fall '10

2005: sad emo. the music is great but there are lots of sad band members, future hiatus’s and difficult years to come. 

2015: rad emo. the music is still great, and though members have left and bands have split up, they have found more happiness in their new paths and some of their darkest times have passed. things are still hella emo, but no longer hella sad.

Attention all digital artists!

Krita, an actual FREE digital art program, recently released an Alpha 3.0 version that features tools for creating “hand-drawn animations”.

If you’re looking for an art program with more advanced tools than Paint Tool Sai but don’t want to cough up the cash, then Krita is your program. (However donations to support the people making the program are very much appreciated!)

I understand that when you first download it, the layout and tools can be a little intimidating, but don’t worry. The program comes with a manual and there are tutorials on Youtube that can help you understand the basics.

Even if you don’t want to download this program or donate, please reblog to help spread the word and tag people you think might enjoy this.

Edit: Also, there are different brush packs you can download here. And if you don’t like this program there is also MediBang Paint.

Also, the 3.0 version is out now.

*Deep breath*

The animatic I’ve been working on of “It’s Gonna Get Weird” (x) by Neil Cicierega.

I’ve never really done anything like this before ( and especially not something as long as this GOSH ) so it’s a bit rough around the edges I’m sure, so uh, yeah.

*Back flips into the sun*

edit- Also find it here (x) on YouTube!

number of individual swear words in every fob album

take this to your grave: 2

from under the cork tree: 0

infinity on high: 3

folie a deux: 5

save rock and roll: 10

american beauty american psycho: 1