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Brigitte’s Style Diary Part Deux: Things that go POP! in the night

Tom Ford Fall 2013

Bardot may be known as the minxy coquette, but she was not all bedroom eyes and pouty lips, Brigitte was full of the cheeky chutzpah that defined the French 60’s. As Maggie Prescott (Funny Face) would say ‘the girl had pizazz’,and it was that attitude, that toss-her-hair-in-your-face flippant insouciance that made her so cool, so rock n’ roll. Her sauciness (and well yeah the fact that she won the genetic lottery didn’t hurt) landed her plum roles in spicy Godard films and caught the eye of another cool cat Serge Gainsbourg (pre-Birkin). Gainsbourg as aforementioned was a visionary,  a master of eccentricity and he oozed sexiness. The oeuvre of Gainsbourg pushed the boundaries of music and style and basically created a whole new “tres cool” and while at times his songs bordered on explicit (*ahem* Je t'aime… moi non-plus)  they on the most part parlayed this signature brand of very French, very mod and very urbane sophistication that one can only attribute to the  blasé Gainsbourg himself. Fittingly, Gainsbourg cast Bardot as a vampy, cartoonish super-heroine in his music video for “Comic Strip” (1968)in which Bardot prances around in a lavender catsuit , thigh-high boots and cape while she provides comic-strip sound effects. Comic themed couture has recently become a huge motif in street style as well as on the runways, Markus Lupfer, Delfina Delettrez, Sandro and TopShop are just a few of the designers who have created comic-book themed pieces for spring. For fall the mod pop-art colors and  comic strip motif still made a cameo on the runways (Lisa Perry, Anna Sui, Calla, Paul Smith) but Tom Ford generously infused his fall collection with some cheeky Shebam!POW! Blop! WIZZ!. Tom Ford much like Gainsbourg is a visionary and a master of sex-appeal so it’s sort of cosmic that his fall collection is so reminiscent of “Comic Strip”. Bardot’s punchy  fuchsia sequined mini- dress parallels the collection’s  plethora of azalea and hot pink  and the feline-like femme fatale in  Paco Rabanne armor (1969) strikes a resemblance to the tiger print hoodie and cat-eye shades. 

{photosource: secret oranges, wwd}