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Watch Best Scene Reading of GATES OF HELL by Pamela Green

Watch Best Scene Reading of GATES OF HELL by Pamela Green

Watch GATES OF HELL Best Scene Reading:


NARRATOR – Susan Wilson
EVERETT – Aieron Munro
ATTENDANT – Robert Notman
MABEL – Maya Woloszyn
DALE – Charles Gordon
JEREMIAH – Paul Falkowski
NURSE – Antosia Fiedur
WORKER – Rochelle Burke

Get to know writer Pamela Green:

1. What is your screenplay about?

My screenplay skims the…

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Two Solutions That Cut Down on Fossil Fuels

By Paul Falkowski The headline in the New York Times reads “Lebanon’s Garbage Crisis Underscores Government’s Disarray.” It seems that the Lebanese government is unable to collect and dispose of the garbage in Beirut and the waste is piling up across the city. Garbage smells bad, and in the heat Source:: Huffington Science

Pyrexar brings the Fight Against Cancer to South Korea

SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ – Pyrexar’s line of hyperthermia-based cancer treatment products has received approval from the Korea Good Manufacturing Practice (KGMP). Similar to ISO 13485 quality system standards, KGMP is required by the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) and opens the door for shipment to, and use of, Pyrexar products in South Korea.

The MFDS, formerly known as the KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration), is a South Korea government agency responsible for promoting the public health by ensuring the safety and efficiency of foods, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics as well as supporting the development of the food and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to their goal to offer people safe foods and drugs that perform as prescribed.

“We are looking forward to participating in the South Korea medical device marketplace,” says Mark Falkowski, CEO Pyrexar Medical. “Korea ranks 11th in GDP and per capita healthcare expenditures are rising. We believe our products can be put to good work in this country”.


Pyrexar Medical is a pioneer and worldwide market leader in the development and manufacture of innovative and highly effective thermal therapy/hyperthermia treatment systems with established distribution and support networks around the world. PYREXAR HyperThermia (PYREXAR HT) treatments, proven in multiple clinical trials over the last 30 years, increase the effective dose of ionizing radiation in solid tumors up to 3X without increasing toxicity to healthy tissues.

To find out more about Pyrexar Medical products, visit our webpage www.pyrexar.com. For information about purchasing our products in South Korea, contact HanBeamTek.com

Media Contact: Drew Wilkens, Pyrexar Medical, 503-686-8560, drew.wilkens@pyrexar.com

News distributed by PR Newswire iReach: https://ireach.prnewswire.com

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[1508.05895] Rosetta: an operator basis translator for Standard Model effective field theory

[ Authors ]
Adam Falkowski, Benjamin Fuks, Kentarou Mawatari, Ken Mimasu, Francesco Riva, Verónica sanz
[ Abstract ]
We introduce Rosetta, a program allowing for the translation between different bases of effective field theory operators. We present the main functions of the program and provide an example of usage. One of the bases which Rosetta can translate into has been implemented into FeynRules, which allows Rosetta to be interfaced into various high-energy physics programs such as Monte Carlo event generators. In addition to popular bases choices, such as the Warsaw and Strongly Interacting Light Higgs bases already implemented in the program, we also detail how to add new operator bases into the Rosetta package. In this way, phenomenological studies using an effective field theory framework can be straightforwardly performed.

TV PILOT Reading of HOT FLASH HIGH by Molly Driscoll

TV PILOT Reading of HOT FLASH HIGH by Molly Driscoll

Watch the Winning TV PILOT Reading of HOT FLASH HIGH:


NARRATOR – Susan Wilson
GRACE – Antosia Fiedur
RILEY – Rochelle Burke
DIANE – Maya Woloszyn
ALEX/BRANDON – Paul Falkowski
TREVOR – Aieron Munro
CHARLIE – Robert Notman
DR. BROWNSTEIN – Charles Gordon
NURSE WILSON – Susan Q. Wilson

Get to know writer Molly Driscoll:


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Watch TV PILOT Reading of HAUNTED HEART by Robert Herold

Watch TV PILOT Reading of HAUNTED HEART by Robert Herold

Watch HAUNTED HEART TV Pilot Performance Reading:


NARRATOR – Susan Wilson
NIGEL – Robert Notman
ANNABELLE – Maya Woloszyn
LENORE – Rochelle Burke
EDGAR – Aieron Munro
SARAH – Antosia Fiedur
WILLIAM JAMES – Charles Gordon
CORPORAL – Paul Falkowski

Get to know writer Robert Herold:

1. What is your TV PILOT screenplay about?

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