is going on.  She comes right up and sticks her face right next to my mouth and looks at me like, “What on earth is happening??”  She doesn’t want the carrot stick, as I’ve offered many times.  I guess it’s the noise and smell.  It’s pretty adorable.  

I love the new actress who is going to play Doctor Who.  She has that magical gleam in her eye.  I think she is going to be great!

Dan and Phil at Wimbledon were so cute!   I loved their outfits and the selfies.  I’m so glad they get to do things like this.  I think it’s just awesome and that they totally deserve it. 

And how are you guys doing?  Eating many carrots these days?  lol.  I hope you’re well!  

It’s just a timey wimey wibbly wobbly kind of day!  Love you, sweet angels!

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Number 20 ! Wildehopps

“You need to wake up. Because I can’t do this without you.”

In which I try platonic and fail. Write romantic and possibly fail. And do my best to avoid angst and definitely fail.

Cuddles and snuggles all around.

He falls in love with Judy in the morning.

Which is ironic, because he’s not a morning person.

She’s pounding on his door at six in the morning, the smell of coffee falling in from the hallway, her voice at that annoyingly cheery pitch that she seems to save just for him, and he thinks he might just kill her.

But he still falls in love with her.

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Reasons why you shouldn’t take Clalecs seriously
1) they think Alec is an otherkin unicorn (??)
2) they think only gay men have anal sex / spread diseases
3) they think every gay person has and spreads those diseases but not the straights
4) most of them are the same guy on different accounts (seriously, I’ve only seen 1 Clalec account that didn’t belong to hatefuldiso)
5) most importantly​, they seriously believe that Alec Lightwood , a gay man who’s sexuality has been confirmed at least 15 times & who’s engaged to his Asian bisexual boyfriend Magnus Bane, will magically turn straight and fall in love with Carrot Fray, who is btw in love with her bf Jace Herondale.

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this isn't witchy but can you tell me what your bunny care routine is like? like what kind of food, bedding, etc, you use?

hello! first off, i have a bunny care 101 section on my bunblr (@mother-of-bunnies) so check that out! 

  • i personally use oxbow garden fresh pellets for both of my rabbits. navi has some gastric problems so i feed her a very little amount of pellets each day, like maybe 1/8th of a cup if even that. pumpkin gets ¼th a cup a day. 
  • i use kaytee timothy hay plus with dried carrots - the carrots usually fall to the bottom of the bag so i will collect those and give them as treats every now and then. 
  • neither bunny has any kind of bedding in the bottom of their cage - navi’s condo has a piece of carpet at the bottom with a couple of pieces of fleece, and pumpkin has a towel in the bottom of his cage. the only thing i use bedding for is their litter boxes, in which i use kaytee clean and cozy scented bedding - summer storm or lavender. 
    • their litter boxes are emptied and cleaned once a day
  • i recently did away with water bottles for their cages, and now they both have a bowl that attaches to the side - i clean the bowls every other day with hot water, and refill them once a day. 
  • treats are given maybe once a day in a very small amount - i use the dried carrots from the hay i mentioned above, dried bananas, dried strawberries, and fresh fruits like strawberries and raspberries
  • their vegetable of choice is cilantro which i try to give like a handful a day but i ran out and need to get some more. 
  • i let them out to play when i get home from work - i have to let them out separately so that pumpkin doesn’t try to hump navi, but they play individually for a couple of hours each. pumpkin is more playful and likes to do zoomies and binkies around the couch and will eventually go back to his cage for a snack or a treat. navi isn’t as active, probably because she is spayed, and generally just prowls the area for food before going back to her cage to nom on some hay.