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@maggieumber your drawings and paintings have so much movement in them, they look so, alive. I love the animal figures, but also the essence of the surroundings in Sound of Snow Falling.
Thank you for sharing your work with us, online. You are not only a great painter/illustrator.. You are an amazing story teller as well. hugs <3

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I just learned a gachapon is a real thing wtf I thought they were a McElroy goof what else don't I know about??? Do we have moon bases? Is costco real???

I’m gonna be 100% honest with you anon, I never heard the word “gachapon” before I heard them use it on the podcast. I don’t even remember what I called them before, but I for sure needed some context clues before I put together that they meant the machine with the capsules for the little toys.

Which, in hindsight? Who the fuck designed that? Who decided that the best way to distribute weapons and armor by chance is to put them in a big gachapon machine? Maybe this is different for other people, but in my experience you can see inside of those usually? And you can’t pick what you get, but still. You’re not getting that sick sword at the top, that’s for sure. Better luck next time.

Do you think people in the BoB sometimes… wait a little longer before cashing in their coin in the hopes that the sweet armor they saw last week will be a little lower in the machine? Can Leon be bribed to load the machine in a certain order and give someone a better chance at getting the sweet armor that just got brought in? Do you think other methods of choosing things by chance - specifically spin-able wheels - have been resolutely banned after the first Wonderland experience? How big even is this machine, how has nobody been knocked out by a massive falling capsule? Has someone been knocked out by a massive falling capsule?

I have some questions.

(Also Costco is not real, all Costcos are actually portals to liminal spaces with great deals on bulk purchases.)

Joining The Team Pt 5 (Avengers X Fem!Reader) ~Finale

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mention of torture, fighting, violence, explosions, burning, stabbing and shooting

Request: Joining The Team Pt 5 ~FINALE~

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You were awoken by the sound of gunshots and an explosion. You had jumped up from your bed already, and left your room to find the source, only to find agents running around unprepared. It settled in quickly what was going on. They- HYDRA- were here to take back their weapon: you.

A sudden wash of fear went through you, wondering what to do. You didn’t want to get captured and tortured all over again- you’d honestly rather die. So you went in search of a familiar face, maybe one of the Avengers. So you ran in the opposite direction of the agents and deeper into the base. You couldn’t find them, and you reached an overview window of the entrance of the base.

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Destination Mars Chapter 1 ::Camp::

Author’s Note; Thank you so much to the people who messaged me and replied to the story requesting for it to be continued! Please feel free to invade my inbox requesting for continued chapters of stories, because sometimes I miss it when you guys reply to the threads. Also for those who don’t know, most of the fanfics are written in first person while imagines are reader based. The character’s name in this story is NOT given on purpose at this time, it’ll be revealed later. //  @cammiesweetie , @iraniq , @sanellv 

Disclaimer; I have never been to camp mars and have no idea how it’s set up. Everything in this story is literally a guess when it comes to the camp theme. 

WARNING; This story contains remnants that have to do with mental illness as well as sensitive subjects. In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness month, I wanted to emphasize the importance of mental health. Some of the themes in this story as the chapters progress, will contain information about mental illness as well as some mature themes. Chapters will be labeled as such. Some pieces are also based on true events. Thank you! ( there will be more jared later too, I promise ).

The deep rooted sense of unease clung to my abdomen like hair clung to soap and I couldn’t stop my anxiety from nearly shattering every piece of me. What I was about to do shaped my entire future, and a part of me wondered if I was making the right decision or just acting on my foolish desire to escape my current reality. So much had changed in the course of a few months, but at the same time so much had stayed the same around me. How is it that you could lose someone so close to you and the world continue to move on as if nothing ever happened? While you sat, frozen in time wondering how to go on without them. 

I couldn’t help the small chuckle that fell from my lips as I played with the small blades of grass that tickled my ankles. How morbid was I to be so at home in a field full of tomb stones and the resting dead? It seemed to be the only place that I was able to accomplish peace and quiet, but it still brought back memories of a time I wished I could get back. 

“Well, I got the tickets in my bag. I should be headed there in the next few days just like we planned. I really miss you, Julia.” I admitted somberly while running my fingers across her name printed elegantly into the concrete stone that marked her grave’s location. Her mother had done such an excellent job ensuring that her grave stone reflected exactly the kind of person Julia was in life; vibrant, elegant, and overall epic. She would have wanted nothing less. 

The nerve wrecking sound of my watch’s chime hit my ears like a sonic boom as the alarm alerted me that it was time for me to get going. My fingers scrambled to shut it off in fear of disturbing the people around me until I realized that everyone around me was dead. The sleep they were in wasn’t something that a mere wrist watch could wake them from, and I couldn’t stop the gut shaking laugh that rippled through me. No one was crazy enough to hang out in a grave yard but me and the thought of how panicked I got about disturbing the dead only made me wonder about my sanity even further. 

