fall and winter harvest


Here a sequence of images from Bamyan Province in Afghanistan’s Central Highlands transitioning through seasons. From a frozen early spring through to the snows of winter, documenting the stages of flooding, irrigation, planting and harvest.

🌺🌞Solstice & Equinox Correspondences🍁❄

🌺 Vernal (Spring) Equinox - new beginnings, love, hope, cleansing, fertility, motivation, inspiration

🌞 Summer Solstice - relationships, marriage, energy, power, abundance, beauty, sexual matters

🍁 Autumnal (Autumn/Fall) Equinox - endings, harvest, banishing, letting go, psychic power, divination

❄ Winter Solstice - new beginnings, family, celebrations, healing, peace, positivity 

compiled from my personal grimoire

mirror mirror; pt 2

it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? too much happened, but I finally have a bit more time now and hope to be posting more regularly again!

pt 1 !!

characters: taehyung x you
word count: 5406
rating: m ; royalty! au w/ Crown Prince Taehyung + sexy times

Taehyung should’ve been preparing for dinner at the castle right now.

Yet, his Highness stood behind a steaming pot, reading the instructions to instant ramen, something never dare served to royalty but a luxury to the commoner.

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Hogwarts Houses as Autumn Concepts
  • Gryffindor: bonfires at night, wind in your hair, exploring the woods.
  • Slytherin: the thrill of feeling the first cold wind, bare trees against an early sunset on the horizon, the crunch of frost on the grass in the morning.
  • Ravenclaw: colourful leaves like stained glass against the forest canopy, insatiable wanderlust, the mist before the sun burns it away.
  • Hufflepuff: finally breaking out the sweaters, birds flying away for the winter, the harvest lying on tables at the fall fair

[1933 Human AU

Gilbert in this AU used to have blond hair but it began to turn grey in his early childhood. While this is linked to certain disorders, it may also occur independently from those - it has been linked to a lack of certain vitamins or to anemia however, so Gilbert isn’t exactly wrong!
He’s also referrencing the Turnip Winter of 1916-17, a period during which civilians in Germany had to live off of turnips for the most part due to the British naval blockage that put Germans at constant risk of starvation. The crisis got worse during that winter because the potato harvest of that fall had turned out badly and most of the succesful harvest rotted on the way to the cities.]

Vixx Conception Theory (Hades)

Okay but what if Hyuk is actually Hermes? Hermes is known as the god of boundaries and transitions, the messenger of the gods, and the patron of thieves. All the papers around him in the teaser could symbolize all the messages that Hermes delivers. But how would it tie into Hades?

A lot of people are speculating that Hades will have to do with the myth of Persephone. In Greek myth, Persephone is the daughter of Demeter (goddess of harvest) and is known as a maiden. In the myth of Hades and Persephone, Hades kidnaps Persephone (corruption?possession?) so that she can be the Queen of the Underworld. Once she was kidnapped, Demeter goes to Helios and asks him who it was who took her daughter. He tells her that it was Hades, and Demeter gets mad, leaves Olympus, and earth falls into a state of poverty because she takes away its harvest. When the Gods can’t get Demeter back, Zeus decides to direct Hades. But who does he send to get Persephone back? Hermes, the only god who can freely go to and from the underworld. Hermes takes Persephone back to her mother, and reunites them.

So how does this tie into Hades? The myth doesn’t end there. Persephone actually has to go back to the underworld and be Hades’ wife. Why? If you are in the underworld, you are not allowed to eat anything there. If you do, you can’t leave. Persephone actually eats pomegranate seeds from Hades’ garden. Once Hades found out, he came back for her. However, him and Demeter came up with a compromise: Persephone would spend half the year with her mother and half the year in the underworld with Hades. Thats why the seasons exist; when Demeter is with her daughter she is happy (spring, summer, harvest), when her daughter is with Hades, she is lonely (fall, winter, no harvest). 

Consider this. 

In the teaser, the scene goes from dark to light. And then Ravi is seen looking up to the light with his hand in front of his face. 

