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Fall sun setting 2016 🍁⛅️🌵


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wild flowers game
‘why do cherry blossoms bloom from flowers before the leaves come?’

we arrived late so I wondered if I couldn’t see the cherry blossoms for good this time, but fortunately, I wandered around and looked at them until my hearts content. Thank you for staying !

I was in the midst of enjoying the scenery when my father asked me ‘do you know why the cherry blossoms bloom from flowers and then the leaves come?’.

me head went “ding”. I’ve just simply wanted to see the flowers in full bloom, I’ve never thought about it before. he replied that it was for breeding and survival but I got curious all of a sudden. why do the cherry blossom bloom and fall so quickly. why do the flowers bloom before the leaves sprout? but maybe only the cherry blossom trees know that.

when I look back, there are many many moments like cherry blossoms. Things like your first love from your childhood long ago. New year goals that we don’t remember anymore.. tons of urges that we believed would be a short belief… but I don’t know if they were beautiful moments hehe

ah, and I saw a play for the first time at Daehangno ! I like the first episode that if I was confident I don’t need the assurance of others. These days I’m not writing music and It’s constantly on my mind but, once again, I started to think why I started music. I hope that my melodies and lyrics would comfort many people and help them achieve their dreams.. I thought about it. “why did I start this job?”, “what kind of heart did you have?”

If I have time in the future, I’ll go and watch sometime. I liked it since it had a different approach compared to movies. They were talking right in front of me ! It was a bit new.

when my dad talked about the cherry blossoms my mom was looking at the wildflowers and asked if I liked them because they bloomed so calmly. I like wild flowers but I really like my mothers expression “bloom calmly”. I thought it was lovely way to say it. Above all I was happy to see my parents’ faces till’ my hearts content.

I hope you guys see the wild flowers and play! If you can. I received a lot of comfort from it. I’m gonna have to run hard again. Even though the present is difficult to understand, even after 10 years pass by. Nevertheless, you have to do it. You have to.

maybe we’ll even need wild flowers more than cherry blossoms. that bloom calmly.

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Imagine Legolas falling in love with you. You’d have caught his eye right when the two of you met, but when he heard you talk for the first time he was totally enchanted. He loved your determination, your temper and the way your eyes lit up when you talked about the things, that are important to you.

The Zodiac Signs as Types of Days

Aries: Hot, summer afternoons filled with water fights and popsicle sticks

Taurus: The day when you see the first flower bloom and think that spring’s finally here

Gemini: The morning on the first day of school, where leaves are falling and the air is electric

Cancer: Late autumn days, when most of the leaves are on the ground and everyone is content

Leo: The first few days of spring or summer, when everything is fresh and everyone is relaxed

Virgo: 5 o’clock in the morning, in summer- it’s earlier than you usually wake up but everything seems so peaceful and you kind of want to go outside

Libra: Bright, warm, breezy spring days where trees are flowering and fruit are growing

Scorpio: The dead of the night in summer or winter, when everything is deathly silent and you can hardly breath

Sagittarius: Summer evenings, when the crickets are chirping outside and you feel tired

Capricorn: 7 o’clock pm in winter, when you look outside and realize that it’s so much darker than you expected at this time

Aquarius: In March, when leftover snow is on the sides of the streets still and wind is chilly, but the birds are back and you can feel the slightest bit of sun on your neck

Pisces: Snowy days that make you want to stare at the sky forever

I know this is a crappy picture, but I just wanted to let you guys know I’m back at reading! The past year has been super busy (because of uni) and I hardly read anything other than my text books. But now my hard work has paid off, because I’ve got 3 months of vacation! So I’ve put together my July TBR and I’m hoping that I can stick to this.

What are you planning on reading this month? Message me, I’d love to get new suggestions!