“Alright rugrat, I gotta scram. Put in a word with the big guy for me. Tell em’ that time I stole candy from my Grandma’s purse should be expunged from my record. It was stale, old and I got a cavity. I was punished enough.” I joked while extending my index finger in an attempt to be poise. The small charm bracelet that previously belonged to Julie chimed against my arm and I couldn’t stop the smile that spread across my lips like wildfire. Her mother said she would’ve wanted me to have it, and oddly enough I hadn’t warn it until today. I pushed a piece of hair behind my ear when I felt the wind pick up in the distance, and a glance over my shoulder revealed my small car waiting chivalrously for my moment of departure. How long had I been sitting here; an hour, two hours? It was funny that even after her death, she was still the only person I ever seemed to lose track of time with. Somethings never change.

The wind against my face gave me a sense of freedom while I drove down the highway back to my house. It was a fairly short drive considering how empty the freeway was, but the sense of isolation I felt on the journey home alone did nothing but give my mind ammunition to bombard my thoughts with. There was so much to think about yet no motivation to comb over it all. In a few hours, I would be on the road to Malibu even though i’d never been out of state before, and the thought of being away from home fueled my current anxiety even more. 

The hallow sound of my ceiling fan in the living room greeted me as I popped in through the door frame. Just as quiet as I originally left it. Truth be told, Julie wasn’t my only friend but she was the only one who knew the true secret of my family because I trusted her. However, I made it my mission to tell a lie any time someone asked me about my past. It started out as an experiment, a hypothesis that no one really knows about where you come from, they only believe what you tell them. Sure enough, after repeating the same lie most of the time, it became central fact to the people that lived around me. It was believed that my parents worked as nurses over seas and I only ever received letters from them twice a year. I was left in the care of my grandfather, but due to him going to a home 2 years ago, I’ve been set out to live on my own. Sounds lifetime-ish right? It was the exact sob story that I was going for, but the one person who knew the truth didn’t live long enough to tell anyone. Dead men tell no tales, or should I say dead women tell no tales?

I chuckled to myself for once again thinking so morbidly while my fingers worked like little minions packing up the rest of my things. How long would I even be gone this time? I should have read the manifesto, but I didn’t originally plan on going in the first place. After losing my travel partner i decided to sell the tickets, but if i did sell them I would’ve destroyed the promise I made to attend the camp which was unacceptable because I don’t break promises. 

My fingers stopped moving when they came into contact with my anti-depressants, and the remembrance of the last time I took them caused me to shake my head. It’s been 8 months now since i’d been unreliant on them, and the thought of taking them and feeling numb this entire trip did not interest me. My fingers were on the bottle cap faster than I could stop myself and the distant sound of the capsules falling into the bottom of the toilet was like music to y ears. How long had I been struggling with the decision to let go? It was time.

The gentle flushing of the bathroom toilet gave me the reassurance I needed to guarantee that the medications were indeed gone forever, and the long winded breath of acceptance rattled through my lungs with a sense of accomplishment. New beginnings required sacrifice and I was willing to start a new journey with no strings; one that carried nothing from my previous life with it. I knew it was a risky move, but have you ever just been so fed up with your empty life style that you wanted nothing more than to change it? Well here I am, trying to change.

The arrangements were already worked out and the 45 minute drive to the airport was slightly soothing because it provided ample time for me to think through my plans. I would be at the airport shortly, I would make my way to California and I would attend the one and only Camp Mars. I would pretend to have fun, I would put on a fake smile for the inhabitants who are only there to gawk at the stage performers, and I would spend most of my time ignoring everyone all together and indulging in my real passion; the scene. If everyone could just stop for five seconds and realize how beautiful the environment out there is, then they wouldn’t be so broken hearted when they didn’t get the attention they desired from the members of 30 seconds to mars. 

30 seconds to mars, seriously? What kind of a name is that anyways and why was Julie so obsessed with them. I guess it makes sense that there’s no girls in the band, Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars. How clever. 

I chuckled to myself when I realized how silly I sounded because clearly this wasn’t a good idea. I’m going to a camp capitalized on the idea of a band that I only knew ONE song from. Correction, a band that I was forced to listen to one song from, and I don’t even think I remember most of the lyrics to. What was it even called; The Kill? 

Yeah, they’re going to eat me alive. 30 seconds to mars fans were like animals; they could smell fear and they knew when you weren’t truly one of them. I can’t lie, I’m acutely aware of Jared Leto due to his appearance in many films I enjoy like Suicide Squad, Dallas Buyers Club and a few others. He was calculating, intense and always seemed to grasp the character he was portraying as if they were a part of him. It was inspiring, but to go so far as to say I was this obsessed would be a lie.

The airplane’s window became my canvas out of boredom and I distinctly began tracing the harlequin diamonds that can commonly be found on the jester suit of harley quinn. It was something about the pattern that always made me smile; she was my favorite after all.

It’s a strange feeling to dream about something for so long and then finally have it within your grasp, but the sudden tinge of sadness gripped me faster than I could stop it. Julie wasn’t here with me to experience it, but I promised myself that i’d try to be happy here even if it was a fake happiness, I would fake it good. 

