The candle labels turned out SO CUTE.

Excuse me while I flail for a second. These are just quick phone/instagram shots, so they don’t show the color-shifting awesomeness of the glitter oversprays, but hot damn, I’m just so PLEASED.

Autumnvale Cafe: pumpkin spice lattes and cinnamon chai.

Autumnvale Harvest Festival: cider donuts and apple pie.

Equinox: red apples, sweet cider, and fresh Autumn air.

Persephone Descending: pomegranate, cranberry, and dragon’s blood.

Samhain Dusk: Dry amber, cassia, clove, bonfires, and orange peel.

Apophenia: leather-bound books, oakmoss, and the barest hint of a very dignified cologne.

Hocus Pocus: pumpkin cupcakes with buttercream frosting and a single candy corn on top.

Girls + Fall

ok but fall is coming and if that ain’t my shit bc: 

girls are being super cute (they always are anyway but still)

girls in sweaters 

girls in cardigans

girls drinking hot coffee and tea

girls playin in leaves

girls doing fun fall shit like murdering someone and hiding a body

girls going on cute walks to relax

or the walk could be with another girl and hold hands!! !!!!!!

girls at bonfires

girls with smores

girls doing anything literally i am just so in love with girls that i made a whole post for it and used fall as a guise