fall burgers

• Normalize going to Burger King at 3 am
• Normalize falling asleep inside the Burger King
• NORMALIZE filling up your empty milk jugs with drinks from the sofa fountain

This might be obvious but i really love cartoons and I really love how much effort is placed into cartoons these days like its been a real golden age for cartoons these past decade and I hope that continues.

Modern Cartoon recs for y'all living under a rock

•Gravity Falls

•Adventure Time

•Regular Show

•Steven universe

•Over the garden wall

•Voltron: Legendary Defender

• Rick And Morty (I stg if you say the fandom ruined it i will slap you,,,??? its fucking easy to ignore the fandom and enjoy the show jesus christ it’s still a great show)

•The loud house

•Star vs the forces of evil

• Avatar: The last airbender

•Avatar: The Legend of korra

•Miraculous ladybug

•We bare bears

•OK K.O let’s be heroes

• Ducktales Reboot

•Bojack horseman

•Bob’s burger

•Camp Camp

•Venture bros

•Milo Murphy’s law


•Wander Over Yonder

•Phineas and ferb


•Marvels Spider-man (2017)

•Spectacular Spider-Man

•Bravest Warriors

•The Amazing World Of Gumball

•Bee and puppycat

These are just some that i love feel free tell me more to add!

(I’m not gonna add anymore you can add some yourself if you want!)


i draw on post-its at work when i get bored, here’s the majority of my stash! ive probably already posted some of these somewhere but ayy they look cool all together

dang looking at these all together breathed some much needed life into me, tomorrow i’m gonna draw 🤘🏽🤘🏽

Looking for Blogs to Follow

Hey there! I haven’t been on tumblr for a while, so a few blogs/mutuals have either deactivated or moved. And I’ve also gotten a ton of new interests. Please reblog if you post about any of the following:

-Steven Universe

-Gravity Falls

-Bob’s Burgers

-Over the Garden Wall

-Rick and Morty

-Star versus the Forces of Evil



-DC Universe



-American Horror Story

-Madoka Magica

-Dangan Ronpa

-Boku No Hero Academia

-Kill la Kill

-Little Witch Academia


-Stranger Things

-A Series of Unfortunate Events



-Bendy and the Ink Machine

-Camp Camp


-Ever After High

-Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


-Don’t Starve



-Any Musicals (but especially Heathers, Book of Mormon, Be More Chill, Legally Blonde, and Hamilton)

-Marina and the Diamonds

-Fall Out Boy

-Spooky things

-Horror movies

-Outer space

-Cute animals

-Cute fashion

-Any kind of Cosplay!

-Any OC art! (they make me feel motivated to draw something)

-Guro/Pastel gore

-Makeup/special fx

-marching band stuff

-Decoden crafts

-Pastel goth/Vintage/Retro/ Victorian aesthetics

-Quality shitposts™

Thank you so much!