I was instantly greeted by the palm tree staircase that alerted me I had arrived in California; the land of lost dreams, fallen angels, and the soulless. I can honestly see why everyone wanted to visit or migrate here one day, it was absolutely beautiful. It wasn’t hard to believe that over 3.929 million ‎resided here, but the longer I was here the more I wanted out. It was something about this place that made me believe it sucked the life out of most people. My Texas southern style rivaled against the Californian way and the more I walked the streets the more obvious it became. 

Finding camp wasn’t hard especially since there was a sign that was impossible to miss. “CAMP MARS THIS WAY.” The dirt road on the way inside held something homely to me, it reminded me of Texas. The small crowd of people scattered around the camp slowly set my anxiety on edge, but I struggled to keep my composure as I passed by them all slowly. It felt like everything was moving in slow motion as they passed me and the indefinite style difference alerted me of my foreignness, but the idea of being an outcast came naturally to me. I didn’t truly fit in any where so why should this be much different?

The small group suddenly came together in one place near the entrance and it was my guess that someone was about to give some sort of a speech. I really should have read the manifesto. My fingertips fiddled with one another as I watched the people around me gather their phones, cameras and recorders. Should I record? Why? I wouldn’t watch it later anyways. I blew at my bangs and shifted my weight on my toes, can we get on with it already? There was a view in this camp that was calling my name. 

There he was, Jared Leto and following behind him was his brother and other band mate. He was accompanied by a few of the camp counselors and what seemed to be helpers. His all white baggy outfit strangely hung to him in ways that spoke to the female population in the language of the serpent who tempted Eve. What a dangerous, dangerous man. His appearance in itself demanded attention, but I refused to give him much of mine. 

“Well hello, and welcome to the one and only Camp Mars. It’s good to see you.” He enthused and his attention studied the group for a moment before he slipped a hand into his pocket. He walked casually in the small area applied to him in front of all of us and the netted ball cap attached to his head hid the slightly pale green hair underneath it. Delightful remnants of the Joker.

His presentation was captivating and his voice only drew people in more, but I felt myself backing away slowly as he began wrapping up his speech. We all knew what would happen when he was done, everyone would crowd around in their attempt to move on to the next place and the last thing I wanted was to get swept up in the crowd. It was too hot, too many people and my anxiety was too sketchy for it. 

My foot came in contact with another person’s and before I knew it my body was plummeting towards the ground. I was pleasantly surprised when a hand caught me first. 

“Hey, you alright?” the voice spoke and the under noted hum in the base of his words informed me that it was a guy. 

“Yeah, just tryin’ to get a closer look at the ground I guess.” I joked using most of his arm to pull myself back up. His hair was dark, he towered over me by at least 4 extra feed, and his smile was unbelievably perfect. 

“You and me both it looks like. I’m Jake by the way.” He stated casually. I shrugged.

“Nice to meet cha. Surprised you’re not a puddle of goo out here, it’s burning up.” I exaggerated. 

“I’m from Cali, i’m used to it by now. What about you?” He asked with a crocked smile. 

“Oh some where much hotter, Texas. You came all by yourself?” I asked curious now. Lookie there, another loner?

“Uh no actually, I brought my younger sister. She’s been dying to come here. One of my buddies is a counselor too so I couldn’t miss out ya know? You?” He asked. Suddenly my confidence hit the floor and I chuckled. I’m the only loner here it seems. 

“Uh my best friend and I made a road trip outta it.” I answered. My truth curved so swiftly that it nearly carved itself into a lie. We did plan this road trip, but we didn’t too much take it together did we? 

“You guys should meet up with us sometime! we could do some activities together.” he offered. I nodded. It was kind, but it was impossible as well. 

“Sure. I gotta head inside and attempt to build my tent for later. Thanks though.” He smiled before I could continue and I instantly turned my back in an effort to hide my irritation. 

“Hey I didn’t catch your name.” His voice echoed after me as I walked away.

“I didn’t throw it.” I yelled back with a laugh. What was the point, it’s not like we’d really see each other again. 

Most of the day was spent with me looking tragically over my schedule, apparently we attended events and lectures as if we were students. No one said that this was a part of the deal, and I some how felt betrayed. I didn’t want to attend lectures, I didn’t want to do group activities and I wasn’t really interested in meeting many people from camp. 

The slow walk towards the edge of camp was gratifying and a gentle turn backwards allowed me to see everyone grouping up around each other. They introduced themselves, shook hands, and proceeded to talk about their interests while I stood there on the outside watching them. Funny, it was metaphorically how I saw my life yet literally happening in front of me. 

I continued to walk in an effort to see how far the trails went, but I was suddenly stopped by what seemed to be a volunteer or a camp counselor. 

“What do you think you’re doing?” a male’s voice caught my ear, 

Uh oh

Easy Teleporter

Next in the script package I’m building is a teleporter designed to make your life a better place. Just plug in the destination nodes and define the tags of objects that can use the teleporter and you’re good to go.

It also allows the player to set a list of random destinations and quickly plug in particle effects and audio to play on entry and exit from the teleport.

In the above example, a capsule is falling forever into the teleporter. I’m surprised it keeps momentum actually. I guess I’ll go make Portal 3 now.