The Hades comeback is set to be happening around the end of the month (August 31?). The same time Persephone would be going back to Hades in the myth. Did Hades (Ravi) actually love Persephone? Is that why the underworld was bleak (first pic) and now that Persephone is coming back there’s light again (second pic)? 

Note: He’s also looking up in all the scenes. Why? Because Persephone is on earth with her mother, which is above the underworld. 

So what about Hyuk? Hermes was the one who took Persephone away from Hades. Hermes was the one who could travel freely to the underworld. This would also go along with the conflict between N and Leo in Dynamite. Hermes is also the patron of thieves. Did he steal Persephone from Hades?

To go even further, Hermes is also considered to be the protector and patron of literature and poetry: 

Note: In front of him is light and behind him is darkness. Does that symbolize Hermes’ ability to travel between both the underworld and the human world? Does that also symbolize how Hermes is the god of transition? 

But look at the teaser. Did anyone pick up on this?

There’s a second shadow. You see Hyuks shadow reading a letter? and than theres a second one. Plus Hyuk looks away from the letter to look in the direction of the person. It seems that they were standing in the doorway, letting light into the room. 

To go further.

Here you can see Hyuk looking burdened, as if he doesn’t know what to do. You can also see his shadow in the background with the letter, that must mean that this had to happen after “the door” was opened. But by whom?

Was it Zeus? Was Hermes reading a message from Zeus to get Persephone back and he comes to tell him in person? Is that why he is looking down? After seeing Zeus in the doorway (first pic) he looks away (second pic) realizing what he has to do? 

Or is it maybe Hades? What if he was just reading a message when Hades comes to visit? Is that why he looks away? Is he scared because he took Persephone away from Hades? 

Who knows?


Be My Summer Girl

An upbeat, cutesy mix about falling for you best friend.
art: syrva


  1. What is This Feeling - Wicked the Musical
  2. I Think I like You - Donora
  3. My Best Friend’s Hot - The Dollyrots
  4. Jenny - Studio Killers
  5. I Want Her - Georgia Harris
  6. Cool for the Summer - Demi Lovato
  7. Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko
  8. This is Good - Hannah Georgas
  9. Shut Up and Dance (cover) - Veronkia Naumova
  10. Cheerleader (cover) - Official Tiana
  11. Froot - Marina and the Diamonds
  12. Heart on My Sleeve - Mary Lambert
  13. Summer Calvin Harris/Lana del Ray - Charity Vance
  14. Closer - Tegan and Sara
  15. Look What You Started - Megan & Liz
  16. Be My Thrill - The Weepies
  17. Super Honeymoon - Owl City
  18. Supernova Girl - Zenon
  19. Raw Sugar - Metric
  20. Dear One - Mary Lambert


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My witch lives in a primarily fall/winter region! Summer and spring are short, but they are very important! Kiki is a potions/medical witch and relies heavily on a good harvest to get her through fall and winter! ^^

Tears - A Merintosh Fic

4,000 words later and a whole lot of feeling, here. Have a Merintosh fic!

This was inspired by @shadowfauxe‘s lovely headcanon. Not quite what I was expecting to write but these two Scottish lovelies got carried away. 

This is terrible trash I am so sorry (not sorry)


(Or, four times Merida dried her own tears, and one time she didn’t have to)

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The day her father died is, quite possibly, one of the worst days of her life thus far.

The memory of that day - watching her father’s attacker approach from behind, taking her aim, watching the arrow miss its intended target, seeing her father cut down before her very eyes - still haunts her waking and sleeping hours. The pain is as fresh as if the whole thing happened days ago, not years. It is a constant ache in her heart; numbed by the passing of the days but never truly gone. The hurt lingers at the edge of her mind and echoes through her thoughts.

The aftermath of the death of King Fergus is not much better.

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Longer be the Nights

shorter be the days
when Fall creeps in
like a shadow
like a flame

we sense the change
no matter where we are

i wonder what we’ll harvest
this time

i wonder what we’ll find
worth saving

in these shorter days
before Winter lumbers in
and transforms the world
into a dungeon of sleep

Azuki Lynn


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