falkor the dog

THUNDER THURSDAY #27: Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey folks, Paul here for Thunder Thursday! (The GIF above is a modified version of this week’s Motion Monday post.) For everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving, I hope you’ve had a good one!

I’m visiting family in North Carolina. Some news on that front:

  • Wish it weren’t so: my sister Sadie and her husband Ryan (both awesome!) are out of the country :(

  • Silver lining: I get to house-sit for them… AND DOG-SIT, TOO!

Everyone meet Stella (the mini Falkor) and Murray (the big ‘ol Muppet)!

They’re both sitting with me on the couch (one curled up on either side) as I type this on my laptop.

I have a lot to be thankful for, and it’s a good day to remember that. Be sure to check back for more news, artwork, and random animal pictures… on the next THUNDER THURSDAY!

Help me train Falkor to be my PTSD service dog


My name is Cory, and this is my dog, Falkor.  I am a queer, trans person with multiple disabilities.  Falkor is a rescue dog, who recently came home with me after being a stray.  Despite his rough start to life, he is sweet, attentive, and may be able to become a service dog.

I’ve been trying to get a PTSD service dog to assist with paranoia, anxiety, and panic attacks, but the costs of getting an already trained dog are far out of my reach.  I decided to try training my own service dog, and help a rescue dog at the same time.

But training still costs money!  Falkor will need to complete at least three training classes with trainers who are experienced with medical service dogs.  The first class costs $155.  I’m looking for help to raise that money.

Goal: $155 (for the first of three classes)

Rewards: If you donate $20 or more, you can get your very own puppy plush (example below).  These plushies are hand made by me, mostly using fleece, felt, or cotton fabric, and stand about 4″.  You can request general colors (I can’t match colors exactly, because I’ll be using fabric I have on hand).  You can also request button or fabric eyes. There will be no extra cost for shipping in the US.  Each puppy plush will be made to order, so plan for 4-6 weeks to be delivered.

Risks: Not every pup who trains to be a service dog succeeds.  Falkor has a lot of work to do, and it will take at least six months of training.  If he fails, I’ll have a really well trained dog who can’t go to public places with me.  But he’ll always have a loving home with me, and he’ll still be able to help with my anxiety and depression.

Other ways to help: I also do plushie commissions and have ready made plushies for sale over at @corystoybox.  If you have a lot of money to spend, I also do acrylic pet portraits!

If you can help out, please donate via paypal at this email: corynn.public (at) gmail.com

If you donate $20+ and want a custom puppy plush, please make sure your mailing address is up to date, and send a note with any requests for colors.  You can also email me directly if you have questions, or message me on Tumblr.

Updates about Falkor and his training will be posted here regularly.  His first training class will be scheduled when I have gotten the funds to sign him up!